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Will Bill Hickok - Wild West Legend
Shakespeare-Numerology of the Great Bard
Patrick Henry - Rebel Orator
Heather Locklear-Beautiful, Falling Star
Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan, P1
Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan, P2
Saturation of the #3 - When Too Much Is Too Bad
Albert Einstein-KBN10-Free Download
Justified Triple Crown
The Kaepernick Curse - Nuking the NFL
Roger Goodell & the NFL-Troubled Waters Ahead
Elon Musk - Numerology of an Entrepreneurial Visionary
Bull's-Eye. Kim Jong Un's 16-7 September
Las Vegas Massacre
Harvey Weinstein-Numerology of a Sexual Predator
John McCain & Kim Jong Un: 16-7 Decastacks
Steve Bannon's 911 White House Exit
US vs. NK: 16-7 Triune Overlap
Otto Warmbier-Numerology of a Heartbreak
O.J. Simpson-Sustainable Parole?
Undone. Kim Jong Un's 9-11?
Bill O'Reilly's FOX Release & the 16-7
Ariana Grande-Manchester Massacre
Jim Comey - You're Fired!
2017 & You
Brady & Belichick: Numerology of a Destiny of Dominance
Kim Jong Un - UnMasked
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt - Numerology of a Divorce
The Numbers of Chaos and How to Manage Them
2016 Presidential Election-Part 1, Turbulent 2 Landscape
2016 Presidential Election-Part 2, Clinton/Trump-99ers
2016 Presidential Election-Part 3, Feelin' The Bern?
2016 Presidential Election-Part 4-Hillary Clinton-Tsunami of Darkness
2016 Presidential Election-Part 5-Donald Trump-Megaquake of Change
2016 Presidential Election-Part 6-Dueling Octostacks
2016 Presidential Election-Part 7-Hillary's 16-7 Quintstack August Review; A Titanic Headache
2016 Presidential Election-Part 8
Donald Trump & the #88-A United States President?
2016 Presidential Election-Part 9
Hillary's Tsunami of Darkness Makes Landfall Right on Schedule
2016 Presidential Election-Part 10-Final Numeric Notes


2016- A Red Flag Warning
2016 & YOU
2016 - Brexit & The Global Revolution
ALI-The Greatest of all Time
Ron & Nancy Reagan - Love Secrets
The Lover-Fighter Paradox
Pope Francis - Numerology of a Loving Leader
Love, Money, Fortune, Celebrity & the # 9
Antonin Scalia - Juris Titan
Marilyn Monroe - Numerology of a Hollywood Icon
Princess Diana - Queen of Hearts
Marilyn & Diana - Historic Icons
Jodi Arias - Anatomy of a Murderess
Jodi Arias - Part 2
Jodi Arias - Part 3
Women's World Cup
When Life Changes - The #5, Part 1
When Life Changes - The #5, Part 2
When Life Changes - The #5, Part 3
When Life Changes - The #5, Part 4
Unrequited Love
The #1 Secret of Love Relationships
The 7 Soul - Sovereign of Solitude
The #899, Harry Reid and the Democratic Senatorial Defeat of 2014
Robin Williams - Numerology of a Comic/Tragic Genius
Unrequited Love - Why Can't You Love Me Back?
U.S.A. 2014 - Forecast, Part 1
U.S.A. 2014 - Forecast, Part 2
Proving God's Existence Through Numerology
Elliot Rodger-Numerology of a Manifesto Madman
Elliot Rodger-Numerology of a Manifesto Madman - Part 2
Elliot Rodger-Numerology of a Manifesto Madman - Part 3
Davis & White - Numerology of Olympic Gold
Love & Numbers - The Key To Relationships
Justin Bieber-Numerology of a Wild Child
JFK - Numerology of a Presidential Assassination
Edgar Allan Poe
America, Freedom, & The Number 5
Millennia Shift - Part I
Millennia Shift - Part II
Millennia Shift - Part III
Millennia Shift - Part IV
Millennia Shift - Part V
Hollywood - True To Its Name & Numbers
Lance Armstrong-Disgraced Champion
The Numbers of Loneliness
Numerology of a King
Parenting Wisdom
Know Thyself Part 1
Know Thyself Part 2
Know Thyself Part 3
Know Thyself Part 4
Know Thy Path-I
Know Thy Path-II: Simple Lifepath
Know Thy Path-III: General Lifepath
Know Thy Path-IV: Specific Lifepath
Boston Bombings & April's Dark Side
Sandy Hook: Numerology of a Massacre
2013 - Preview
2013 and You
What Is Numerology?
The Letters
What's Your Lifepath Number?
What's Your Name Number?
What's Your Role in Life, Your PE Number?
What's Your Soul Number(s)?
What's Your Nature Number(s)?
What's Your Void(s) Number?
Numerology Benefits
Millennium 2000
Spires of Fire-A Tribute to 911
Single Numbers
Double Numbers
Master Numbers
Malefics or Purifiers
Name Changes
Numerology and the Bible
The Number 1
The Number 2
The Number 3
The Number 4
The Number 5
The Number 6
The Number 7
The Number 8
The Number 9
Numerology and the Occult
Princess Diana: Millennia Bridge
Elvis Presley: Numbers
Marilyn Monroe: Numbers
Anna Nicole Smith: Numbers
William Shakespeare: Numbers
Hurricane Katrina-Numbers
Abraham Lincoln: Numbers-1
Abe Lincoln: Numbers-2
Garth Brooks: Numbers
Naomi Campbell: Numbers
Amelia Earhart: Numbers
Whitney Houston: Numbers
Michael Phelps: Numbers
Marion Jones: Numbers
Martha Stewart: Numbers
Serena Williams-Fall of a Champion
The Caution of Power
Bernie Madoff: Numbers-Part 1
Bernie Madoff: Numbers-Part 2
Michael Jackson: Destiny of the King of Pop
Tiger Woods-Why-Part 1-Desires of Love
Tiger Woods-Why - Part 2- Power, Fame & Ego
Tiger Woods-Why - Part 3 - Missing Wiring
2009 Overview
2010 Preview
Shaun White - Olympic Halfpipe Hero
Olympic Champions-Part 1
Olympic Champions-Part 2
Larry King - Marriages & Divorces
Oprah-Destiny of an Icon
Oprah's OWN Dilemma
Sarah Palin: Madam President?
Charlie Sheen: Numerology of a Wreck
William and Kate: Royal Marriage Bliss or Bust
Numeric Myopia
Dick Clark-America's Oldest Teenager
For the Love of Children
Numerology Quiz-TKNI-01
The Facebook-Zuckerberg IPO Fiasco
Aurora Movie Massacre

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Number Power
[Intro poem: The Age of the Female: Chapter 4]

Numbers tell the time;
as well, they tell the tale;
numbers calculate the voyage
of life in its detail.

Numbers, just like coins,
incorporate two sides -
positive and negative,
as in the turn of tides.

Numbers are the codes of life;
they gauge, describe, define
the framework and the structure
of a life that is divine.

Numbers are life's basis
and, as cosmic law avers,
 the blueprint of our destiny
has its design in numbers.

[(C) Richard Andrew King]

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