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We are powerless to change our destiny.
Whatever is destined in our fate must happen.

~ Saint Sawan Singh

This third and final part of the Elliot Rodger saga of tragedy and tears concludes with the following aspects:
  • Name Timeline (NTL) of Elliot
  • Letter Timeline (LTL) "O" of Elliot
  • 5 Expression IR Set Format
  • 1st EPC Triad

Name Timeline (NTL) of Elliot

The timeline of the name Elliot began at birth and would have concluded at the end of his twenty-eighth year had he lived long enough. Numerologically, Elliot carries a 1 simple Expression. Like his 1 Challenge, this references the self, ego, identity, action, and male issues.

When this 1 combined with his simple 6 Lifepath, the resulting PE is a 7, generating a 1/(6)/7 IR set. But we must remember the 6 is not just any 6. It carries a master 33 root - the most dangerous energy of pleasure, sex, love. Too, the 7 outcome does house a 16 in its root structure - potentially the darkest and most tragic of all vibrations. When his 1/(6)/7 IR set is expanded to included these additions, its format is 1/(33)/16-7.

And how does this 1/(33)/16-7 energy pattern manifest? One explanation is tragedy, tears, and tumult (16-7) resulting from an ego seeking validation (1) in the arena of love, sex and pleasure (33). Another quite common manifestation of the simple 1/(6)/7 IR set is a distancing and lack of love from the father or male figures. Elliot often noted in his manifesto how his father was away on business a great deal of the time. Other explanations of this 1/(6)/7 IR pattern are the self separated from love, the self in seclusion or a dishonorable and tragic fall. All of these descriptions fit the exact timeline of Elliot's life.

Letter Timeline (LTL) of the "O" in Elliot

The letter "O" is the 15th letter of the English alphabet. It is always a red flag. Its negative side can be very negative and evil. In the Tarot deck the 15th card of the Major Arcana is the Devil, often pictured with two lovers. It shows the dark power of the misuse of sex.

The timeline of this "O" in Rodger's chart was from age 21 through age 26. Again, this was within the precise timeline of his heinous acts of murder. The expanded IR set associated with this "O" is 15-6/(33-6)/48-12-3. In this pattern we see the Influencing 15 energy of love/sex passing through the dangerous 33 energy of addiction to pleasure, sex, love, and image to generate an outcome PE of pleasure, sex, image, and self-expression (3). This pattern can be extremely articulate and creative if controlled, but combined with Rodger's other negative energies, especially the 1/(33)/16-7 energy in which it was housed, only amplified the negativity and subsequent tragedy.

The 2/(5)/7 IR Set of the 5 Expression

Elliot Rodger's Expression (from his full birth name) is a 5. This means that every nine seconds, nine minutes, nine hours, etc. for his entire life each of the IR sets of the following pattern will be sequentially active. The most problematic is the 2/(5)/7. It identifies turmoil (7) and loss (5) in relationship (2), especially those relationships involving females (2).

Two other IR sets of note within the above cycle are the 3/(5)/8v and 8v/(5)/4. The former identifies energies of communication, pleasure, words, sex, and well-being (3) as they filter through the 5's energies of loss and detachment, to generate a social disconnect and lack of positive involvement (8v). The latter 8v/(5)/4 pattern reveals a disconnection and lack of involvement (8v) filtering through the 5's detaching energies which focus on the 4's energy of structure, security, stability, and order. These patterns obviously reflect the problems Rodger was having in his life, and they were recurring every nine seconds.

1st E-P-C Triad

The 1st E-P-C Triad contains the 1st Epoch, 1st Pinnacle and 1st Challenge of a person's life. It begins at birth and continues to an end point from age 27 through 35. Because this is the formative foundation of the child's life, parents and any other concerned adults would be well served to understand its meanings.

Rodger's 1st Epoch IR set is a 6/(5)/2 which identifies a loss and/or detachment (5) of love (6) relating to females (2). Its timeline is from birth through age 27. This relates to Rodger's issues with females, especially nannies, caring for him during his formative years. It also identifies the feelings he had regarding his personal love life in not being able to connect and have love relationships with women.

The 1st PC Couplet timeline is from birth through age 30, as is common with any 6 Lifepath. The 1st Pinnacle's IR set is a 4/(5)/9. This identifies changes (5) and travel or expansion (9) regarding the house (4). Rodger lived in many places growing up.

Rodger's 1st Challenges were two: 1/(5)/6 and 8v/(5)/4. These were discussed in Part 1. In short, they were major negative players in his personal identity (1), love (6), and social interaction/connection (8v) issues.


As sad and tragic as the Elliot Rodger tragedy is, much can be learned from studying his manifesto and relating it to the numbers of his life. There is a mountain of knowledge and wisdom to be gained. An entire book could easily be written on this event. Certainly, numerology students would be wise to use this as a primary study case.

Especially important is that, hopefully, sentient parents and healthcare professionals will expand their minds and awaken to the reality between a person's life and his or her destiny. Yes, numerology is not yet on the radar screen of most people in the world, but that does not mean the science of numeric coding is without merit. How many potential problems could be avoided or mitigated if parents and concerned professionals were aware of their energetic existence by understanding numerology? Those who are making such a study now are way out ahead of the masses. They are the pioneers of this new age. Hopefully, it will not be too long before the rank and file of concerned individuals in this dynamic science of numerology expose this truth to the rest of humanity for the benefit of humanity.
~ finis

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