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The Number 5
Part 2

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Part 1

In Life Changes-Part 1 we discussed the chronological ages in which changes in one's life can be expected. Those ages are:

5 - 14 - 23 - 32 - 41 - 50 - 59 - 68 - 77 - 86 - 95

However, these are not the only ages in which life changes become manifest. Take a look at the following binary ages. Can you spot the number 5 in each of them?

16 - 27 - 38 - 49 - 50 - 61 - 72 - 83 - 94

When the single numbers of each pair are subjected to the subtraction process, a 5 appears. For example, in the number 16, 6 minus 1 = 5; in the number 27, 7 minus 2 = 5 and so forth. This is called the subcap, challenge or subcap challenge. It, too, marks an age in which changes will occur. Therefore, when forecasting life changes on our Age Timeline or ATL, it is important we consult both the addcap and subcap to assess potential changes.

Did you notice that the #50 is the only number appearing in both groupings? It is the only binary whose addcap and subcap are both 5s. This makes age 50 highly mercurial, full of change, uncertainty, and even volatile. Its base (the number 50) is a gestation or womb cipher announcing that the 50's decade is in development and will be "born" at age 51 when the number 1 begins the 50's nine year cycle.

Analyzing further, we see there are actually three 5s in the #50: A. the 5 in the root; B. the 5 addcap; C. the 5 subcap. This trifecta of the number 5 within the 50 binary creates stacking, which in turn generates greater intensity of change, movement, uncertainty, variety, detachment, experience, exploration, letting go. In effect, this tristack of the #5 heralds a decade of change - more than any other decade.

Subcaps define issues, circumstances, situations and life challenges which are generally hidden from the public's view unless someone is a personal confidante and privy to one's life.

For example, take age 38, which has a 2 addcap (3 + 8 = 11; 1 + 1 = 2). On the surface it is an energy of engagement, interaction and involvement (8) with friends and good times (3) in a state of relationship (2). Barring any voids it can be a pleasant energy.

However, what is not viewable is the 5 subcap and its inherent qualities of change, loss, detachment, etc. If a person has a 2 Expression, for example, the outcome of the 5 subcap will be a 7, generating a 5/(2)/7 IR Set - an outcome PE energy of great internalization, reflection, analysis and potential solitude, trouble, angst, suffering, tears. Other Expression numbers will have their respective outcome energies.

Another item of note are the sequential ages of 49 and 50 and 94 and 95. These pairs generate a two year (24 month) sequential period of change. The 49 manifests a 5 subcap, as does the 94, and the 50 and 95 maintain a 5 addcap. Thus, when one is transiting these pairings, one should expect change and movement of some kind and not cling to what is. The 5 is an energy of letting go, so let go and be willing to adapt to the flow of your destiny.

Below are the IR Sets from Part 1 for your reference. They can be applied to subcaps as well as addcaps. In Part 3 we will discuss the Universal Timeline or UTL - another major player in the vibrational fabric of life and destiny.

The Nine Simple 5-Based IR Sets of Change and Their General Outcomes

5/(1 Expression)/6
Changes will focus on matters of the home, heart and hearth. Love relationships may experience some type of variety or even dissolve. "Changes in love" is a simple phrase for this 5/(1)/6 IR Set. There could be new additions in the family, travel, or some type of familial loss or detachment. Do not expect things to be the same during this time. Be prepared to adjust. Clinging to what was or has been will prove painful. Learn to let go to those things, people, events, patterns which no longer serve your highest and best good.

5/(2 Expression)/7
This 5/(2)/7 pattern will bring spiritual, ethical, moral testing and potential struggles. If one exhibits purity of conduct, he/she will make valuable progress in the arena of personal character and soul development. If one's conduct is neither pure, moral nor ethical, this will be a difficult and trying time. Deceits, treacheries, betrayals, adulteries, conflict, destructive addictions and chaos are possible outcomes. Another potential manifestation of this 5/(2)/7 pattern is serving a variety of people through one's ability to analyze, examine, teach, guide and inform. It is important to remember that the 7 in this PE position can represent peace or chaos, lightness or darkness, the destructive winds of the hurricane or the center, tranquil eye of the storm. Wisdom, discipline, self-control and purity of conduct will be the deciding factor in the person's experience during this 5/(2)/7 time period. With 7 in the Outcome position, expect to have time alone, to be alone - either physically, emotionally, psychologically, socially, intellectually. This is a time to think, reflect, meditate, plan, get centered and find peace within.

5/(3 Expression)/8
This is a dynamically moving, changing energy. It is often seen in the charts of communicators, athletes, salesmen, people on the move. This can be a very fun, enjoyable, entertaining and connective energy pattern. It is highly social and friendly. Because the 8 governs commerce, business, marketing and career, there may well be changes in these areas. There is the possibility that disconnections will also occur within this 5/(3)/8 energy field because the 5 can detach a person from his/her health, joy or children (3), especially if any of the three ciphers (5-3-8) is negatively aspected, i.e., Voided or Challenged (see KBN II). This 5/(3)/8 pattern is quite good for sales people because of the energies of man (5), communication (3) and engagement (8).

5/(4 Expression)/9
No two numbers in combination represent man and mankind more than the 5 and 9. 5 is the Number of Man; 9 is the Number of Mankind. Therefore, this is a diverse and expansive energy field, encompassing all kinds of people, events, changes, cultures, communities, countries, nationalities, travel and distance. As an example, this 5/(4)/9 IR Set was at the core of Princess Diana's destiny. With the 5's attributes of loss and detachment, as well as the 9's characteristics of endings of cycles and terminations, this 5/(4)/9 pattern can manifest as endings or detachments from the house, job, or work environment. It can also manifest as changes and variety in work or travel.

5/(5 Expression)/1
Fire, fire and fire - this is the elemental structure of this 5/(5)/1 pattern. It is an energy field awash in freedom and independence. During this 5/(5)/1 timeline period there will be changes, movement, travel, detachment, variety, freedom, new directions, creativity and independence. This is not a time of running with the pack; it is a time to lead the pack, to go first, be innovative, create and show the way. Because of its saturation of freedom and independence, this 5/(5)/1 pattern will fly. There is no water, earth or air in it, just blazing fire and passion. Do not expect normalcy or complacency with this set. Nothing is normal about it, and no one dare attempt to control it, lest they get scorched. The 5/(5)/1 energy field is as close to being a law unto itself as anything or anyone could be. The key to its success lies in discipline and self-control, for a lack of either could lead to disastrous consequences.

5/(6 Expression)/2
Expect changes in relationship and heart with this 5/(6)/2 IR Set or relationships with people whose Expression, Lifepath or PE is a 5. The 6 governs the family and all matters of the heart - personal love, compassion, caring, support, devotion. The 2 governs relationships of all kinds, females, balance/imbalance, dependence, passivity, division, competition, togetherness, war and peace. The 2 and 6 are both water signs and rule the emotions. If positively manifested, they create a loving, caring energy field. However, with the 5's mercurial nature and the 2's attribute of opposition and interference, there could well be fireworks during this time period, especially since the 5 is a fire sign. Fire (5) and water (2 & 6) don't mix well, obviously, so this 5/(6)/2 pattern can create a lot of steam and heat and . . . conflict. As a general note, no two numbers are more sexual than the 5 and 6 together in relationship (2), so don't expect too much grounding during this time period.

5/(7 Expression)/3
This 5/(7)/3 IR Set is excellent for writers. The 5 offers energy and variety; the 7 filter brings all things internal into focus through acts of communication and expression (3). This can be a fun set, but one which is more introverted than extroverted. If negatively aspected by void or Challenge or both, this 5/(7)/3 pattern can yield issues with one's health and well-being. The 5 of loss and detachment, filtering through the recessive and internalized 7 with its 16 Great Purifier root, can generate some types of health problems. It can also generate negative issues with communication, such as little to no communication or outright prevarication, especially if the 3 is void (no Cs, Ls or Us in the birth name). Because the 3 governs children, a 3 void in a PE position can prove challenging as well.

5/(8 Expression)/4
Variety and change in work and service is a good phrase for this 5/(8)/4 pattern.4s and 8s are focused on work, security, stability, business, commerce, continuity, career, management and interaction. With the 5 in the Influence position, one can expect change, movement, freedom, variety, detachments and potential loss in one's job or career. Because of its mercurial nature, the 5 often brings up and downs to a person's life because it's not about roots, it's about movement. What this 5/(8)/4 pattern can also generate is a variety (5) of work (4) or a constant change in one's work. Freedom of movement in the job, house, work environment or one's personal regimens can be expected.

5/(9 Expression)/5
Expect much travel and change with this 5/(9)/5 pattern. It's similar to the 5/(5)/1 except the 9 brings more expansion and travel to the 5 energy. When the 5 merges with the 9, a 14 is generated before the final 5. The 14 is the most dominate binary manifesting loss, detachment, change. Therefore, one should not cling during this energy timeline. Learn to let go and discover new things, people, events, places, experiences. This pattern will have its way. If one clings too hard, he runs the risk of being ripped from that to which he clings, which will not be comfortable. Knowing he must let go during this time period will help keep him balanced and stable.

This information of how to calculate your Age Timeline (ATL) for the number 5, which represents change, is only one part of the ATL. In Part 2 of this series we'll discuss the "Subcap Challenge" regarding each of the ten binaries of ages manifesting a 5 crown (14, 23, 32, 41, etc.) and reveal the secrets it holds in the framework of one's destiny.
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