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Fulfilling the needs of the Soul is key.
This is the major relationship decree:
When searching for love and its Golden Fleece,
Know this . . . the greatest key is "Soul Release."

There are many numerical components to a relationship chart; many puzzle pieces. However, the main piece, the hub of the wheel of love, lies in the Soul and Material Soul, known collectively as the Soul Layers. These two components of the Basic Matrix define and describe a person's needs, wants, desires and motivations. If a person's most primal needs are fulfilled, he or she will be content, much more so than if their needs were not met. Unfortunately, many people's needs are not met through their primary love relationship, as is reflected in the high divorce rate, as well as untold numbers of broken relationships.

The information in this article is offered to assist people, especially those who are entering into marriage, a numerological tool for determining the love harmony between two people before legal and binding marital agreements are enacted. It will also help people understand their current and past relationships. Please know that the information here is not, nor should be, the sole determiner as to whether a relationship will be good or not. It is only one component, albeit the central factor. A professional numerological assessment and consultation as to the success of a relationship is a powerful and wise option, especially pre-marriage.

So what exactly is "Soul Release?" Soul Release is when the single number in either the Soul or Material Soul of one partner matches one of the Umbrella's three components -- Expression (Exp), Lifepath (LP) or Performance/Experience (PE) -- of the other partner.

The Soul Layer energies represent the internal part of a person; the Umbrella energies identify the external aspects of the individual. When a link exists between the inner energies of the Soul Layers of one person and the outer energies in the Umbrella of the other person, resonance and harmony are generated for the person whose Soul energies find an outlet. This harmony translates as fulfillment and contentment, a release of one's inner energies to the outside world. If no link exists between the inner Soul Layers and outer Umbrella, there is no outlet, no release for the individual's most primal needs, wants and desires and, hence, no fulfillment. In such a case there most likely will be frustration, frustration which can lead to divorce or a relationship dissolution because of the suppression of those primal, internal energies that could never be realized.

For example, if one partner in the relationship has a 7 Soul or Material Soul and his partner has a 7 in either the Expression, Lifepath or PE, a link is established allowing "release" for the 7 Soul. This is called "Soul Release." However, let's say the partner's Umbrella housed an 8 Expression, 9 Lifepath, and subsequent 8 PE. In such a scenario the 7 in the partner's chart would have no connection, no linkage, no release to the outside world. In fact, this would be deleterious to a successful relationship because 7 and 8 are diametrically opposed energies, so not only would the 7 Soul person feel trapped, a potential dissonance would be created because of the 7-8 opposition. Imagine how this would affect a person's happiness throughout the course of a marriage or partnership. When no Soul Release exists, sans other positive connections, the individual often feels frustrated, restricted, suffocated and left wanting.


The Relationship MATCH is simply a comparison of each partner's Basic Matrix numbers one to the other.

Computing Soul Release is easy.
     First, compute your Lifepath .
     Second, compute your Soul Layers.
     Make note of these numbers.

     Third, compute your partner's:
           PE or Life Role.
     Make note of these numbers.

     Fourth, simply check to see if either of your Soul Layer ciphers (Soul or Material Soul) matches the Lifepath, Expression or PE of your partner. If there's a match, you have Soul Release.

     Fifth, repeat the same process for your partner. Compute their Soul Layers and see if either of them matches your Lifepath, Expression or PE. If they also have Soul Release, then each of you will be fulfilled to some degree through each other. This dual Soul Release is optimum, but good relationships can exist with only one partner having Soul Release. In fact, good relationships can exist without Soul Release as long as there is a large amount of other connecting energies in the charts, but such relationships may not rise to the highest level of love and harmony as those which reflect Soul Release.


The "Relationship MIX Umbrella is created by simply adding each person's Basic Matrix Umbrella single ciphers to the other person's Basic Matrix Umbrella numbers, thus generating a third Umbrella energy, i.e., the relationship Umbrella MIX.

This is done by adding the Lifepath numbers of each partner together and reducing to a single digit. Do the same thing for each of the Expressions and PEs. You now have generated a Mix Lifepath number for the relationship, a Mix Expression number for the relationship, and a Mix PE number for the relationship.

Next, see if either of your Soul Layer ciphers and your partner's Soul Layer ciphers match the numbers generated in one of the components of the MIX. If there's a match in one or more numbers of the Mix's three ciphers, then Soul Release is generated. Obviously, the linkage is to the relationship itself (the Mix), rather than the person (as it was in the Match) but Soul Release still exists and is valid.

For example, assume Person A has an 8 Lifepath; Person B has a 2 Lifepath. Together these create a 1 Mix Lifepath (8 + 2 = 10: 1 + 0 = 1). We'll also assume Person A has a 2 Expression and Person B also has a 2 Expression. This creates a 4 Mix Expression (2 + 2 = 4). Lastly, Person A has a 1 PE (8 LP + 2 Expression) and Person B has a 4 PE (2 LP + 2 Expression), thus generating a 5 Mix PE (1 + 4 = 5).

The relationship Umbrella Mix between Person A and Person B is: 1 Mix LP; 4 Mix Expression; 5 Mix PE. If either Person A or Person B has a 1, 4 or 5 in either of their Soul Layers, Soul Release through the Relationship Mix will occur. Remember, in this instance Soul Release is not through the other person, as it was in the Match, but to the relationship itself, i.e., the Mix.

If Soul Release is obtained through the Match or Mix or both, there will be fulfillment and harmony between the two individuals. This is because their inner energies find a release from their Soul's hidden habitat.


Soul Release is the #1 secret key to great relationships. It can be through the Relationship Match or Relationship Mix or both. As long as Soul Release exists, there will be a powerful connection between partners. The more connections, the more energetic glue and, therefore, the more stable, strong and enduring the relationship will be.

A caveat, however. As aforementioned, there are many components to a relationship chart. Please do not think that if your relationship has no Soul Release the relationship is doomed. Not so. There could be a plethora of other connections which make for a good relationship. The point is that Soul Release is the most important of all the interconnective parts.

It is the hope of the King's Numerology that this knowledge of Soul Release will be shared with others so that better, more stable, more enduring, more fulfilling relationships can be created. There are way too many divorces and broken relationships in this world. It does not have to be this way if people will expand their mind and consciousness to the reality that life is energy, that that energy is defined by numbers and, therefore, relationships are defined by numbers. As Pythagoras said, Numbers rule the universe. Everything is arranged according to number and mathematical shape. "Everything" includes relationships and their quality.
~ finis

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