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Deeper Secrets In The Name

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To Know Thyself from a numerological perspective we need to be aware of the nuances involved between surface and subsurface energies. For example, if two different people had a 6 Expression and we analyzed them both exactly the same way, i.e., gave them the same reading, we might be right on the surface, but chances are we would not be as specific as we could be.

For example, one person with a Simple Expression of 6 has a Specific Expression of 222 while another 6 Expression person maintains a 177 in his Specific Expression. The difference is obvious. Both 222 and 177 when reduced to a single number digit are a 6, but a 222-6 is very different from a 177-6. Therefore, to read the two sets exactly the same would not be correct. We must, therefore, look to the root structure of each single number in the Expression to render a thorough and complete analysis of the individual. This means that the Transition Root, General Root and Specific Root must always be addressed if we're to be as accurate as possible in our assessment.

What does this tell us? Both people are, of course, very family oriented, personally loving, nurturing, compassionate, supportive, community-minded. The number 6 is the most domestic energy there is. It has a softness and gentleness about it that is unmistakable, unless it is voided, and/or challenged in a chart.

However, though both individuals have the 6 in common, each is quite different. Can you tell how? Of the two, which would be the most concerned with partnership and relationship? Which would be the most mentally focused, self-reflective, and analytical? Which would tend to be aloof, though loving? Which would tend to be more of the peacemaker? Which would like to read more? Which would be more concerned with supporting other people? One would definitely be considered "cool" and the other "warm." Which is which?

The answers: the 222-6 is the more relationship and partnership oriented of the two by far. It is the warmest, the most supportive, and the peacemaker. This is because the 2 engenders all of these traits, and having three of them in the root magnifies and intensifies the single 2 vibration.

The 177-6 would be the most internally driven, somewhat aloof, distant, and would certainly be the reader. Why? Because the numbers 1 and 7 are the most separate, solo, and solitary of all the basic vibrations. 1 is the lone wolf, the maverick, the pioneer. 7 is the researcher, the student, teacher, thinker. 7s love to spend time in their heads, which separates them from others. On the contrary, 2s love to spend their time with others in a context of relationship. Both the 222-6 and 177-6 person are family oriented to be sure, as we see by their surface energies, but their underlying, subsurface energies tell a more revealing story.

This is why the Specific Expression, as well as the entire root structure of a person's Simple Expression, must be addressed. One single number cannot possibly tell the tale of a person's destiny. Yet, by looking deeply in the numbers we can glean a great deal of information about the person and therefore help him or her to a better and more comprehensive understanding of their individual lives and destinies.

When doing a numerology analysis, always start with the Simple Expression. That puts us in the ballpark. Next, read the Expression Root ciphers. These will give us more detail. The Specific Expression gives us the most specific picture of the person. The General Expression will also give us excellent insights. The Transition Expression is the second most general to the Simple Expression in detail but should also be included in the analysis. Additionally, the analyst/reader would be wise to tap into his/her intuitions to expand the potential for accuracy. The science of numerology involves doing the calculations and knowing what the numbers mean, but the art of numerology involves the ingredients of experience and intuition in order to render as thorough an analysis as possible.
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