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Numerology of a Disgraced Champion

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Contributing numerologist - Hunter Stowers

[This article is neither designed to extol nor defame Lance Armstrong. Its purpose
is simply to study the correlation between one's numbers, life and destiny.]

The sower of the poison cannot but be engulfed in the poison.
~ Saint Dariya of Bihar

All men come into this world with a destiny of their own which goes
on pushing them relentlessly on the course already marked out for them.

~ Saint Charan Singh

Destiny. It can be pleasant; it can be harsh. Why the destiny of Lance Armstrong has been to rise to great heights and fall to equal depths is known only to God. Yet, it is a fact of this life, whether we acknowledge it or not, that what we sow we reap, and we cannot reap what we do not sow. It is the simple, but highly ignored, science of this creation. Obviously, Lance Armstrong sowed a web of poison that ultimately entrapped and engulfed him in a maelstrom of disgrace, ignominy and a fall from grace of catastrophic proportions.

Armstrong (born Lance Edward Gunderson on 18 September 1971) had won the Tour de France an apparent record seven consecutive times between 1999 and 2005, but in 2012 he was officially disqualified from all his results since August 1998 for using and distributing performance-enhancing drugs and banned from professional cycling for life.

In June 2012, the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) charged Armstrong with having used illicit performance-enhancing drugs, and in August it announced a lifetime ban from competition, which applies in all sports which follow the World Anti Doping Agency code, as well as the stripping of all titles won since August 1998. The USADA report stated that Armstrong enforced "the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen". (Wikipedia)

Truly, Armstrong's destiny is harsh, and, as with each of us, his destiny is quite apparent in his numbers. Some of the major aspects in his chart to be considered are . . .
  1. Basic Matrix
  2. Voids
  3. Life Matrices: Natal Name vs. Common Name
  4. Annual Cycle Patterns (ACPs)
  5. Name Timeline of Edward

Lance Armstrong - Basic Matrix

The first item of note in Armstrong's Basic Matrix is the Umbrella - the outer shell comprised of the Lifepath, Expression and Performance/Experience (PE). They're all 9s, and the PE is a powerful 99 master number of extreme public and universal exposure for his entire life. With this intense 9 Umbrella triad, Armstrong's life would be big, especially when combined with his Life Matrices (discussed later). Other famous individuals with a 9-based Umbrella are Elvis Presley and Garth Brooks.

With the Soul Layers being an 8 with a 44 in his Material Soul, Armstrong was driven to be successful. There was no way he could avoid it. Anyone with dual 8s in their Soul Layers would, in most instances, be highly motivated to be a mover and shaker, to be socially powerful, materially successful and comfortable; an administrator, manager, executor, leader or general.

The two 1s in his Nature Layers create a person whose personality is all about the self, the ego and its identity. The 55 and 199 in the root structure further intensify the energies of an ego-centered personality. The 55 makes him unique and impossible to control, and the 199 makes him dominant, dominating, even overbearing. This 1 energy in Armstrong's Nature Layers is further bolstered by a 22 master number of strength, structure, discipline and control in his 1st House of Letters (the Specific Inclusion) that aspect of the chart that governs the self itself.

With the dual 8 Soul Layers, the dual 1 Nature Layers, the 22 master number in his 1st House of self, and an Umbrella of 9s with 44, 55, 99 and 199 in their various components, it is impossible for Armstrong to not have a commanding and forceful personality. Anyone with this structure would be a force to be reckoned with. The issue, of course, is whether that force is manifested positively or negatively, given the fact that all numbers are intrinsically dual in nature.

Voids 2 and 8

Here's where the problem begins. The number 2 governs others, close personal relationships, conflict, competition, teamwork, partnership, support, caring, compassion and the deceit and treacheries of others.

When the 2 is void in a chart (no Bs, Ks or Ts in the birth name), there will likely be negative energies surrounding the aforementioned issues. A 2 void is great for competitors because it makes a person devoid of any compassion, feeling or love for his opponents or other people in general. Combined with his massive 1 and 9 energy, Armstrong's destiny could not be anything less than self-centered. As a competitor, he wanted to crush his opponents sans any feelings of caring or compassion for them.

Combined with the 2 void, the 8 void (no Hs, Qs or Zs in birth name) also poses problems. 8 is the most powerful social number there is. An 8 void creates a social disconnect, an indifference to others, a lack of caring. 8 voided people do not understand the process of involvement. They think that they know but they don't know that they don't know, and ultimately things fall apart or disconnect and they are left wondering why. The 8s in Armstrong's Soul Layers drove him to succeed, but the fact that the 8 is void in his chart created problems in his depth of understanding as to what he was really doing.

Life Matrices Natal Name vs. Common Name

King's Numerology student, Hunter Stowers, has been doing excellent and extensive work in the study of the Natal name (full birth name of an individual) versus the Common name (the name by which people are commonly known). In fact, it was Mr. Stowers who first recognized the problematic issues with Lance Armstrong's destiny. These problems are glaringly obvious when the Life Matrices (internal structure of the Lifepath) of his natal and common names are compared. Mr. Stowers is to be highly complimented and congratulated for his work in this field.

Lance Armstrong's natal name is Lance Edward Gunderson. It maintains a 9 Expression. His common name is, of course, Lance Armstrong. It maintains a 7 Expression. When these numbers are placed within the context of his Life Matrix, the difference is explosive.

Here is the Life Matrix of Lance Edward Gunderson. It is astounding. Every component of his Life Matrix is a 9/9! Specifically, this would be ciphered as 9/(9)/9. This is extremely powerful because, as we recall, his Umbrella numbers are all 9s. It would be very difficult to have a life and destiny that are more public and large than that of Lance Armstrong. Furthermore, this 9/(9)/9 IR set does not depict a life of ignominy, especially a fall from grace that Lance Armstrong is living. Where, then, is the smoking gun? We need look no further than his Common name.

Now take a look at his Life Matrix using the 7 Expression (Common name) of Lance Armstrong. All the components are a 9/7, specifically, a 9/(7)/7! This is still a powerful name but the outcome energy, the PE, is a 7 with a 16 root. In the King's Numerology system the 16-7 binary is referred to as the Great Purifier - the number that purifies and cleanses through difficulty, turmoil, tumult, tragedy, tears, suffering and ignominy. In simple terms, a great fall from grace, a fall that is the sole theme of Lance Armstrong's life from beginning to end. It is this 9/(7)/7 IR set that exemplifies the enormous fall of Lance Edward Gunderson.

Juxtaposing the Life Matrices of the Natal and Common names reveals the hidden reality of one's destiny. While the Natal name establishes the primary blueprint of destiny, the Common name reveals layers of that destiny. Had Lance Armstrong used a different Common name, what would his destiny have been then? Certainly, this is something to consider when using names, especially when naming children. If one is not careful, a name usage or name change can cause a person to jump right out of the frying pan into the fire. This is yet another reason for parents to study Parenting Wisdom For The 21st Century Raising Your Children By Their Numbers To Achieve Their Highest Potential available through Richard Andrew King's book page.

Annual Cycle Patterns (ACPs)

There are three major energies that cycle in nine year periods. These are called Annual Cycle Patterns or ACPs for short. These are the Age Timeline (ATL), Universal Timeline (UTL) and Personal Year Timeline (PTL). Normally, each of these patterns is separate. But look at Armstrong's ACPs. They're all the same! This is more evidence of his intense life and tragic fall.

Of note in these ACPs is that not only are the Year's Timelines (far left column) all the same number, they are all 5s the energy of loss, change, movement and detachment. It was during Armstrong's 41st year when his whole life came tumbling down. Such an amalgam of the same number occurring simultaneously in a chart is referred to as stacking. Where stacking exists, intensity is a certainty. Where the number 5 is stacked, there will be some form of loss, change, detachment, movement and motion in the life.

Now take a look at all the stacked 8 voids! Thus, in Armstrong's natal months of November and December of 2012 there would be a massive disconnect, not only because of the 8 void, but because the 8 voided energy is contained within the year's massive sixstack of 5 energy the main theme of his life script at age 41.

The 7 energy of his natal November (18 November to 18 December) in conjunction with the 8 voided energy indicates massive turmoil. This is where his fall from grace was the most intense. Armstrong's natal December (18 December to 18 January 2013) also juxtaposes, with the 8 voided energy, a sixstack of 9 energy, which indicates endings, terminations, conclusions and the public stage. This was the exact time of his confessional interview with Oprah Winfrey! January, with its 1s and 6s, shows new beginnings (1) with adjustments related to his home life, community and national reputation.

Name Timeline Edward

The final note regarding the fall of Lance Armstrong involves his Name Timeline (NTL) of Edward, which is a 1/1. The specific ciphering is 1/(9)/1. No two numbers in combination are more self-oriented and powerful than the 1 and 9 1 is the self; 9 is dominance and the public stage. This pattern can easily lead to arrogance and dominance, as has also been reflected in the destiny of Tiger Woods and others.

In Armstrong's life the timeline of Edward began at age eighteen and will be active through age forty-five. This is the time frame of his fall.


Each of us has a destiny, and that destiny is derived from countless past lives and the seeds we sowed in those lives. Eventually, those seeds sprout and create a harvest. In this life, Lance Armstrong is experiencing the harvest of the seeds he has sewn in his past, just like we all do. Frankly, none of us is capable of judging another person because we do not know the full story of what has occurred in the past lives of anyone. We should keep this in mind.

Lance Armstrong's destiny in this life has obviously been quite public and tragic. His numbers reveal everything he has gone through, is going through and will go through. Whatever lessons he has to learn or karmic accounts he has to balance are known only to God. It would be wise for us all not to judge too harshly lest we be judged, for oftentimes the role we each play in this life may not reveal the entire truth of what has occurred in past lives and is now coming to fruition.
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