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The deep feeling of loneliness. . . is common and natural to all human beings. . .
This constant feeling of loneliness and missing something is in reality the hidden
unquenched thirst and craving of the soul for the Lord.

Loneliness cannot leave us until our soul merges back into its own Source.
That urge is there with everyone to go back to the Father, and since we
cannot achieve it, so we feel lonely in this life. No matter if we have the
whole creation at our disposal, we cannot overcome this loneliness
unless the soul goes back to the Father. Sooner or later
everybody realizes it.

~ Saint Charan Singh


As Saint Charan Singh states, everyone is lonely in this world and that loneliness will be with us until our soul merges back into its Source. A person could be surrounded by a thousand friends and still be lonely.

Still, there are people who are alone whose state of existence is visible in their numbers. Generally, being alone often equates to being lonely. Hence, the title of this article.

On a personal note, the main purpose for writing this piece is that the number one article on my website since the year 2000, which has been read more than any other article, is Living Loneliness 1. Obviously, there are many people who are suffering. I deeply empathize with the plight of these individuals and, therefore, am sharing the following numerical information in the hope of helping them understand their destinies and thereby achieve a more balanced perspective of their lives.

Number Groupings of Loneliness

There are two primary groupings of numbers that reflect the potential of an individual being single, solitary, separate and alone. But remember, just because we are alone does not mean we have to be lonely. How each person responds to their life's circumstances is a matter of consciousness and attitude, hopefully in a spiritually positive way. The two groupings are:
  1. The Single Ciphers: 1-5-7
  2. The Social Voids: 2-4-6-8

The 1-5-7 Grouping

In numerology the number "1" indicates the self, ego, independence, identity, action. The 1 is also the number of the pioneer, leader, lone wolf, maverick. The 1 energy takes charge, goes first and shows the way. Its energies are the most solo of the nine basic numbers.

The number "5" is the vibration of freedom, detachment, being unencumbered. 5s do not like to be tied down. Their stability rests on them being on the move, doing a variety of things, being adventurous. 5 people need to be loved with open arms, which allow them the freedom of movement and excitement they crave. Holding on too tightly may well drive them away. If held too tightly, they'll feel suffocated, chained, anchored and denied. Too, 5 people must have stimulation. Otherwise they'll get bored, and if they feel too suffocated by their chains, they're very likely to sever their shackles and detach.

The number 7 is the most reclusive, retiring, inwardly-driven of all the single ciphers. 7s must have their "alone time" or they'll rebel. 7s recharge in the silence, in their solitude. They are the thinkers of the alpha-numeric spectrum, and they can't think well when immersed in a sea of social chatter. They find peace, not in groups, but in separation, seclusion and isolation.

When there is a large amalgam of 1-5-7 energy in a chart, the likelihood of the individual being alone is quite strong. After all, their energies are manifesting qualities of independence, freedom and solitude a perfect formula for being alone and separate. If the Soul Layers are a 1 and 7, it is almost a given that these individuals will live a life alone because this is what is driving them being solo and independent (1) and separate and secluded (7). If this 1-5-7 combination dominates the Basic Matrix, it will be extremely rare if the individual does not live a major part of his or her life alone and separate.

The Social Voids: 2-4-6-8

Social Voids can create havoc in a person's life and relationships, often leading them to being alone. Voids are missing energies, likened to missing wiring in an automobile. When at least three of the four social ciphers are voided in a chart, there can be issues with being alone. This is not always the case, however, especially if such a person marries or has a partner whose chart contains the exact ciphers of the voided person. In such a case, the person who has the void(s) will have them filled by their partner.

Social Void Descriptions

Voids are primarily associated with the full birth name. When all of the letters in a genera (specific number group) are missing in the birth name, there will be problems in those areas which the voids represent. These voids and their brief descriptions are:
  1. The Number 2: no Bs, Ks or Ts - close personal relationships, others, females, caring, compassion, togetherness, teamwork, competition, contention, opposition, support.
  2. The Number 4: no Ds, Ms or Vs order, structure, stability, security, framework, roots, control, dependability, organization, fidelity.
  3. The Number 6: no Fs, Os, Xs personal love, compassion, nurturing, devotion, support, beauty, home, community, homeland.
  4. The Number 8: no Hs, Qs, Zs - connection, involvement, interaction, management, administration, execution, responsiveness.

The way these social numbers work is basically this: the number 2 governs close personal relationship; the 4 rules the structure of the relationship; the 6 addresses the personal love of the relationship, and the 8 speaks to the management of the relationship. When multiple ciphers of this 2-4-6-8 quatrain are voided, the individual will lack the attributes associated with the ciphers in question, and, hence, any relationships will be affected accordingly. When at least three of the social numbers are voided, the individual will lack the necessary skills to make his or her relationships work well. Thus, the result is often a life of living and being alone. There are mitigating factors, but this is a solid general rule.

Aloneness Curse or Blessing

We human beings are generally social by nature. Therefore, being alone and not involved in a personal relationship often brings some degree of anxiety, sadness and suffering. But anxiety, sadness or suffering do not have to be part of being alone. In fact, having a destiny requiring us to be separate can be a great blessing. As Saint Sawan Singh says, The greater the solitude the better. There is no better luck than solitude.

Why is there no better luck than solitude? Because solitude allows us the opportunity to redirect our attention inwardly away from the external phenomena of the world to the internal reality of higher truths and states of being. If we are to rise spiritually, it's critical we have some time alone for reflection, self-examination and meditation. Therefore, whether our life of living alone is welcome or not, it would be wise for us to regard it as a blessing, not a curse, and embrace the opportunities such a fate provides.


While there are many factors in a numerology chart relative to a destiny reflecting an individual being alone, two major indicators are the number grouping 1-5-7 and the voids associated with the social quatrain 2-4-6-8. The cipher triad 1-5-7 expresses itself as independence (1), freedom/detachment (5) and solitude (7). Such energies often preclude one from having a life strongly centered in relationships or social activities.

When a large amount of voids occur in the social numbers 2-4-6-8, qualities favoring positive relationship interaction are placed under stress, often resulting in individuals living alone. This is because voids act as missing wiring in people's lives, thus denying them the energetic connective tissue favoring positive relationship experiences.

Having a destiny involving being alone can be extremely positive because of the opportunity it affords the individual for redirecting his or her attention inwardly to discover deeper life truths, which are often difficult to acquire when living a socially-driven life. With a positive attitude and outlook, being alone in life can be a great blessing.
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