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Justin Bieber
Numerology of a Wild Child

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Pay attention to the young and make them as good as possible.
~ Socrates

No man is free who cannot control himself.
~ Pythagoras

Without discipline there's no life at all.
~ Katharine Hepburn

Pop star Justin Bieber, age 19, went drag racing in a residential neighborhood in the early morning hours of 23 January 2014 in Miami Beach, Florida. He was arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs, resisting arrest without violence (while spewing a litany of "F" bombs), and driving with an expired license, all the time querying the police, "What the f*** did I do? Why did you stop me?"

What causes a young man, reeking with fame and fortune, to act so wildly, recklessly, arrogantly, disrespectfully, and irresponsibly, without seemingly having any shame for his behavior or concern for the well-being of others?

Basic Matrix - Justin Bieber

Born Justin Drew Bieber on 1 March 1994, Bieber's Basic Matrix offers, on one level, clear reasons for his actions.

The first thing of note are the three 9s in Bieber's Lifepath, Soul, and Material Soul. The number 9 rules. It is the most dominant energy of the Alpha-Numeric Spectrum (the single numbers 1 to 9). 9 is ambitious, powerful. If expressed positively, the 9 can be extremely gracious, generous, noble; if expressed negatively, it can be highly ignoble, domineering, and arrogant, flaunting its power with reckless abandon and ostensible impunity.

The 9 in the Lifepath addresses the lessons, events, and circumstances of the life. Therefore, Justin Bieber would be, and is, confronted with lessons of power, fame, arrogance.

When 9 is in the Soul, it indicates a desire for power and dominance. When it also appears in the Material Soul, its energies are doubled - for better or for worse. Because Bieber's Lifepath is a 9, his needs, wants, and desires are being satisfied. This gives him a sense of invulnerability and the illusion that he can act with exemption from the laws that govern all people.

The number 4 resides in Bieber's Expression, Performance/Experience (PE), Nature, and Material Nature (MN). His PE and MN also house the master number 22, further empowering the energies of the 4. And what are the 4's characteristics? Work, service, structure, security, boundaries, rules, regulations. This much 4, when combined with the 9, can make a person very stubborn, defiant, recalcitrant, intransigent and rooted beyond reason or good sense.

Voids in Justin Drew Bieber's Basic and Life Matrices

The voids in Justin Bieber's chart are 6-7-8. These create potential problems with love, family, nurturing (6), thoughtfulness, reflection, examination, analysis, deep thinking and feeling, indifference (7), and connection, disconnection, management, interaction, social power, wealth (8). The 6 void and 8 void are directly active in his Life Matrix from birth through age 27. These are visible in his first Epoch-Pinnacle-Challenge timeline (1st E-P-C-triad). The 7 void is not directly active in this part of his Life Matrix but its energy is still present and indirectly active.

Bieber's 1st Pinnacle IR set is a 4/(4)/8v. This shows work, service, security (4) and material success (8v) but the void weakens the 4 and generates a disconnection in that which is logical, structural, regimented, reasonable, safe - the 4.

His 1st Challenge IR set is a 2/(4)/6v. This reveals problems in his family environment and speaks to issues with others, women, relationships (2). Drag racing through residential neighborhoods alone, let alone being under the influence of narcotics, reveals a clear lack of compassion, care, and concern for others. Bieber's 7 void would also play into this irresponsible behavior by not thinking deeply about his actions. The 8 void reveals a disconnect in his understanding of cause and consequence. Combined with the dominant, intransigent, defiant combined power of the 4 and 9, this arrangement of numbers does not bode well for a balanced, thoughtful, compassionate, responsible life.

Justin Bieber's reckless, rebellious, and out-of-control behavior is exacerbated by a tristack of 1/(4)/5 energy. This occurs in his 1st Epoch (as seen in his Life Matrix's 1st E-P-C triad), as well as in his Age Timeline (ATL) during his 19th year of life, and in his Personal Year Timeline (PTL) which is also a 1/(4)/5 IR set. The ATL and PTL are not visible, but they were active in January of 2014 in the event of Bieber's arrest. This 1/(4)/5 triset generates stacking, thus intensifying the energies in play.

The 1/(4)/5 IR set indicates wildness, recklessness, and risk-taking (5) of the ego, self, and male energy (1). It also speaks to one's sense of rebellion, freedom, detachment, and a you-can't-control-me and I'll-do-what-I-want attitude. Obviously, this creates an attitude of lawlessness. It might have once worked in the old west, but not in 21st Century America. Freedom has limitations in a law-structured society, and for good reason. But when one's reason is hindered by a lack of good sense (7 void) and inappropriate interaction with society (8 void), trouble ensues.

Name and Letter Timelines

Two more items of note in Justin Bieber's current life problems lie in his Name Timeline (NTL) of Justin and in his Letter Timeline (LTL) "N" of Justin .

Justin is a 3 with a specific root of 93 and general root of 21. The 93, which is a powerful energy of public expression, communication, art and image, carries a 6 void subcap (9 minus 3 = 6). This 6v melds with the 6v PE of his 1st Challenge 2/(4)/6v IR set, thus creating dysfunctional family issues.

When the 3 of Justin is added to his 9 Lifepath, the result is also a 3 (3 + 9 = 12: 1 + 2 = 3). The Influence/Reality (IR) set is 3/(9)/3. This is an energy pattern of artistic expression, image, the public stage, pleasure, health and well-being. Unfortunately, it is also an energy that, if uncontrolled, generates egocentric narcissism and a sense of entitlement. This 3/(9)/3 Name Timeline (NTL) energy pattern of Justin will end when Bieber is 22, at the end of his 21st year.

The "N" of Justin creates issues and influences of freedom, detachment, loss, potentially uncontrolled and wild behavior. When this "N" combines with Bieber's 9 Lifepath, the result is also a 5, strengthening its characteristics in a 5/(9)/5 IR set. This can be an unstable, reckless energy if not controlled. What is problematic for Bieber is that this 5/(9)/5 pattern reinforces the 1/(4)/5 tristack, practically guaranteeing unrestrained, reckless behavior patterns.


Nothing in life is happenstance. Our lives are destined. If they were not, numerology would not be the science that it most definitely is. Justin Bieber's life is playing itself out just as his numbers dictate. Yet, it must be remembered that there are two sides to everything - one positive and one negative. This young man can have a productive life if he can learn to control his passions and appetites. However, as Pythagoras beautifully and correctly stated, No man is free who cannot control himself. Uncontrolled, undisciplined, wild and risky behaviors too often lead to a tragic end. As the great actress Katharine Hepburn acutely noted, Without discipline there's no life at all, underscore no life.

If Justine Bieber can pause and seriously reflect on his life and the positive aspects of his energies, without letting them get away from him, he can lead a more whole life going forward. But if, through a lack of thought, reflection, self-examination and an inability to connect the dots of cause and consequence, the whirlwinds of his passions may well get away from him and he will go the way of those who could not control their fame, fortune, desires, and passions, and that would be sad, to say the least.
~ finis

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