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THE NUMBER 9 in the King's Numerology system is known as the Grand Ruler, Grand Elemental and Grand Amplifier. The number 9 contains all numbers, amplifies all numbers and reflects all numbers to themselves. Needless to say, the number 9 is extremely unique, powerful, and in a class all its own.

Because of its unique properties, the 9 represents the energy of universality, commonality, expansion, the public stage, law, theater, media, all arts, all languages.

The 9 is the last number in the Alpha-Numeric Spectrum (the single numbers 1 through 9). As the number 1 signifies the beginning of cycles; the 9 signifies the ending of cycles. The 1 initiates, instigates, creates, activates, leads. The 9 not only concludes but it expands the original idea or action into the universe, so to speak. The 9 is all-encompassing - of people, events, actions. The 9 is known to everyone because it is everyone, i.e., it includes all numbers and their attributes.

Therefore, when the 9 is present in a chart, it has power. The type and degree of power depend on where the 9 is located and if there are any other 9s in the chart to corroborate and intensify its energies. The more 9 energy in a chart, the more universal a person or a person's life will be.

Because the 9 is all numbers and contains all numbers, it resonates with everyone. This gives it charisma and a chameleon-esque quality. It can blend with anything and anyone. Furthermore, it can be active on either the dark side or light side of the energetic spectrum. In other words, the 9 can reflect good or evil, nobility or ignobility, virtue or vice, purity or corruption - all in spades.

It is the number 9 that aides greatly in someone being famous or infamous. Without the number 9 in a chart, it is virtually impossible for a person to be known to the masses, to the public, regardless of how much talent the person may possess. This is why we see people in life who are famous and may have little to no talent and others, in contrast, who have massive talent but no public recognition. As a general rule, the number 9 must be present somewhere in a person's chart for the person to be universally known - whether they are universally loved or universally hated; universally appreciated or universally despised; universally benevolent or universally malevolent.

One of the major problems, therefore, with the number 9 is that because it is universal, it walks on a razor's edge. Powerful actions generate powerful reactions mandated by Karmic Law. Therefore, if a person misuses his or her power, the eventual karmic reconciliation will not be good, quite the contrary. Thus, the admonition Be careful what you wish for takes center stage in the drama of a person's life.

Another challenge with the 9 is that because it is saturated with universality it has no anonymity. It's impossible for it to be anonymous and private. Such a lack of anonymity can be like living in a prison. Where is there any true freedom for people whose charts are overflowing with 9 energy? Where can such individuals go just to be themselves without the unyielding and eternal intrusion of others into their lives? How many famous people can truly say they're free? Something to think about if you're wishing for fame, fortune and celebrity.

During her life, Princess Diana of Wales was the most famous and most photographed woman in the world. Were she alive today, she would certainly enlighten you to the negatives of fame. She said her life was not only a living hell, but also that being a Princess was not all it was cracked up to be. Far from it. And for all her fame, fortune, wealth and celebrity was she happy? Was she ever able to enjoy a peaceful cup of tea in public without being hounded by a shameless, relentless paparazzi? Was she at peace within herself? Diana's Soul was a 9. Her Name Timeline PE of "Diana" was a 9. Her Crown Pinnacle (the highest point in her chart) was a 9. Her Grand Pinnacle and Grand Challenge PEs were 9s. Simply stated, it was impossible for Diana to have an anonymous life, a normal life, a free life. Yet, her 9 Soul deeply desired a life of fame, fortune and celebrity. Her 9 Crown Pinnacle – with the other 9s in her chart – guaranteed it. And so it was, tragically.

The 9's Power in Words and Phrases

As the King's Numerology teaches, life is energy; numbers are labels for the energies of life. If you've ever doubted that numbers reflect life and that the relationship between numbers and life is happenstance or coincidental, take a look at the following list of words and phrases - all of which cipher a 9 or 99-9. It is stunning, naturally so, and should leave no doubt as to the power of the 9 and its manifestation in the divine design of all life.

  • I: 9
  • Me: 9
  • Ego: 9
  • Centric: 9
  • Egocentric: 99-9
  • Egocentricity: 9
  • Law: 9
  • School: 9
  • Law School: 99-9
  • Public: 9
  • Public School: 99-9
  • Publicity: 9
  • Popularity: 9
  • Class: 9
  • Warfare: 9
  • Class Warfare: 99-9
  • Ruling: 9
  • Ruling Class: 9
  • Love: 9
  • Love Class: 99-9
  • Money: 9
  • Money Class: 99-9
  • World: 9
  • World Class: 99-9
  • Celebrity: 99-9
  • Celebrity Class: 99-9
  • Celebrity World: 99-9
  • Expansion: 9
  • Endings: 9
  • Fortune: 99-9
  • Arrival: 9
  • Spotlight: 9
  • Status Quo: 9
  • Bed of Roses: 9
  • Above It All: 99-9

Famous people with 99-9 in their Charts (a brief selection)

Because of its inherent and exclusive power, the 99-9 is known as the Master Performer and Master's Master. Following is a brief list of famous individuals whose King's Numerology charts possess the master number 99-9.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Albert Einstein, Amelia Earhart, Elvis Presley, Howard Hughes, John F. Kennedy, Michael Jackson, Garth Brooks, Gisele Bündchen, Sofia Loren, Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods.

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PS: In case you missed it, the first four words in this article's title - Love, Money, Fortune, Celebrity are all 9s! Fortune and Celebrity are both 99-9s!

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