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An unexamined life is not worth living.
~ Socrates

There is nothing but strife, struggle and conflict in this world.
Lasting peace can never be found within the domain of the
mind and the senses. So it was from the time of creation
and so will it always be.

Just live in the world and get out of it.

~ Saint Charan Singh, 20th Century
2014. It is simply another year in the grand scheme of creation, a creation which Saints tell us will forever be one of conflict and struggle, which is why Saint Charan Singh admonishes us to get out of it, as is always the Saintly message. Therefore, regardless of what this year's energies bring, or any year for that matter, the grander message, the spiritual message, is get out! And, yes, it can be done. There is much more to Reality than meets the common eye, and the way in, out, and up lies through the Eye.

This said, and as Pythagoras has said,

Numbers rule the universe. Everything is arranged
according to number and mathematical shape.

So what do the energies of 2014 hold for planet earth? In a word, internalization. When the single ciphers of 2014 are added together, the single result is a 7 (2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 7). The number 7 represents all things internal - introspection, reflection, examination, assessment, analysis, thought, study, research, testing, solitude, and loneliness, as well as potential trouble, turmoil, tribulation, concern, chaos. Seven is an energy that forces us inside ourselves to assess, or pay for, our previous actions, behaviors, values, principles, decisions. The lessons of the 7 are not generally pleasant. They can be noble, but they can also be ignoble and bring us to our knees . . . in tears.

The 7's energies can be challenging because they hold a mirror up to us so we can see who we are, what we've become, what our actions have caused, and where we would like to be. They make us reflect and examine our lives, a process which can be painful, tearful, tumultuous, even tragic. Very few of us actually reflect on our lives and behaviors when times are good, pleasant, cheerful, prosperous. It is usually only through times of tribulation, struggle, and hardship that we are forced to think about our past, reassess our lives, adjust if necessary, and move forward. It is the role of the 7 to force us to re-evaluate, ponder, change or suffer.

Seven is a serious-minded, private energy and, hence, the most secretive and mystical of the nine basic numbers. It is a withdrawing energy, often causing or forcing us - voluntarily or involuntarily - to seek seclusion and a solitary life where we have the time, environment and opportunity to think. And, honestly, how many people think deeply about their lives, their existence, their human form and the opportunity it affords the soul? How many people are like Jonathan Livingston Seagull - always thinking, always searching for more answers in the pursuit of perfection in life?

In its highest manifestation the 7 is extremely noble, pure, spiritual, holy, and peaceful. However, its dark side is equally ignoble, impure, unspiritual, unholy, and chaotic. Therefore, when the 7's energies are active in our lives, as they will be for every person on the planet in 2014, they bring testings of our character, ethics, morals, and conduct, thus allowing us to examine our lives, make them substantive, rather than superficial, and worth living. Thank you, Socrates.

What the 7 is not is social, external. That will come next year in 2015 when the 8 runs its natural cycle, one year before the 9 of 2016 kicks in, a year creating conclusions, endings, finalities, terminations, and expansions.

2014's Timeline Influence

For the earth itself, the energies of 2014 will be active from 1 January to 31 December. This is obvious. However, although the length of time a particular year's influence is normally considered twelve months, in fact the length of time a year's energies are active is actually twenty-four months. This is because any year's energies become personally activated on a person's birthday and continue twelve months from that date. Therefore, for a person born on 1 January of any year, his 2014 energies will run concurrently with the calendar year. For him, the year's influences will be completely direct. However, for a person born on 31 December, his 2014 energies will not begin until his birthday, one day before 2015. Until that time, the year's influences for him will be indirect (affecting him universally) until his birthday, at which time they will be direct (affecting him personally).

Because of this twenty-four month activation cycle, everyone on the planet experiences the energies of any one year in dual layers - one direct (personal); one indirect (universal). The only exclusion would be those people born on 1 January.

The Universal Timeline (UTL)

The period of time that any year's influences are directly active in an individual's life comprise the Universal Timeline or UTL. This is one of three annual cycle patterns affecting every person. The other two are the Age Timeline or ATL, and the Personal Year Timeline or PTL. These Annual Cycle Patterns or ACPs are extensively covered in The King's Book of Numerology II Forecasting, Part I.

How 2014 and its 7 energies play themselves out in each person's life will be different. This is because everybody's personal energies are different. As the saying goes, One man's trash is another man's treasure. For example, all things being equal, a 7 Expression person will resonate with 2014's energies while an 8 Expression person will find them dissonant. The numbers 7 and 8 are diametrically opposed, complete opposites. The 7 person is naturally introverted; the 8 person is naturally extroverted. There are many other variables, of course, to be considered in each person's chart, but this 7 vs. 8 example illustrates the reality of how the year's energies will manifest differently in different lives.

2014 and You

So how will the universal energies of 2014 affect you? First, you must know your Expression or name number - that which is derived from your full birth name. To calculate it, go here and follow directions. Next, add the number 7 to your simple Expression/Name number and go here. This will give you a number representing the outcome of how the energies of 2014 will affect you. This will be your year's Performance/Experience (PE). Be sure you check the keywords list for each number here. The keywords will show you the energy fields of the issues with which you will be dealing during 2014. In effect, the energies of 2014 (a 7 in reduction) are the Influencing energies of the year and the result of adding the 7 to your name number creates the Reality energies, i.e., what you will experience. This series of actions creates an Influence/Reality pattern, referred to as an IR Set in the King's Numerology system. IR sets are critical to the forecasting process. These are fully explained in The King's Book of Numerology II Forecasting, Part I.

In Conclusion

Regardless of the energies of this year or any year - good, challenging, or bad - the main thing is to always remain balanced and centered. Life is never perfect at this level. As Saint Charan Singh stated: There is nothing but strife, struggle and conflict in this world. It can never be different; will never be different because this is a bipolar dimension, and the cosmic pendulum keeps swinging eternally back and forth from positive polarity to negative polarity. Sometimes things are good, even great. Other times things are bad, even horrible. The key is to always remain centered and balanced. See this life for what it is - a lower plane of existence, adjust to destiny's energies as they happen, and continue to work to gain your ultimate freedom and liberation from this nether land, never resting as you climb the Ladder and reach the ultimate destination, Home.
~ finis

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Richard Andrew King is the incarnation of numbers.
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~ Hunter Stowers, B.A. & M.A.- Art, Entertainer and Metaphysician

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