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POWER TO THE PEOPLE! The New York Post cover pictorializing Brexit and Great Britain's democratic vote to exit the European Union (EU) exemplifies exactly the energies of 2016. As a note, it may be beneficial to read or reread the article 2016 – A Red Flag Warning, which can be accessed here. It may also be helpful to review Love, Money, Fortune, Celebrity & The Number 9 here.

As the Post cover illustrates, the democratic revolt of Brexit applies not just to Great Britain but to America, suggesting that such a democratic rebellion against the political elites and the status quo will also effect America during her Presidential Election on 8 November 2016. But notice, too, the cover states, Around the world voices cry out, Power to the People. Indeed, the global revolution is on, and the numbers of 2016 verify it!

As much as political naysayers, especially in America, spin the notion that Brexit is specific only to Britain, it is not. The energies of 2016 are universal — not relegated to Great Britain alone. 2016's energies are global; their manifestations will be global, and the collective voice of the people will be global. In other words . . . be prepared, World. The people of democratic countries are fed up, and they're casting off the chains and shackles of their captivity in a democratic vote of defiance against the tyranny and suppression of the overbearing power elite — the self-appointed, control thirsty, but misguided, so-called ruling class.

The common masses are also fed up with political correctness, the subjugation of national independence in favor of borderless globalization with all of its attending evils, negatives, migratory threats and dangers; with an authoritative upper crust establishment that is out of touch with the common man, and it all exploded on 23 June 2016, when the people of Great Britain voted to reclaim their sovereignty and take back their country.

The revolutionary tidal wave of 2016 has left Britain and is now rolling headlong at breakneck speed toward the United States of America where it will no doubt have a major effect and impact on the Presidential Election in November. The "outsiders" — the common folk — have spoken, and they are proving a formidable adversary to the "insiders" — the establishment — and their recalcitrance to serve the people, rather than attend to their own personal interests. Perhaps this will send a war cry around the world for those who rule unjustly and selfishly, a war cry echoing the words of Dr. Albert Einstein, The highest destiny of the individual is to serve rather than to rule.

The Numbers

Take a look at this simple numeric capset of the year 2016.

Here's a more descriptive capset illustrating the qualities of the numbers involved.

And a pictorial version of the 2016 capset.

The 9 Addcap

The number 9's energies are universal, global, expansive. 9 includes everyone, every country, nation, nationality, race, language, gender — everything. 9 is the world. 9 also governs endings, expansions, terminations and the conclusion of cycles. When the numbers of 2016 are added together, the result is a 9. Hence, 2016 will be a year where the entire planet is affected in one way or another.

However, the energies of 2016, although universal, do not take affect for each country until their birthday. England's history, as well as the histories of other countries, is so long there isn't one specific date of birth from which to gage its personal year. However, the United States of America was clearly born on 4 July 1776, so its 2016 will actually begin on its Independence Day, July 4th. And what happens in July for America? Both political parties will have their conventions to elect (or confirm) their nominee for President of the United States. The Republican Party's national convention is from July 18th through the 21st. The Democratic Party's national convention begins on July 25th and ends on the 28th. Obviously, both conventions will be held in the first month of America's 2016, and they will, no doubt, provide lots of fireworks.

And keep this in mind: the numeric Soul of the United States of America — the energy defining her most basic and primal needs, wants, desires and motivations — is a 9. She wants to be global, universal, powerful and connect with all people, which is why She is a true melting pot of the world and why the world's population looks to her for strength, power, generosity and leadership.

The 2016 Root Date

The "20" in 2016 references others, relationships, yin energy. This includes both sides of its energetic fabric — positive and negative. The thing is, this "20" is active for the rest of this century, through 2099. As is obvious, the world of "others" is clashing. There is more division, opposition, confliction, contention, argumentation, indirection, deceit, dishonesty, treachery and hostility than ever before. Hence, the image above of the two guys clashing.

The "16" energy is, arguably, the most challenging of all the binary numbers — 10 to 99. It has great spiritual potential and light, but such potential is a result of cleansing, of being placed in the fires of purification. If people are not spiritually inclined, the 16's energies morph into utter chaos, turmoil, betrayal, mayhem, darkness.

Here's another interesting note, which metaphysicians will appreciate. In the Tarot, the 16th card of the Major Arcana is the Tower — a dramatic representation of a fall from grace, upheavals and reversals of fortune. The Tower's message is not that of tranquility, peace, love, good times and fun. It represents chaos, tragedy, misfortune, disruption, and a myriad of unpleasant experiences all wrapped up in a crash and burn scenario of shock, turmoil, suffering, disgrace and marked ignominy. Thus, the world cannot expect 2016 to be comfortable. Far from it. Being aware, balanced, centered, poised, patient, strong and courageous are elements for a recipe of survival in such times.

In fact, the Tower, with its 16 energy, is heavily saturated and occupies ten critical aspects of Hillary Clinton's chart during and on the exact day of the Presidential Election (8 November 2016). This will be discussed in Presidential Election-Part 4, Hillary Clinton: Numbers of Defeat? to be published after the Democratic National Convention.

The 4 & 5 Subcap Challenges

The year 2016 manifests two main Challenges: the 4 of structure and foundation and the 5 of change, freedom and rebellion.

The number 4's energies rule all things of structure, foundation, security, stability, rules, laws, tradition, convention, work, service, regularity and the status quo. The 5's energies are diametrically opposed to the 4's. The 5 governs change, freedom, rebellion, movement, motion, detachment, non-tradition, non-convention, variety, diversity, irregularity. It should not be overlooked that the Brexit vote occurred on the 23rd day of the month — a 5 day of change, movement, detachment and . . . rebellion. Perhaps the 23rd of June will be celebrated in the future by the Brits, just as they celebrate Guy Fawkes Day, also on a day of rebellion and revolution — the 5th of November!

Here is an extremely interesting fact regarding the 5 energy, which is germane to Great Britain's exit from the European Union. Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union, states:

Any Member State may decide to withdraw from the Union
in accordance with its own constitutional requirements

Is it coincidence that such a provision of withdrawal from the EU is attached to the number 5 — the precise energy of detachment — in this case a "detaching" and "withdrawal" of Great Britain from the European Union? Or is it, more accurately, the manifestation of the divine nature of numbers? The King's Numerology does not believe in coincidences. Nothing in this universe is without a cause. As the first pure mathematician, Pythagoras, stated: Numbers rule the universe; everything is arranged according to number and mathematical shape. Underscore "everything."

Yet another fact about the 5. It is the Lifepath of the United States, as well as her Material Soul. America is saturated with the energy of freedom and change. After all, she was born in the crucible and fire of rebellion and revolution. Like her 9 Soul, the 5 drives her, too. She intrinsically wants to be powerful, universal (9), and most of all, free (5), able to touch humanity like no other country on earth, for no two numbers govern the masses more than the 9 and 5. 9 is the Number of Mankind; 5 is the Number of Man. It will be interesting to see if America's desires for revolution rise up and overthrow the current establishment in her upcoming election, an election whose choice is crystal clear. It's the "outsiders" versus the "insiders," purely and simply.

Both of these numbers — the 4 and 5 — and their oppositional attributes, are clearly obvious during this hallmark year of 2016, a year which is proving to shake up the status quo and turn everything upside down, as if the energies of the "20" and "16" do not offer enough excitement and drama as it is.

Beyond Brexit and the American Presidential Election there are, of course, other global threats. Russia, North Korea, China, ISIS and other terror groups are actively pursuing their goals of global domination and mayhem. It's a crazy world. It's a crazy year. It's a crazy decade; a crazy century. As referenced below, The Age of the Female — A Thousand Years of Yin discusses these global problems and more. Vigilance against the negative expression of the #2 energy must be forever maintained in today's world. Burying the head in the sand, individually or collectively, will not be wise. We must be strong, courageous, balanced, tough, aware, vigilant, determined and unyielding to the dark energies of these times. There is no other choice if we wish to get through this nefarious wave of negativity. Remember the words of the great Winston Churchill, If you are going through hell, keep going!

Therefore, expect further change. Expect clashing. Expect friction. Nothing in the numeric energies of 2016 reflects harmony, balance, peace and continuity, so if you like drama, uncertainty and surprises, you'll be right at home during the reign and rain storms of 2016. But in all things and times of this nature, keep your spirits up. Everything in life has two sides — one positive, one negative. So . . . ask yourself this, Where's the blessing? It's there. It's always there. We just have to be wise enough, aware enough, and proactive enough to find it and then act upon it.
~ finis

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