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Date of Publication: 30 October 2017, Monday

Note: Part 1 of this series: The Kaepernick Curse: Nuking the NFL? can be accessed here.

If you mess with the National Anthem and Old Glory, your glory days are dead.
~ Richard Andrew King

IT'S A SIMPLE TRUTH: IF YOU MESS WITH THE NATIONAL ANTHEM AND OLD GLORY YOUR GLORY DAYS ARE DEAD. Why is it so painfully difficult for Roger Goodell (Commissioner of the NFL), its owners, coaches and players to understand this most primal principle of American culture? So many patriotic Americans have served, suffered and died for this country, as well as their families, that it is inconceivable and unconscionable that NFL employers and employees, who have made a fortune on the life and blood sacrifices of others, cannot show a little respect for the bequeathments of the faithful and fallen. It is ignorance, arrogance, entitlement, narcissism and ingratitude beyond common decency and propriety, let alone professionalism. In fact, it is egregiously shameless behavior, upside down behavior, where the NFL has put "team" before Country — a monumentally grievous, and potentially lethal, mistake.

The King's Numerologytm reveals some very interesting numeric reasons in answer to this question. One thing is for sure. There are troubled waters ahead for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the height of which will be from 19 January 2018 to 19 March 2018, then tapering off until 19 April. However, troubled waters are stirring now and will continue to create a whirlpool of turmoil for Goodell specifically and the NFL generally.


First, let's take a look at Roger Goodell's Basic Matrix, born Roger Stokoe Goodell on 19 February 1959.

Only two energies dominate Goodell's Basic Matrix — power, and relationships. His 9 Lifepath, 9 Soul and 99-9 Material Soul identify power; his 11-2 Expression, 11-2 PE, 11-2 Nature and 11-2 Material Nature represent relationship in all its forms. Obviously, teams, competition, opposition, conflict and adversity comprise a major component of such relationships. The NFL certainly fits the bill for this combination of numeric vibrations.

For Goodell to be doing what he's doing is in perfect harmony with his numbers. The issue, however, is with the quality, management, efficiency and expertise of his leadership in his role as Commissioner of the National Football League. This is where his #8 void affects the whole dynamic.

As was discussed in Part 1 of this series, The Kaepernick Curse: Nuking the NFL?, an 8 void (8v) represents a potential of mismanagement, disconnection, an inability to connect-the-dots, an interruption of organizational efficiency and overall general flow. Goodell has been openly criticized for his lack of effective leadership during his NFL Commissioner tenancy. There are those who believe he should abdicate his position in favor of someone more capable. The 8 void clearly describes his predicament.

Also of note is that Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco Forty-Niners, and the National Football League all possess an 8v. Combined with Roger Goodell's 8v, the problem is unmistakably clear and duly describes why the NFL is in turmoil and trouble. What are the odds of all these major components having an 8v of mismanagement and disconnection? It is astounding and defining. And remember, this entire NFL problem was ignited by Colin Kaepernick and his massive 8v stacking (Part 1). He was the catalyst that created the NFL's crisis.

Still, Roger Goodell has to deal with it, i.e., the crisis. His lack of management skills, courage, clarity of thought and inability to connect-the-dots between patriotic American ideals and renegade disrespectful "kneelers" is only making matters worse, and the forecast for him over the next few months clearly reveals his future turmoil and troubled waters.


In his Annual Cycle Patterns below, notice the red flags. They begin this month (October, 2017) with stacked 14-5/(2)/16-7 energy in Goodell's Universal (U) column and reach their stacked zenith during his twelfth natal month of 2017 (January, 2018) with a quadstack of 16-7 energy. Since Goodell was born on the 19th of February, his twelfth natal month begins on 19 January and culminates on 19 February (his 59th birthday) — the second grid below — which generates a full year of 14-5/(2)/16-7 stacked energy in his Age Timeline (ATL) and Personal Year Timeline (PTL). In simple terms, this 16-7 stacking creates a torrent of troubled waters for Roger Goodell.

What will be the manifestations of Goodell's stacked 14-5/(2)/16-7 "Troubled Waters?" Intense heat from the public? More fan desertions? Cries from team owners to fix the problem? Could Goodell be forced to step down? Will he resign? We don't know the specifics at this point. What is clear, however, is that the NFL is sinking rapidly, and for the next six months Roger Goodell is in for a rough ride, which is a direct result of his 8 void, his mismanagement of the problem, and marked inability to connect-the-dots between American idealism of respecting the Flag and the National Anthem, the fans, the players, coaches and owners. Frankly, Goodell's in trouble, and staying the course he's on will certainly lead him into the skeletal graveyard of failed executives.


There's more to Goodell's numeric/energetic problems. When he turns 59 on 19 February 2018 when his Annual Cycle Patterns contain stacked 14-5/(2)/16-7 IR Sets, he enters his Goodell Name Timeline (NTL) which houses a 7/(9)/16-7 IR Set until he's 92 years old.

Compounding his 7/(9)/16-7 NTL, Goodell's Letter Timeline (LTL) of the "G" in Goodell also reflects a 7/(9)/16-7 pattern. This "G" timeline will last for 7 years — through his 65th year.

With these two 7/(9)/16-7s added to his two 7/(9)/16-7s in his ACPs at age 59 and his two 16-7/(2)/9s in the Universal month (U) of his natal February, another hexstack of 16-7 energy is generated. These will become active immediately following the 16-7 quadstack in his twelfth cycle month of his 58th year. Thus, the worst month of his 58th year will be further agitated by the first month of his 59th year — February of 2018. As we see in the chart above, his natal February is followed by a tristack of 16-7 energy in March. So . . . for the next six months from his natal October 2017 through his natal March of 2018 (ending on 19 April), Roger Goodell will be migrating troubled waters. The germane question is, "Will the waters sink him and/or his NFL career?"


There's still more to Goodell's troubled waters. His Life Matrix Crown Pinnacle and Crown Challenge, which will be active until the end of his life, reveal a 16-7/(2)/9 Crown Pinnacle and a 14-5/(2)/16-7 Crown Challenge. Thus, more problematic stacking of the 16-7's difficult energy. These two energies can be added to any other 16-7 energies in Goodell's life. Plus, his 7th 9 Cycle, which lasts from age 55 through age 63, generates a 7/(2)/9 IR Set.

As we've stated, Roger Goodell's natal January (from the 19th to the 19th of February) will be a difficult time for him. In that month, he has the following six stack of 16-7 energy. Adding his 7th 9 Cycle of 7/(2)/9 creates a hepstack of 7 energy, six of which are 16-7s. The 9s in the ROPE or Outcome position (number on the far right) indicate endings, finalizations, conclusions, terminations. Their LIST or Influence energy is the 7 in simple terms and the 16-7 in more specific ciphering, which represents turmoil, trouble, chaos, recession. The 14-5, which represents detachment and loss, can also be described as rejection. Thus, a word phrase for the 14-5/(2)/16-7 energy pattern can be turmoil (16-7) generated from rejection or loss (14-5).
  1. Age Timeline Cycle Month: 16-7/(2)/9
  2. Personal Year Timeline Cycle Month: 16-7/(2)/9
  3. Age Timeline Universal Month: 14-5/(2)/16-7
  4. Personal Year Timeline Universal Month: 14-5/(2)/16-7
  5. Crown Pinnacle: 16-7/(2)/9
  6. Crown Challenge: 14-5/(2)/16-7
  7. 7th 9 Cycle Influence/Reality Set: 7/(2)/9
Goodell's natal February (19th to 19 March of 2018) reveals a nanostack (nine stack) of 16-7 energy and a decastack (ten stack) of 7 energy when his 7th 9 Cycle is added to the mix. The 10th item is from his Lifetime Monthly Timeline (LMT), a 16-7/(2)/9
  1. Age Timeline (ATL): 59-14-5/(2)/16-7
  2. Personal Year Timeline (PTL): 14-5/(2)/16-7
  3. Age Timeline Universal Month: 16-7/(2)/9
  4. Personal Year Timeline Universal Month: 16-7/(2)/9
  5. Crown Pinnacle: 16-7/(2)/9
  6. Crown Challenge: 14-5/(2)/16-7
  7. Name Timeline (NTL) of Goodell: 7/(9)/16-7
  8. Letter Timeline (LTL) of "G" in Goodell: 7/(9)/16-7
  9. 7th 9 Cycle Influence/Reality Set: 7/(2)/9
  10. Lifetime Monthly Timeline (LMT): 16-7/(2)/9

In case you missed it, check out the dual photo above. Colin Kaepernick's number on his jersey is a 7! How appropriate. Add this to the mix, anywhere. How portentous.


Roger Goodell's immediate future for the next six months couldn't be more clear generally. It will be interesting to watch the specifics emerge. Frankly, as we have seen through his numbers, the NFL's problems are not a drip, drip, drip but rather a tempest on a tempest on a tempest.

With all the pressures upon him via his 14-5s and 16-7s, Goodell may not survive his position, especially with his 8 void, as well as the 8 voids of Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco Forty-Niners and the National Football League. Such a lack of common sense connecting-the-dots mindset via the 8v shows how critical voids are. If it were not for the 8v, the storms upon Roger Goodell, which are getting stronger, could well have been weathered, but then again, if there were no 8v in his name the entire conflagration may never have ignited in the first place.

With all the turmoil and troubled waters of 2017 and 2018, Roger Goodell may look back at his life during this time and regard Colin Kaepernick's and the NFL player's political/social demonstrations as his Waterloo. For you who are too young to know or may not know, "Waterloo" was the battle in which the French Emperor Napoleon was defeated by the Duke of Wellington on 18 June 1815. It was Napoleon's last battle, the battle which ended his rule as the French Emperor. Will this NFL "Battle of the Kneelers" be Goodell's last battle, his Waterloo?

The take away from all this, sans numbers, is that If you mess with the National Anthem and Old Glory, your glory days are dead. If Roger Goodell, the NFL owners, coaches and players do not awaken to this absolute reality of American culture they may one day be telling their grandkids about the long lost days of yore when there was a sport called professional football.

The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 10: Historic Icons, Part 1




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