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(Published: 4 March 2016)

2016 Presidential Election-Part 2

We must laugh at man to avoid crying for him.
~ Napoleon Bonaparte

It's not going away any time soon, at least not for the next 984 years. What is "it?" The 2 energy. It commands the landscape of this millennium, and its vicious dark side keeps getting darker . . . and more dangerous.

It is the hope of the King's Numerology that people begin awakening to the connection between what is happening on planet earth and the 2 energy enveloping it. Life is energy. Numbers are labels for varying energy fields. What is happening all over the earth, including America's 2016 Presidential contest, is not happenstance. It is the natural order of life and the manifestation of its energy.

Numbers, like coins, have two sides - one positive, one negative; one light, one dark. Unfortunately, the earth now exists in a bi-polar energy field ruled by the number 2. This energy field is further enclosed within the more expansive cloak of a bi-polar universe. Bi-polar within bi-polar — an extremely difficult construct.

In its highest state, the number 2 governs perfect equilibrium, harmony and peace. In its lowest state, it manifests as massive imbalance, discord and war. If mankind's spiritual consciousness were more elevated, the earth would not be witnessing what it is experiencing - agitation, contention, division, opposition, separation, hostility, anger, hatred, violence, war. The key word in the previous sentence was, of course, "IF" — that pesky little word that keeps getting in the way of what could be but isn't.

Presidential Landscape

The 2016 Presidential Landscape has been overpowered by the tsunami of the 2nd Millennium's dark wave of energy. Antagonism, opposition, division, confliction, separation and glaring imbalance are the order of the day, the hour, the minute, the moment, the second. This is manifesting as man's relentless waxing barrage of negativity upon himself. If humankind were applying for admission into a more enlightened cosmic society, it would be rejected out of hand, its application discarded into "File 13" without ever making it to the next layer of inspection, let alone an interview. Hence, Napoleon's observation, We must laugh at man to avoid crying for him.

Splintering Parties

Never before, at least in recent history, have both the Democratic and Republican parties been so splintered. Bernie Sanders and his socialist agenda are at odds with establishment darling Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump's drawing of massive crowds is frightening the Republican donor class and elites into attacking him, not their presumptive rival, Mrs. Clinton. All the while, the face of the dark side of the 2 energy is chuckling in seeing its divisive plan unfolding and throwing everything and everyone into chaos. It is one thing to have Donkeys and Elephants at each other's throats, but Donkeys clashing with Donkeys and Elephants attacking their own? Unseemly and weird. Not a pretty picture, albeit dramatically amusing. Hi Napoleon!

Socialism, Dependence and the 2 energy

The number 2 is the root energy of the social numeric quatrain 2-4-6-8. The 2 is all about others, relationships, equality, dependence and socialism. The last thousand years were marked by the #1, but that energy wave has run its course. Because of the 2 energy, the earth is now experiencing more souls who seemingly want to be dependent on others, on the government, on a Mommy-Daddy-Nanny state to care for them from cradle to grave. Hence, the rise of Bernie Sanders and his presidential foray.

Unfortunately, it's a good bet that most of Sanders' followers have no clue what socialism actually is — a state-controlled society where there is no free will, no incentive to excel, no independent action, no self-reliance, no self-determination, no self-actualization. Socialism, as a political system of governance, has never succeeded, except for the power elites who control the masses, subjugating them in a state of socialized imprisonment. In effect, the government runs people's lives rather than people running their own lives.

This is not to demean equality, and in a major way that's what America's Presidential election is all about — equality, or at least more of it. The ruling class in America has placed itself before the interests of its citizens. Hence, the rebellion within the political parties and by the people en masse. Politically, 2016 is a revolt against governmental malfeasance, managerial incompetence and suppression of man's God-given and sovereign right to govern his own life - without bureaucratic interference.

Where will all this end? Only time will tell. What will America's people vote for on 8 November 2016? Will She, with her great legacy of freedom and independence, bow to the pressures of this 2nd Millennium, or will She stand up and resist them, insuring a continuation of those qualities which have made Her the greatest country in the civilization of mankind? If She and the world keep going the way they're going, Napoleon's statement that We must laugh at man to avoid crying for him could well morph into We can no longer laugh at man. We have no choice but to cry for him.
~ finis

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