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"The path to the CEO's office should not be through the CFO's office,
and it should not be through the marketing department.
It needs to be through engineering and design.

~ Elon Musk

EXCEPTIONAL DESTINIES REFLECT EXCEPTIONAL NUMBERS. Elon Musk is an entrepreneurial visionary whose destiny reveals extraordinary numbers defining a pioneer whose very essence is a gushing pipeline of ingenuity, innovation, engineering, design and development.

A simple Google search will certainly bear witness to Elon Musk's catalogue of businesses and engineering enterprises. SpaceX, Tesla, and PayPal, Zip2, Solar City, Hyperloop, Neuralink, OpenAI and The Boring Company comprise the fabric of his remarkable achievements. Such a litany of accomplishments is incontrovertibly stunning.


Elon Musk's King's Numerologytm Basic Matrix offers initial clues regarding his phenomenal destiny. Two major numeric items of note are his 55-1 PE, 1 Nature and his 44-8 Material Nature (MN).

The 55-1 PE and 1 Nature define the innovator, initiator, creator, leader and visionary. The #55-1 is the master energy of diversity, versatility, freedom, motion, movement and the maverick. A perfect phrase for the 55-1 is a diversity of innovation. Another would be unrestrained creativity. It is the energy of the maverick and lone wolf who sets his own limits, which are basically illimitable by nature. This 1 energy plays a massive role in Musk's highly unique, diverse and inventive life.

The 44-8 also plays a dominant role in Musk's destiny. It is the number of generalship, orchestration, management, integration, engagement. Both the 4 and 8 are earth signs, and the 44-8 is the only pure earth master number. Its #4 root deals with order, organization, structure, constructing, building, design, work, service. The #8 connects all the parts of the #4, manages and integrates them into a working format — whether the format is electric cars (Tesla), online payment systems (PayPal), reusable rockets (SpaceX), etc. The 44-8 is often present in the charts of great leaders, CEOs and successful military generals.


The following chart illustrates one of the most unique and remarkable Name Timelines one will ever see. The King's Numerologytm has never seen anything like it in its thirty-eight year history.

Of extreme note is that every one of Elon Musk's names (Elon, Reeve, Musk) reduces to a 1 energy, with his second name, Reeve, manifesting a 55-1 master energy. Combined with his 7 Expression filter, each name also generates a 44-8 master Performance/Experience (PE) energy with Elon and Reeve housing a dual 44-8 master number (ciphered as 44-82). This is simply remarkable, and the critical item of note is that these three 1/(7)/44-8s create life linkage! In other words, Elon Reeve Musk was destined to be an innovator of design and developmental success his whole life — from first breath to final exhalation. It is impossible for him to escape such a destiny.


Musk's innovative development is further intensified by a Quadset of 1/(3)/22-4 energy in his Life Matrix. The 22-4 is the Master Builder energy in numerology. It develops, constructs, designs and builds (4) through active relationships (22). And as is obvious, the initiating energy, once again, is the #1 — the cipher representing the innovator, initiator, creator, pioneer and visionary, which just happens to be the same initiating energy in his life linkage Name Timeline of 1/(7)/44-8! With these two dynamic IR Sets occupying his entire life (the 1/(3)/22-4 and 1/(7)/44-8), it is impossible for Elon Musk to do anything else other than to be a visionary, creator, leader, innovator and initiator (1) in the field of structure, design, development (22-4) and executive leadership (44-8).


There is still more powerful energy associated with Elon Musk's destiny. His full name, Elon Reeve Musk has thirteen letters, eight of which house master numbers!

In the chart above we see the master numbers 11-22-44-55-66. The dual 55-1s in the letters "L" and "U" corroborate Musk's 55-1 PE — the reality of his life, i.e., to be the maverick, rebel, visionary and versatile innovator.

The 22 of the "O" and "V," along with the 44-8 of the "S" intensify the 22-4s and 44-8s treated above. The 66-3 of the "N" matches the 66-3 attached to Musk's Expression (his full birth name). The 11-2s attached to the "V," "M," and "K" indicate fire-laden action (11) in the realm of relationship and others (2). Note, too, that every letter of his surname Musk houses a master number, the entirety of which is contained within its 1/(7)/44-8 Name Timeline. All in all, this is an immense combination of master numbers in the Letter Timeline alone.


Elon Musk's destiny is primarily forged in the amalgam of three dominate and highly unusual numeric components set within a fertile field richly inundated with master numbers/energies.
  1. Extremely rare Life Linkage of 1/(7)/44-8 IR Sets in all three of his Name Timelines
  2. Quadset of the 1/(3)/22-4 IR Sets in his Life Matrix components
  3. Letter Timeline in which eight of its thirteen letters house master numbers
Additionally, the #1 energy is massively dominate as the influencing energy in the 1/(7)/44-8 and 1/(3)/22-4 IR Sets, forcing him to be the innovator, instigator, initiator, leader, pioneer and visionary. There is absolutely no way Elon Musk could play the role of the follower and supporter. He was destined to lead. Lead where? In the field of structures, design, development and management — the 22-4 and 44-8 combination.

Once again, we see that the blueprint of destiny is truly contained with our full birth names and birth dates. Elon Reeve Musk's life is just another example of numerology — the science of numeric coding.

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Richard, I just finished reading your first two books: "The King's Book of Numerology, Volumes 1 and 2."
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Richard, your approach is comprehensive and layered, seemingly leaving no numerical-stone unturned.
The beginner will appreciate your initial simplicity and unique narrative that clearly connect this subject to its
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Simply, this work is Immensely useful and actionable! After all, the motivation as to why we engage in Numerology
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~ M. Rockwell – Engineer and Business Owner.

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