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This whole world is a karmic field, and whatever actions we do,
whatever seeds we are sowing, we have to come back
to reap the fruit thereof.

~ Saint Charan Singh

Personal Note

The Kings Numerology offers its deepest and most heartfelt condolences to the families who lost loved ones or who were deeply and painfully affected by the killings in the community of Isla Vista, Santa Barbara, CA over the Memorial Day weekend of 2014. These killings are not only tragic but incomprehensibly sad on many levels.

In lieu of these escalating murderous events in our culture, if parents, educators, doctors, psychologists, therapists, and other health-oriented professionals were to invest the time and effort to study the science of numerology, these types of sordid and demonic events may be curtailed in the future. Invariably, the numerology of the perpetrators in question often clearly and directly portends such disasters.

In the case of Elliot Rodger and his tempestuous and lethal conduct, his numbers shout his pain and problematic behavior to the world and they did so from birth! Unfortunately, our world is currently blind to the reality of a direct correlation between the events of our lives as they relate to the numbers and letters of our birth data. Each of us is our numbers, inescapably, irrefutably, and quite predictably.

The King's Numerology also understands the importance of honoring and memorializing the victims. However, ignoring the numerology of the perpetrator will only perpetuate the ignorance of the casual factors, and such ignorance will only lead to more tragic events. After a tornado has demolished entire communities, for example, do we not study tornadoes in an effort to understand their science and, hopefully, negate future tragedies? Of course we do. So why not study the science of numeric coding, i.e., numerology, and the connection between the numbers and number patterns of those individuals who commit horrid acts and the acts themselves?

The clouds of tragedy do have silver linings, and the silver lining in the Isla Vista killings is that Elliot Rodger left behind a 141 page manifesto detailing his life and feelings. The information Rodger leaves in his final thoughts are a treasure trove of numerological insights. Every page screams and shouts the connections between his numbers and his actions. It is a must study for all numerology students and interested personnel. His manifesto in pdf format, courtesy of The New York Times, can be downloaded here. This said, let's take a look at some of the critical numerological aspects in the chart of Elliot Rodger.

Elliot Rodger - Critical Numbers

Elliot Rodger was born Elliot Oliver Robertson Rodger on 24 July 1991 (reference: Santa Barbara police news conference). Critical aspects of Rodger's chart are:
  • Basic Matrix - 33s, 5s and 2s
  • 8 Void
  • 1st Challenge Dual IR Sets (8v and 1)
  • Name Timeline (NTL) of Elliot
  • Letter Timeline (LTL) "O" of Elliot
  • 5 Expression IR Set Format
  • 1st EPC Triad

Elliot Rodger - Basic Matrix

The simple Basic Matrix of Rodger is:

The first item of note is the tristack of the master number 33. It is located in the Lifepath and is doubled in Rodger's Material Nature. The 33-6 Lifepath dictates the lessons, influences, subjects, and themes of his life. His Material Nature houses a dual stack of 33-6 energy. This defines his worldly personality and its basic essence.

The King's Numerology has long taught that the 33-6 is, potentially, the most dangerous of the binary master numbers 11 to 99. This is because the 33-6 is highly concentrated in energies of pleasure, self-expression, communication, sex, personal image and images in general, art, children, joy, words. The main problem with the 33 is that it can become a pleasure opiate, especially when stacked, i.e., simultaneously appearing in a chart in multiple components, as it does in Rodger's chart.

A tristack generates the energy of three 33-6s, the negative side of which manifests as lust, vanity, narcissism, addiction, anger, jealousy, envy, resentment, and hate. Thus, it portends massive trouble, and anyone who reads Rodger's manifesto will see that he had massive problems related anger, jealousy, resentment, hate, sex and his image, always wanting to be the "cool guy" but never being that guy.

As a supporting reference, actor Charlie Sheen has a quadstack (stack of four) 33-6s in his chart, and his problems with sex, drugs, and partying are well-documented. Read Charlie Sheen's article here. Other famous individuals whose charts housed the 33-6 and which created problems for them are Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, Elvis Presley, Anna Nicole Smith, Lindsay Lohan, Tiger Woods, Whitney Houston, and Howard Hughes. Of course, they did not go on a killing spree but they each had challenges with the 33-6's energies, as their lives have proven.

It should never be assumed, however, that the 33-6 is negative. It just has the potential of being negative. Rodger's manifesto, for example, exemplifies a high level of creative expression, attention to detail, an articulate writing style - all positive traits. It's just too bad that he could not see this and allow his writing talent to become the fulcrum of the adulation he sought. Did anyone ever compliment him on his writing ability? There was great potential there, especially for a twenty-two year old young man. Many famous individuals have had the 33-6 in their charts and expressed it positively. Among them are Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Mother Teresa, Amelia Earhart, General George Patton, Helen Keller, Martin Luther King, Jr., and baseball greats Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson, just to name a few.

The 5-6 Combination

Another issue with Rodger's chart is his 5 Expression and 5 Soul. These are not dangerous numbers except when, like the 33-6, their negative side dominates the life. The number 5 governs the 5 senses and, thus, is highly sensual. It loves variety, diversity, excitement, change, freedom, motion. It also governs loss and detachment. Rodger's 5 Expression made him a mercurial individual who needed excitement in his life. Not only that but his 5 Soul demanded stimulation and excitement. The Soul energies define a person's needs, wants, desires, and motivations in life. When Rodger's 5 Soul combined with his 9 Nature - the Grand Amplifier - his 5 Expression became more powerful than it would have been otherwise.

A problematic issue is when the 33-6 and 5 combine in tandem. No two numbers are more sexual than the 5 and 6 together. They create a potent cocktail of sensuality, sexuality, stimulation, exploration, and excitement. Rodger's chart reveals a dual 5-6 conjunction in his Basic Matrix: a 5 Expression and 6 Lifepath, as well as a 5 Soul and 6 Material Nature. All of the 6s house the 33 master energy. The charts of both Charlie Sheen and Tiger Woods contain this 5-6 sexual combination, just like Elliot Rodger.

The Dual 2s

Rodger's manifesto blames women for his massive turmoil. Women are ruled by the number 2 in general. The PE (reality outcome) of Rodger's 5 Expression and 6 Lifepath equal an 11-2. Therefore, female energy played a dominate, sexually powerful role in his life. Plus, with a 2 Material Soul his worldly desires were focused on females. He desired them. However, his destiny neither allowed him to be the "cool guy" with women or to have sex with them, which his energies were demanding. This obviously caused great tension and turmoil in him and, unfortunately, led to his explosive and lethal behavior on the night of 23 May 2014 when he killed six individuals in Isla Vista, CA.

There is much more to discuss. For now, this concludes Part 1.

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