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Date of Publication: 23 August 2017

Out, out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no
more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
signifying nothing.

~ Shakespeare, Macbeth (Act V, Scene V)

IT WAS, LITERALLY, A 9-1-1 DAY FOR WHITE HOUSE CHIEF STRATEGIST STEVE BANNON but not in the way one might think or associate with the 911 Towers tragedy. Why? Obviously, Bannon was relieved of his official duties for the Trump administration, but his release as to why he was let go is not so much a political issue as a numerological one. On Friday, 18 August 2017, Bannon's chart reveals an eleven stack of 9-1-1 energy, ciphered in an IR Set as 9/(1)/1!

The number 9 indicates endings, conclusions, terminations, finalizations. The number 1 references new beginnings, action, initiation, instigation, the self and independence. When these two energies connect, they represent a simultaneous condition of endings (9) and new beginnings (1). Therefore, Bannon's destined departure is verified through his eleven stack of 9/(1)/1 energy.

This 9/(1)/1 stacking is noticeably different from the 1/(15)/16-7 stacking associated with those individuals whose lives were beset with turmoil, tragedy, chaos, suffering, tears and a fall from grace. There isn't such chaos in the 9/(1)/1 pattern, although to listen to political operatives, media pundit madness and the purveyors of destruction and obstruction whose lamentations are full of sound and fury signifying nothing, one would think the world was coming to an end because Steve Bannon left the White House.

The salient focus of the 9/(1)/1 energy field is on power, rulership, dominance and the public stage (9) in relationship with the ego, self, identity, independence, action, initiation, leadership (1). No two numbers are more dominant than the 9 and 1 together, whether it's a 9/(1)/1 or a 1/(9)/1 construct. For example, during his presidency Barack Obama's Grand Pinnacle was a 191 — same energies, different format.

The breakdown of Bannon's 9/(1)/1 eleven stack visually demonstrates the amount of power, endings, self and new beginnings of his White House exit.

STEVE BANNON'S 9/(1)/1 ELEVEN STACK — 18 August, Friday 2017
  1. 9/(1)/1: Crown Epoch
  2. 9/(1)/1: Crown Pinnacle
  3. 9/(1)/1: Crown Challenge
  4. 9/(1)/1: Natal Cycle Month (July)
  5. 9/(1)/1: Age Timeline (ATL-63)
  6. 9/(1)/1: Age Timeline Cycle Month
  7. 9/(1)/1: Calendar Day (18th)
  8. 9/(1)/1: Universal Date (18 August 2017)
  9. 9/(1)/1: Universal Timeline Natal Year (2016)
  10. 9/(1)/1: Personal Year Timeline Universal Month
  11. 9/(1)/1: Lifetime Monthly Timeline (756 months)

When we assess Bannon's Basic Matrix below, we see no 9s, which would, if the 9 were present, indicate a man driven by power and rulership. This is not the case. His 4 Soul and 33-6 Material Soul indicate a man driven to serve and work (4) in a supportive, altruistic, communicative capacity (33-6). His 6 Nature corroborates his 33-6 Soul desire; the 44-8 Material Nature references a personality based on structure, organization, management and leadership. His 1 Expression is shared by 1/9th of the population of the world. The point is, Bannon is not driven by a need for rulership and power. It is the amalgam of 9 energy in his destiny that has moved him into such political positions.


A major force in Bannon's 9/(1)/1 energy pattern is his Life Matrix schematic below which reveals a stacked 9/(1)/1 Crown Triad. In other words, Bannon's Crown Pinnacle, Crown Epoch and Crown Challenge — the sole energy of the latter part of his life's reality as far as the Life Matrix is concerned — all exude a 9/(1)/1 energy pattern of power, the public, rulership (9), independence and self (1). Bannon doesn't intrinsically wish or pine for power but power has found him at this stage of his life and was destined for him from birth.


What many of the recent King's Numerologytm articles over the past year and a half have revealed is that stacking is the prime component of the experienced reality. Whether it's the 16-7 stacking in the charts of Hillary Clinton, Jim Comey, Kim Jong Un or John McCain; the #5 stacking of Donald Trump or the 9/(1)/1 stacking of Steve Bannon, it is the amalgam of a number or number pattern that is responsible for what happens — good or bad; positive or negative. Life's events are all destined. Nothing is happenstance in this world, and the blueprint of whatever is to be for any of us in life exists right there in our numbers, fully accessible through our full birth name and birth date!




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