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The #899, Harry Reid
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Democratic Senatorial Defeat of 2014

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Numbers rule the universe. Everything is arranged according
to number and mathematical shape.

~ Pythagoras
. . . even politics.

There is really no other way to accurately describe it. The United States midterm elections of 2014 were a massive tidal wave (tsunami) of repudiation of presidential and political leadership, governance, and vision for the country. From the Senate, to the House of Representatives, to state governorships and their legislatures, voters throughout the nation voiced their combined displeasure at the status quo by replacing Democratic leaders with Republican leaders in an historic act of defiance. It was one for the record books, reflecting the spirit of American independence, freedom, and exceptionalism.

Integral to this change were two interconnected key factors: 1. the number 899 and 2. Harry Reid, the United States Democratic Senate Majority Leader. The #899 is especially important from a numerological perspective because it clearly indicated such change. Let's see why.

How Congress Works - A Quick Lesson

In simple terms the House of Representatives generates bills which propose laws. These bills are then passed to the Senate for approval or rejection. If passed, the President signs them into law or rejects them with his veto, i.e., his pen. Obviously, this gives the President enormous power of governance.

Although the President is the ultimate power player in American politics, it can be argued that the penultimate power player is the Senate Majority Leader, for he is the one who decides which House bills are placed before the Senate for a vote to subsequently become law pending Presidential approval. It is not an automatic process that House bills get voted on by the Senate. If the Senate Majority Leader of the political party in power simply chooses not to allow a House bill to reach the floor of the Senate for a vote, such bills die right then and there. Therefore, the process of the country's governance and its efficiency rest on the shoulders, political whims, prejudices, agendas, and mindset of the Senate Majority Leader.

Beginning of the Tsunami

Enter Harry Reid. Born Harry Mason Reid on 2 December 1939, Reid, a Democrat, began his tenure as Senate Majority Leader on 3 January 2007. During this time, the bipartisan House of Representatives sent upwards of 370 bills to the Senate for a vote, the majority of which were never voted on because Reid, with his partisan political agenda, would not bring them to a vote.

Because of this stoppage in the free-flow of American business, a massive dysfunction in and of Congress occurred, a dysfunction which Americans across the board detested but which was really more of a dysfunction of the Senate in general and the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his political agenda in particular.

This partisan political obstruction and its deleterious effects on the American way of life was, arguably, one of the initiatory causes of the victorious 2014 Republican tsunami and the ultimate defeat of the Democratic Party's control of the Senate. It was now a government in which voters overwhelmingly placed Republicans in control of both houses of Congress - the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Enter the Number 899 - The Smoking Cipher

Enough of the mundane, conflictive, adversarial, external world of politics. We now move to the internally exciting realm of numbers and their reflection of destiny.

As Pythagoras said, Numbers rule the universe. Everything is arranged according to number and mathematical shape. "Everything" includes - you guessed it - politics. And what numerology (the science of numeric coding) proves is that politics and political figures, like all of us, have destinies and those destinies are manifested through numbers. Furthermore, the destiny of one person can reveal the destiny of many, as we shall soon see.

The #9

In numerology the number 9 references endings of cycles. For example, every decade ends with the number 9: 19, 29, 39, 49, etc. The 9 signifies that the energy of the preceding number to which it is attached has run its course, giving way to the next decade and its energy.

The same is true for centuries or triads: 199, 299, 399, 499, etc. The 99 binary indicates the ending of the single number and its energies initiating the triad.

The #899

Specific to this article, the number 899 indicates the ending of the energy cycle of the 8, the cipher which rules governance, management, engagement, interaction, coordination, orchestration, business and commerce. We'll expand on this #899 issue shortly. We're still in the process of getting all the puzzle pieces lined up.

The Lifetime Monthly Timeline - LMT

In the King's Numerology system, the Lifetime Monthly Timeline (LMT) identifies the number of months a person has lived. It is one of several major timelines associated with the blueprint of one's destiny.

The LMT is divided into periods of 100 months (known as centuries). One century equals 8 years, 4 months (12 months in a year x 8 years = 96 months + 4 months = 100 months).

These LMT Centuries are identified by their initial cipher. The 8th Century focuses on governance, management, orchestration, engagement, etc. In the natural order of time, the 899th month marks the ending of its cycle, thus giving way to the 9th Century and its 8 years and 4 months of its energies, lessons, and themes.

The #899 Midterm Election Red Flag

It is this #899 triad which is central to heralding the defeat of Senate Democrats in the 2014 Midterm elections. Why? How do we know this? Here's the answer.

Harry Reid's personal months begin on the 2nd of each month because that's the day of the month he was born. In October of 2014 - the month preceding the midterm voting date of 4 November, Harry Reid's Lifetime Monthly Timeline was #899! In other words, for him personally the energy of governance, management, engagement and interaction was over. His time of being the Senate Majority Leader had come to an end. He would no longer be managing the Senate, i.e., his destiny would no longer position him in such a powerful, managerial, executive, decision-making position. The November 4th Midterm elections were simply an external formality and worldly recognition of the 899 energy pattern of managerial endings in his numerology chart. Furthermore, with his end naturally came the end of the Democratic Party's control of the Senate.

To note, this 899th LMT marked the 30 days prior to the critical midterm elections, ending roughly just 48 hours or so before the polls opened. What was happening within the country's electorate during this time was that voters were making up their minds to vote Republican and terminate Democratic control of the Senate on 4 November (election day) and in so doing remove Harry Reid from his job. In effect, the Democratic waters were receding from the shore of the political landscape; the oncoming tsunami was growing and would soon crash upon the shore, bringing in its wake a tidal wave of true hope and change, change that would hopefully be positive, edifying, unifying.

If the Democrats were destined to continue their Senatorial control, Reid's numbers would have been different, but they weren't. Because Harry Reid's destiny revealed an ending of managerial energies through his 899 LMT in the specific timeframe of the midterm elections, and because he was the nuclear hub of the powerful Senatorial wheel, it could be reasonably deduced that he would be out of a job, which meant that the Democratic control of the Senate would cease and the Republicans would gain Senatorial control, which history has proven.

Is Harry Reid's 899 Lifetime Monthly Timeline the only factor in this shift of powers within Congress? No. However, its presence is so glaringly obvious during the exact time of the 2014 Midterm elections that it cannot be ignored. It was, indeed, a major player in the Republican takeover of the Senate, as well as an indicator of the depth of the political changes that occurred throughout the nation. Truly, the numbers of destiny are everywhere, even in politics.
~ finis

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