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The law of karma is universal. It is the fixed and immutable law of
nature. Each soul must reap what it has sown. Every soul shall
have to bear the exact consequences of its actions.

~ Saint Jagat Singh

In continuing to understand the underlying numerological reasons behind Elliot Rodger's heinous acts, one of the most important aspects is his voided 8, as well as his 1st Challenge consisting of two parts: an 8 void and 1.

Voids are missing energies in the individual. Letters are basically labels identifying those energies. In the birth name Elliot Oliver Robertson Rodger there are no Hs, Qs or Zs - the letters representing the number 8 - the most socially powerful number. All of the other single numbers 1 to 9 are present in his birth name. When a number is missing in a name, a void is generated. In Rodger's case, his 8 void (designated 8v), was highly inflammatory.

The energies associated with the number 8 are connection, interaction, involvement, coordination, orchestration, management, manipulation, execution, social status and comfort, being "in the loop," material success, business, commerce, continuity and "flow."

When the 8 is void in a person's chart there is a social disconnection or little to no connectivity at all, non-involvement, mis-management or no management, little to no continuity or an absence of "flow," and a lack of social acceptance, often compensated by the person trying overly hard to be part of the group. The voided 8 has difficulty in "connecting the dots," in understanding how things work, and then getting the job done through efficient problem recognition, orchestration, and execution.

Because Rodger had an 8 void he had problems connecting, being accepted socially and being the "cool guy." Being unable to succeed socially, as well as manage his issues in a positive and healthy way, obviously caused great angst, anger, and frustration for him, ultimately leading to his volcanic eruption and destruction of others and himself. His manifesto clearly reveals this.

To be clear, not everyone who has an 8 void behaves as Rodger did. There are many intertwining parts to a chart. Certainly, the tristack of 33-6 energy and the 5-6 conjunction issues discussed in Part 1 contributed to Rodger's problems, especially those related to sex, pleasure, and love; specifically, their absence.

1st Challenge - Dual IR Sets (8v and 1)

Challenges are an integral part of the Life Matrix, which is the internal structure of the Lifepath. Challenges are exactly that, challenges. Their energies highlight potential problem areas, and they demand our attention, involuntarily. It is through one's Challenges that we gain a powerful perspective as to what the individual is dealing with, personal issues which lie underneath the surface of public viewing. Parents, teachers, therapists, doctors, and other healthcare professionals would be wise to focus on the Challenges in a person's life because Challenges give major clues as to the private, secret griefs, dilemmas, and troubles confronting the individual.

The 1st Challenge timeline governs the day of birth until the late twenties and early thirties. Rodger's 1st Challenge would have run its course through his thirtieth birthday. Having died at 22, his acts were contained within this 1st Challenge period.

Rodger had two main Challenges during this period: an 8 void and a 1. This combination had a forceful impact on his depravity and negative behavior.

When an 8 void occupies a Challenge position it creates a major social disconnect in the person's life, and how much more disconnective could Rodger's life be? When we review his Basic Matrix, he also had no 8s in any of its components. When any number is absent in the Basic Matrix, voided, as well as Challenged, it is said to be a Grand Voided Challenge. Therefore, Elliot Rodger had an 8 Grand Voided Challenge in his 1st Challenge, the time period from his birth through childhood and the teen years until his death. In other words, he wrestled mightily with social problems involving non-acceptance. Any Grand Voided Challenge related to any number must never be ignored. It is as red a flag as any red flag can be. Healthcare professionals and parents take note!

The IR set (see The King's Book of Numerology II - Forecasting, Part 1) associated with this 8 void is 8v/(5)/4. Simply, this describes Rodger's disconnect (8v and 5) within the social (8) framework (4) of his life and its 33-6 Lifepath of love issues. What could be more accurate?

Added to his social disconnect issues is a 1 Challenge. The 1 focuses on the ego, self, identity, independence; male, masculinity and father issues. Rodger's manifesto is awash in his feelings of inferiority and male-related problems. The IR set associated with the 1 is 1/(5)/6. This describes Rodger's self image, identity, and lack of confidence (1) in matters of love and romance (6). Here, again, we clearly see why this young man was the way he was. He was struggling with social acceptance (8v) and manhood (1) issues.

We must remember, too, that these 8 void and 1 Challenges were contained with his 33-6 Lifepath energies of love, romance, sex, nurturing, family. In brief, his social and personal confidence problems were housed within the larger context of love and romance. And isn't this the crux of his problems, problems he vociferously expounded upon in his manifesto?

We will continue the assessment of Elliot Rodger's life in Part 3 of this series.
~ finis, Part 2

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