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The Triple Crown is the greatest equestrian horse racing event in the United States. Comprised of three races held over a six week period from early May to mid June — Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes, the Triple Crown is extremely difficult to win. In fact, JUSTIFY, with jockey Mike Smith aboard, is only the 13th winner of the prestigious event in its vaunted ninety-nine year history beginning in 1919 (Wikipedia).

The numerology of JUSTIFY proves the colt's worthiness as a Triple Crown Champion. In a nutshell, he is extremely competitive (29-11-2 Expression), strong and powerful (22-4 Material Soul and Material Nature) and absolutely loves to run fast and win (55-1 Soul and 55-1 Material Nature).

29-11-2 Expression

The binary number 29 is an excellent energy for competitors. The 2 represents others, relationship, opposition, competition, conflict. The 9 is the number of power and dominance. A simple phrase for the 29 is competitive domination. And my-o-my did Justify dominate his equestrian competitors in the Belmont Stakes — the third and final leg of the Triple Crown. Right out of the gate he took the lead and never looked back.

Adding to its power, the master root of the 29 is the 11, an energy of self, ego, leadership, inspiration, attainment, will and courage. The 11 is a 2 in reduction, and although the 2 rules dependence the 11 governs independence, thus generating an internal conflict. The 2 is a water sign; the 11 is double fire. Think of an undersea volcano and you'll have a solid representation of the 11-2 energy.

55-1 Soul & Nature

The Soul defines an individual's most primal needs, wants, desires, motivations. Hence, it is the most powerful component in a chart. A 55-1 Soul energy not only wants to be first because of its ego-driven 1, but it wants to be fast — its double nickel 5s, which rule speed. Justify's most primal, most basic, most motivating factor in his life is to go fast and be first, i.e., to win. In fact, the word win is a 1 in reduction, so winning creates enormous satisfaction for the 13th Triple Crown winner. And don't think for a moment horses don't have desires, needs and wants. They most certainly do, as anyone who has spent any time involved with them knows.

Compounding his 55-1 Soul, Justify's Nature, his personality, is to also be first, to be the star, the center of attention. It's one thing to desire to be first but to have a Nature that is first is dynamic. These dual 55-1s create stacking. In other words, they amplify and intensify the 55-1 and its irrepressible vibration.

Here's an interesting note. The date of Justify's victory at the Belmont Stakes in which he cemented his place in thoroughbred racing history was 9 June 2018, Saturday. This date houses a 26 General root (9 + 6 + 2 + 1 + 8 = 26). When this 26 is added to his 29 General Expression, the outcome is another 55-1! This creates a tristack of pure fire because the 1 and 5 are both fire signs, but not just a little fire, a lot of fire, a mountain range conflagration type fire. Just think of this — a tristack of 55 energy is 11 x 5 x 3 = 165 units of unadulterated, flame-throwing, searing, incandescent, scorching heat. Who could compete with that? Answer: no one, unless they're of equal composition.

To compound this fire analogy further, the number on Justify's riding blanket under his saddle was "1!" And the day he was born, the 28th of March is also a 1 in reduction! The stud is all about winning; his destiny is all about winning, and winning he most certainly did, carving out an immortal place in the equine history books as one of the greatest ever — and to think he did it to become the 13th in the line of Triple Crown winners, which certainly puts to rest the notion that the number 13 is unlucky. Maybe for his competitors this is so but most certainly for him it is not.

22-4 Material Soul & 22-4 Material Nature

To be sure, stacking of the 55-1 played a major role in Justify's victory. However, just as important is the dual set of 22-4s in his Material Soul and Material Nature. While the 5 governs speed and freedom, the 22-4 governs strength, order, stability and power — qualities which ground the 5, keep it stable and on track. Without a commensurate amount of controlling energy, which the 22-4 provides, the 55-1 would be out of control, wild, incapable of great feats of daring do. In Justify's case, the 22-4 and 55-1 were a perfect recipe for racing immortality.

The Stretch Call of Justify's Triple Crown Victory

Larry Collmus called the race of Justify's Triple Crown victory at the Belmont Stakes. It is one of the most dramatic calls in all of sports history. The video and Collmus's dramatic, chilling and historic call are here. It's a must see — great visuals and even greater audio. The text of the stretch call follows but the text alone doesn't come close to the vocalized mastery of Larry Collmus.

And they're into the stretch and Justify comes roaring home to a raucous Belmont Park; but one furlong to run. Gronkowski and Hofburg are trying to run him down. Vino Rosso is 4th; 1/16th to go; Justify is still there; Justify from Gronkowski; HE'S JUST PERFECT AND NOW ... HE'S JUST IMMORTAL! JUSTIFY IS THE 13TH TRIPLE CROWN WINNER!


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