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From childhood's hour I have not been as others were;
I have not seen as others saw.

~ Edgar Allan Poe

Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words.
~ Edgar Allan Poe

With me poetry has not been a purpose, but a passion.
~ Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe (born Edgar Poe on 19 January 1809 and dying on 7 October 1849 at the age of 40) is a globally recognized literary icon. His poems and short stories have been immortalized, establishing him as one of the most vaunted writers of the English language. One hundred sixty-four years after his death at the writing of this 2013 article, Poe's genius remains a powerful thread in the literary fabric of the written word.

This article is not a history of Poe. There are countless resources discussing Poe's life and times. Although an extensive book describing the numerological aspects of Poe's life could easily be written, just as Blueprint of a Princess describes the life and destiny of Princess Diana of Wales, this article simply addresses four numerological aspects in Poe's King's Numerology chart that illustrate his dynamic and iconic eccentricity. These four factors are ...
  1. The Amalgam of 55-1 Energy
  2. Life Linkage of the 1/(8v)/9 IR Set
  3. Poe's 2-3-8 Voids
  4. Grand Pinnacle/Challenge Couplet

The Amalgam of 55-1 Energy

Poe was extremely unique as a writer, one of a kind. This quality of being unique is often manifested in the 55-1 master energy - the most powerful vibration of distinction, individuality, independence, non-conformity, and freedom of action, as is openly apparent in the lives of those personalities featured in Destinies of the Rich & Famous - The Secret Numbers of Extraordinary Lives.

Poe's Basic Matrix reveals a quadstack of 55-1 energy in his life PE (Performance/Experience) - the role he will give on the great life stage. This is notated with a superscript 4 added to the 55. Compounding this already immense amount of 55-1 energy in his PE is a double stack of 55-1 in his Material Soul(MS) - that component defining a person's worldly desires, needs, wants, and motivations. This double stack of 55-1 in his MS is notated with a superscript 2. In effect, Poe wanted to be highly unique and distinct, and that goes for his writing as well. Together, his quadstack 55-1 PE and double stack 55-1 MS create a hexstack (stack of six) of 55-1 energy - a massive amount of distinction and individuality. With this amount of 55-1 energy, it was virtually impossible for Edgar Poe not to be the unique person he was destined to become.

It's difficult for the layman to understand how powerful this hepstack of 55-1 energy is. First of all, the 5 and 1 are both fire signs. In fact, the 55-1 is the only binary master number that is pure fire. It contains no other element to offset or dilute it - no water (2 & 6), no air (3 & 7), and no earth (4 & 8). The 55-1 is pure fire, burning with a passion for change, variety, versatility, detachment, experience, loss, motion, movement, the five senses, irregularity, inconsistency, and erraticism (5), as it supports one's individuality, creativity, independence, distinction, leadership, ego, self, and being solo, as exemplified by images of the lone wolf, impassioned rebel, or irrepressible maverick (1). Multiply this four times in the PE and two times in the MS and one may begin to glean a comprehension of the reality and drives dwelling within the mind, heart, pen, and life experiences of Edgar Poe.

And consider this - 55 times 6 equals 330, a triad whose root houses the master number 33, the most universally communicative binary master number there is. Containing a 9 Addcap and 3 Subcap, this 330 triune energy could not but have a major impact on Poe's distinctive and popular writing style, especially his poetry, with its musical structure, beauty, rhythm and rhyme schemes, alliteration, onomatopoetic devices, and literary allusions.

Life Linkage of the 1/(8v)/9 IR Set

Life Linkage is when the same number or number pattern exists uninterrupted from beginning to end in a chart. When there is no breakage in the linkage of a number's energy, that energy continues unabated, growing and becoming stronger throughout the life. For example, Oprah Winfrey, Howard Hughes, Michael Jackson, and Sarah Palin are a few of the people featured in Destinies of the Rich & Famous whose charts house Life Linkage of one numerical pattern or another.

Poe's Life Linkage is seen in the 1/(8v)/9 IR (Influence/Reality) Set in his Life Matrix below (red boxes). Notice that this pattern begins in his 1st Epoch (day of birth, the 19th) and continues, sans interruption, throughout the entire chart.

The 1/(8v)/9 IR set (simple form is 1/9) places the individual (1) squarely within the domain of the public stage, art, humanity, and all things universal (9). There is absolutely no way Edgar Poe, whose literary name is "Edgar Allan Poe" by virtue of his foster father John Allan, could not have a powerful, public, creative life.

What must be considered in this 1/9 Simple IR set is the 8 void that is the filter/funnel through which the energy of the 1's Influence must pass to create the universal outcome Reality of the 9. The 8 rules management, interaction, involvement, flow, efficiency, administration, connection, material comfort, social success, coordination. However, when the 8 is void (no Hs, Qs, or Zs in the name), the 8 void generates challenges, such as an interruption in the flow of life and its management, a disconnection of social skills, a potential lack of material comfort and success, and a marked inability of the individual to connect-the-dots of anything and everything, thus making the life bumpy, jagged, rough, and inconsistent. Therefore, the 9 PE of the 1/(8v)/9 IR set will be compromised, attenuated, less than whole. Remember, too, that the 1 in this Life Matrix IR Set reflects the massive energy of the 55-1 in Poe's PE and MS. This 1/(8v)/9 Life Linkage IR Set explains why Poe and his work are massively popular but seemingly at odds with what would be considered "normal" social behavior. This 1/(8v)/9 IR Set in his 1st Epoch would also indicate the abandonment by his natural father when Poe was one year of age and the ultimate disownment by his foster father, John Allan.

Poe's 2-3-8 Voids

Voids are missing numbers in the name. Poe's birth name, Edgar Poe, has a 2 void (no Bs, Ks, Ts); a 3 void (no Cs, Ls, Us), and an 8 void (no Hs, Qs, Zs). This set of voids would create problems and challenges in anyone's life associated with female energy, balance, emotions, and close personal relationships (2); happiness, fulfillment, self-expression, health and well being, children, communication, pleasure (3); material success, social interaction and involvement, management, connectivity and continuity (8). Poe's life revealed problems in all these areas.

Poe's professional name, Edgar Allan Poe does offer a 3 with the "Ls" in "Allan," a saving grace and fortuitous addition to some extent. In fact, the double Ls can be seen as a 33, the powerful master number of creative expression. It is doubtful that Poe would have been as successful as he has become if he did not have this double L 33 in his chart. In this regard he can be eternally grateful to his foster father, John Allan, for giving Edgar the Allan name to serve as Poe's middle name. How beautiful is destiny! Even though John Allan ultimately disowned his foster son, by giving Edgar his last name he assisted Edgar in becoming literarily successful.

Grand Pinnacle/Challenge Couplet

The Grand Pinnacle and Challenge couplet (the 3rd set of Pinnacles and Challenges in the Life Matrix) form the core of a person's Lifepath. Poe's 2 Lifepath involving lessons of females, relationships, balance, artistic creation, and power struggles houses a Grand Pinnacle of 3v/(8v)/2v and a dual Grand Challenge of 1/(8v)/9 and 8v/(8v)/7. The energies of this Grand PC Couplet portend much difficulty, trouble, heartache, and personal suffering for Poe, turmoil that was as inevitable as his literary fame and power.

3v/(8v)/2v Grand Pinnacle

This 3v/(8v)/2v Grand Pinnacle forebodes major difficulties in Poe's life with ill-health, well-being, communication, misfortune, and childlike energies (3v) which will disconnect through the 8 void and manifest in the area of the 2, which is also void. Remember, the 2 is Poe's Lifepath. His life was awash throughout its entirety with the repeated loss of women. His mother died when he was two years old, he secretly married his first cousin, Virginia Clemm, when she was only 13 years old; he was 26. She died of tuberculosis in 1847 at the age of 24 when Poe was 38. He courted other women after her death but with no lasting success. Poe also alienated other writers during his career when he accused Henry Wadsworth Longfellow of plagiarism. And then there are the accounts of Poe's problematic drinking throughout his life (Wikipedia). All of these experiences are reflected in the 3v/(8v)/2v Grand Pinnacle IR Set.

Dual Challenges: 1/(8v)/9 and 8v/(8v)/7

Poe's woes were further exacerbated by his two Challenges: 1/(8v)/9 and 8v/(8v)/7. The 1/(8v)/9 has been discussed. It is not that problematic. What is painfully problematic is the 8v/(8v)/7 IR Set which began when Poe was 34 and continued to the end of his life, a life which ended at age 40. This 8v/(8v)/7 IR Set is the time when his beloved wife, Virginia, died and Poe's drinking intensified. Had Poe lived, his life would not have improved. He would have been plagued with heartaches and heartbreaks and, most likely, sever alcoholism, as the 7 in this pattern would have sent him ever deeper into a state of darkness, despair, and hopelessness.


Edgar Allan Poe (birth name Edgar Poe was, by many accounts, a literary genius and certainly a poetic icon for the ages. How many writers are there whose works have been as immortalized as have those of Poe? Yet, this iconic eccentric soul was plagued, even tortured, by the tragedies and circumstances of his life, as well as his inability to cope with his destiny.

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