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In Part 1 of USA-Forecast 2014 we discussed the Basic Matrix of the United States of America and its three Annual Cycle Patterns: 1. Age Timeline (ATL); 2. Universal Timeline (UTL); 3. Personal Year Timeline (PTL). In this second part we'll discuss the following:
  • Name Timeline (NTL): United States of America
  • Letter Timeline (LTL): "R" and "I" in "America"
  • Lifetime Monthly Timeline (LMT)
  • USA's September 2014 and March of 2015
Name Timeline (NTL): United States of America

In 2014 the U.S.A. turned 238 years old. However, in 1998 She entered the Name Timeline of America, a duration of 32 years. This 32 year period generates a 5/(5)/1 Influence/Reality set. This indicates She will be undergoing massive change (5) creating new directions (1) during this time. And what happened just three years after entering this 5/(5)/1 period? 911 happened - the Towers Tragedy! This was an act that would not only change America but the world, a world that would never be the same again. Changes and new directions are not always positive or beneficial, obviously.

This 32 NTL of America, addressing Her changes and new directions, will last through 2029. Thus, She still has another 15 years to endure whatever changes are in this current phase of Her destiny. Plus, because the U.S.A. has a 5 Lifepath and 5 Material Soul, such changes will resonate deeply within Her very core and psyche.

Letter Timeline (LTL): R & I in "America"

In 2008 America entered an 18 year Letter Timeline. This began with the letter "R" in "America" followed by the letter "I" - both are a 9 value. This generated a 9/(5)/5 IR set, referencing potential endings or expansions (9), continuing with still more changes, losses, and detachments (5). These two letters together create letter linkage - a pattern in which a letter's simple value is duplicated sequentially.

And what happened in 2008 when this 9/(5)/5 IR set began? Barack Obama was elected President of the United States, promising to "fundamentally transform" America! Transform to what? Why transform what doesn't need a fundamental transformation? Furthermore, the name Barack Obama itself is a 32-5, resonating perfectly with the name and timeline of America. This kind of synchronicity clearly reveals the reality of destiny, not just for people, but nations.

Remember in Part 1 we discussed the fact that Presidents Washington and Lincoln also had 5 energy in their charts. None of this is happenstance. Once again, such connections reveal the great reality of a divine order to all things in this universe, a divine order which exists whether we're aware of it or not, like it or not, approve of it or not. We didn't create this universe; we certainly are not running it, and we are not responsible for it. That's God's business. Still, we have to live in it, and that means we have to adjust and adapt to it and its ever-changing environments.

The 5/(5)/1 Name Timeline of America in conjunction with the 9/(5)/5 Letter Timeline of the "R" and "I" in "America" create internal stacking of the 5 energy. Such a large amount of 5s generates enormous intensity of change, movement, uncertainty, detachment, and loss. In a way such motion is like an earthquake in which the earth never seems to stop shaking. The only problem is that this current "shaking" is not going to stop until the end of 2029. So don't hold your breath. Stay focused, breathe, and take one step at a time. Patience is critical to staying balanced.

Lifetime Monthly Timeline (LMT)

In the King's Numerology system the Lifetime Monthly Timeline (LMT), references the exact number of months a person or entity is alive. When the U.S.A. turned 238 years old on July 4th of 2014, She had lived for 2,856 months (238 x 12). Beginning on Her birthday, she entered her 2,857th month of life. This was Her 1st cycle month. Adding her Specific Expression of 228 to 2,857 produces a Performance/Experience (PE) outcome of 3,085. Placed in an IR set format the pattern becomes 2857/(228)/3085. Reducing these numbers to their single number crowns, a simple 4/(3)/7 IR set is created. Because the U.S.A. has a 7 void, the IR set would be ciphered as 4/(3)/7v. This was in July of 2014.

Looking forward to Her 4th cycle month beginning on October 4th, the expanded IR set becomes 2860/(228)/3088, the simple format being 7v/(3)/1. On November 4th, the beginning of her 5th cycle month, Her simple LTL becomes an 8v/(3)/2. The U.S.A also houses an 8 void. Its specific format (voids not shown) is a 2861/(228)/3089. Why are October and November significant?

November 4th is the day of the Congressional midterm elections for America. This means that the month of October and its 7v/(3)/1 simple IR set reveal new directions (1) as a result of general analysis, reflection, and examination (7). This is the four week period just before election day on November 4th, which is the beginning of America's 8v/(3)/2 energy pattern. This is not completely telling in itself, but the quad sets in both the Influence and PE position of Her November timeline tell much more.

The simple 8 has a root of 2861. This shows new beginnings (1) derived from personal relationship (2), involvement and engagement (8) of communities and the country (6). When these energies pass through America's 228 Specific Expression, the outcome PE is a 3089, a quadset indicating America's identity (3) will be involved and engaged (8) to create endings (9) of previous connections, engagement and managerial conduct (8). Therefore, it will be very interesting to see exactly how these energy patterns play themselves out. There is strong conjecture that the Republican party will take control of the current Democratically controlled Senate, giving them a majority of both the House of Representatives and the Senate. However, the number 9 also governs expansion, so all this amalgam of energy could just be signaling a worsening state of that which already is.

What is also of interest is that the number 8 is the U.S.A.'s natural PE, her role in life; the 3 is Her simple Expression. Thus, the 8v/(3)/2 is a direct reference to Her and Her destiny.

USA's September and March of 2014

In any natal year for any of us the number 9 becomes active in the 9th calendar month, September, and the 9th cycle month of the person or entity. To determine your 9th cycle month simply begin counting sequentially from your month of birth until you arrive at your 9th cycle month. For America, Her 9th cycle month is March. Why are these two 9 months important? Because the 9th months (calendar and cycle) always equal the year's Annual Cycle Patterns, intensifying and highlighting the year's energies. As we recall from Part 1, America's ACPs are:
  • Age Timeline IR set (ATL): 13-4/(3)/16-7v
  • Universal Timeline IR set (UTL): 16-7v/(3)/19-1
  • Personal Year Timeline IR set (PTL): 18-9/(3)/3
Therefore, the above listed ACP energies will be quite active and noticeable for America in September of 2014 and March of 2015. The latter is because America's natal year, as all of our natal years, begins on our birthday and remains active until our next birthday. America's natal 2014 year began on July 4th and will continue to Her next birthday in 2015. Therefore, July is Her 1st cycle month; March is her 9th cycle month; September is the 9th universal/calendar month. It is in these two months - September and March - that America will feel Her year's energies the most.

Summary - Part 2

America's Name and Letter Timelines, Lifetime Monthly Timeline, and 9th Cycle and Universal months corroborate the change, new directions and turmoil for America's natal 2014 year. Because of the 16-7v in both her ATL and UTL (see Part 1 ), it will not be a comfortable year for Her. Such times demand balance, focus, and centeredness.

Remember, too, that all the change America is experiencing will continue running its course through 2029, so this upheaval is not going away any time soon. It will do no good for people to freak out, although many have already done so and more will be negatively affected - those who lose their balance and focus.

And on a personal note, here's something to consider. Are not we, the American people, contributing to all this chaos through the erosion of the American ethos? Is this not reflective of the massive change She is undergoing? Where's the independent spirit, strength, courage, dignity, honor, work ethic, determination, resolve, resilience, commitment to excellence and solid character that once identified the American people as a whole? All of this change going on may not be positive, but rather quite negative, moving us forward into a dark and foreboding abyss. The law of this dimension is "we reap what we sow, and we cannot reap what we do not sow." It's pretty obvious we have not been sowing well or we wouldn't be reaping this current hell.

Interestingly, this 32 year period of change will end slightly before the Core Millennia Shift comes to its end in 2031. The complete Millennia Shift will not end until 2099. Therefore, patience, determination, and resolve will be excellent virtues in addition to the balance, focus, and centeredness that people will need - individually and collectively - to navigate the turbulent waters of these rapidly changing, tumultuous, and mercurial times. Hopefully, we will weather this storm and emerge victorious. The key word is hopefully. For more on the Millennia Shift, read The Age of the Female - A Thousand Years of Yin.
~ finis

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