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Prenote #1: This article will explain what you can generally expect for 2017 in regard to your natal Universal (calendar) year timeline. As King's Numerology students know, each of our destinies is an admixture of multiple timelines, such as the Age Timeline, Personal Year Timeline, Name Timeline, Letter Timeline, Epoch, Pinnacle and Challenge Timelines. All of these are thoroughly discussed in The King's Book of Numerology Series, which can be accessed at Richard Andrew King books and on Richard's Amazon Author Page.

Prenote #2: Each of our timelines begins on our birthday and continues sequentially for twelve months to our next birthday. Therefore, you may still be in your 2016 natal year's energy field, which can be accessed here. Your 2017 energies will not be activated until your birthday in 2017.


Before discussing 2017's Universal energies as they pertain to each person, it is important to understand the energetic overview of where the world resides in cosmic time regarding its Spiritual, Millennial, and Centurial aspects.

1. Spiritual Perspective

This world, which is a wilderness, has been mistaken for a residence.
~ Swami Ji Maharaj - 19th Century

Always keep this idea firmly in your mind — we do not belong to this world.
~ Baba Ji Maharaj - 19th/20th Century

In this world there is nothing but strife, struggle, and conflict. Lasting peace
can never be found within the domain of the mind and senses.
So it was from the time of creation and so it will always be.
You do not belong to this world. Just live
in the world and get out of it.

~ Saint Charan Singh

2. Millennial Perspective (1,000 years): 2nd Millennium. Attributes and characteristics.

This world is in the 17th year of its 1,000 year cycle, marked by the #2 energy, leaving 983 years still to go. This 2nd Millennium is marked by attributes and characteristics of water (its element), Yin (female energy), emotion, others, relationships, dependence, indirect action, tension, separation, division, opposition, confliction, partnership, togetherness, support, help, kindness/hatred, interference, deceit, treachery, balance/imbalance, war/peace.

All of these attributes are clearly visible in the world's daily events and circumstances. Unfortunately, because this world is in its declining, waning timeline of the Iron Age, as well as moving farther from the light of Divine understanding, the manifestations of the #2 energy are more prone to being dark and negative than light and positive. Therefore, balance, peace, and harmony remain the responsibility of each individual. Waiting for the world community to manifest balance, peace, and harmony en masse is a failed stratagem.

3. Centurial Perspective (100 years): 21st Century. Attributes and characteristics.

Interacting with the 2nd Millennium's energy field are the energies of the 21st Century — a 3 in reduction. The #3's attributes and characteristics involve air (its element), the Divine Triangle, life, joy, communication, words, image and images, children, creativity, art, pleasure, sex, happiness/unhappiness, ease/dis-ease of living, entitlement, health/sickness, well-being/restriction, advantage and disadvantage.

These three Landscape aspects — Spiritual, Millennial, Centurial, comprise the environment of the present year, namely 2017 and its energy. In other words, 2017 does not exist in a vacuum. It is a small energy circle within larger and more expansive energy circles.


Because of the cyclical nature of numbers, we can forecast our lives in a general sense regarding the Universal Timeline, which is simply the calendar year. All we have to do is add the number 1 (2017 reduced to a single cipher) to our Expression (our name number). If you do not know your Expression number, go here to learn how to calculate it. The reduced single cipher will reveal to you what you can generally expect as far as the Universal Timeline is concerned. This "outcome" number is referred to in the King's Numerology system as the Performance/Experience (PE or ROPE — Reality, Outcome, Performance, Experience). It describes the general performance you will give in 2017, the lessons you will be learning and events you will be experiencing. There are also other timelines which coexist with the UTL (as listed above) and which also affect our lives. A full King's Numerology reading addresses this information.

The simple formula for computing the Universal Timeline (calendar year) is:

Calendar Year + Expression = Performance/Experience (PE or ROPE)

For example, let's say your Expression number is a 2. When we add 1 (2017 reduced to a single digit) to the 2, the result is a 3 (1 + 2 = 3). If your Expression number is an 8, the result is a 9 (1 + 8 = 9).

Adding the Calendar Year cipher to the Expression to create a PE generates an Influence/Reality Set or IR Set for short. The first number is the year and its energies. This is called the LIST, which stands for Lessons, Influences, Subjects, and Themes. The second number, the Expression, is the Filter through which the LIST energy passes to create the final outcome number or PE, which stands for Performance/Experience. The longer acronym is ROPE, which equates to Reality, Outcome, Performance, Experience.

LIST + (FILTER) = ROPE, the IR Set

For example, in 2017, a 4 Expression person's IR Set would be 1/(4)/5. The #1 of 2017 is the LIST, the 4 Expression is the FILTER, and the 5 is the ROPE (the addition of the LIST and Expression energies).


Note #1

Although the calendar year for the earth begins on 1 January, the year's energies will not be activated personally for each of us until our birthday, which is when each of our annual cycles begins. Therefore, if you were born on 1 January, your UTL year will begin on 1 January 2017. However, if your birthday falls on 31 December, your 2017 will not begin until 31 December, which is only one day before 2018 begins. Thus, any calendar year's energies actually have a two year lifespan.

Note #2

All numbers are dual in nature. There cannot be a positive without its complimentary negative. When we hold a coin, we hold both sides simultaneously. It's impossible not to. That's life. Therefore, our best mode of management is to concentrate on the positive but not to be blind to the negative, lest it blindside and overwhelm us. Balance is absolutely primary in life, and to forsake it is to invite trouble, or worse.

Note #3

Voids can increase the intensity of our experiences. For example, a non-voided, healthy 8 will create connection, but a voided 8 can potentially generate disconnections. To understand or determine your voids, if any, go here .

Note #4

All numbers not only intrinsically have two sides - one positive and one negative - but each side manifests degrees of intensity. The "light" side of a number, for example, could reveal the light of dawn, dusk, or high noon on a cloudless day in the heat of summer. Similarly, the "dark" side of a number could be seen as the light grey of pre-dawn or post dusk or the pitch blackness of a moonless night in a thick forest. How we react to the intensities of "light" or "dark" speaks to our character, level of consciousness, spiritual development, and understanding of life.

Note #5

There are only nine basic numbers (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9). Therefore, each of the following energy patterns (referred to in the King's Numerology system as IR Sets [Influence/Reality Sets]) will be associated with 1/9th of the earth's population. Therefore, if there were 9 billion people on the planet, as there most probably will be one day, each of the following IR Sets would encompass one billion people or 1,000 million. That's a lot of people. So if you think you're alone as far as the energy patterns referenced in this article are concerned, you're not. You obviously have a great deal of company with whom you can either celebrate or commiserate.


To generate an outcome there first has to be a cause. In this case, the cause is the LIST energy of 2017, which is a simple 1 in reduction. The attributes of the #1, a fire sign, are: the self, ego, identity, male (Yang), genesis, creation, beginnings, direct action, initiation, instigation, independence, reason, logic, taking responsibility, standing alone, being solo, a maverick, leader, organizer, doer. Therefore, this #1 LIST energy will dominate the Universal Landscape for everyone on planet earth beginning on their birthday.

Because it is a 1 year, 2017 begins a new nine year cycle which will conclude in 2025, a 9 year. A new Universal Timeline of nine years will therefore begin in 2026, another 1 year of beginnings, action, etc.

Expression #1 - 1/(1)/2 (Fire & Water)

This 1/(1)/2 IR Set conjoins double fire 1s with water (2). Fire and Water clash. They also create hot water, steam, and conflict in the process. The #1 and #2 are direct opposites, their conjoining creating, therefore, a tug-o-war between self (1) and others (2); independence (1) and dependence (2); logic (1) vs. emotion (2); direct action (1) vs. indirect action (2); male (1) vs. female (2); leading (1) vs. following (2).

Potential word strings in which words are substituted for the individual numbers in the 1/(1)/2 IR Set are:

self/(taking charge)/caring for another person
the individual/(serving as a leader)/in relationship
one person/(initiating)/conflict with another or others
one individual/(another individual)/clashing in conflict
direct action/(by a person)/to support another or others
one ideology/(another ideology)/in opposition, contention, war

Expression #2 - 1/(2)/3 (Fire-Water-Air)

The 1/(2)/3 IR Set focuses on one's self, ego, identity, and action (1) combining with energies of others, support, and relationship (2) to communicate, engage in friendship, pleasurable activities, and good times (3). There is no conflict in this 1/(2)/3 energy pattern as is the case with the 1/(1)/2.

Another potential manifestation of this 1/(2)/3 IR Set is of the self and ego (1) involved with itself in relationship (2) to focus on its own image and beauty. The 1 is self; the 3 is image. Therefore, this 1/(2)/3 pattern potentially speaks to one's vanity and narcissism. If this IR Set is located in a Challenge position (see The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 2 - Forecasting, Part 1), the individual may suffer from a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem and therefore over-compensate by expanding his/her sense of self, beauty, importance, and moving toward or into a state of egocentricity. In this case the 1 addresses the wholeness of the self and the 3 speaks to its image and confidence.

Some words strings for this 1/(2)/3 IR Set could be:

The self/(in relationship)/with its image
The self/(in relationship)/with beauty, art, communication
Action/(of others)/taken to create friendship, fun, and good times
The individual/(involved with itself)/in health, well-being, sickness
An actor/(conjoined with a script)/to create a character role of some type

Expression #3 - 1/(3)/4 (Fire-Air-Earth)

Elements of the #1 merge with attributes of life, self-expression, children, communication, words, image and images, health and well-being, joy, happiness (3) to generate stability, foundations, security, work, service, safety, routines, the house and roots (4). This 1/(3)/4 IR Set is an interesting blend of fire, air, and earth but not water. Therefore, it lacks emotion and its outcome PE 4 focuses on all things of structure — physical, legal, emotional, psychological, domestic, familial. Word strings can include:

The self/(and its expression)/creating work, security, stability
Action/(of the imagination)/developing an organization or company
Leadership/(expressing itself)/as strong, tough, rooted, organized
The individual/(and its image of)/convention, tradition, strength
Action/(on health and well-being)/to create positive habits

Expression #4 - 1/(4)/5 (Fire-Earth-Fire)

This 1/(4)/5 energy pattern can manifest as detachment (5) from the father or a male figure (1). The 5 PE will, in most cases, have a 14 attached to it. The #14 is the most potent binary number representing detachment, letting-go, loss, change, and motion. The PE, of course, is the experiential aspect of the IR Set formula. It tells what will happen. Therefore, one should consider the reality of things changing during this 1/(4)/5 pattern.

To be clear, loss, detachment, and change can be a good thing. It's safe to say that many people dislike change, but think of a snake shedding its skin. A new skin takes its place. Sometimes we have to let go of things, people, situations, circumstances, etc., that do not serve our highest and best good. Too, such change may well be a mandated karmic action, the reason for which God only knows.

Consider also the elemental structure of this 1/(4)/5 IR Set. It's fire/(earth)/fire. Fire is in the LIST and fire is in the ROPE. Fire in; fire out. The element earth represents matter. Therefore, one can understand that the fire acts on the matter and only fire remains. The purpose of this 1/(4)/5 IR Set can be a cleansing or a karmic adjustment. Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, and Charles Lindberg all had this in their charts and all lost or were detached from a father, husband, boyfriend, or son.

Some word strings to consider:

Male/(energy)/being lost
Action/(on structures)/creating detachment
The self/(creating new structures)/to generate change
Taking charge/(of outdated rules)/to create a different set of rules
The person/(letting go of old, outdated standards)/to develop new standards

Expression #5 - 1/(5)/6 (Fire-Fire-Water)

There's a lot of heat in this 1/(5)/6 IR Set. After all, it's fire/(fire)/water. Note that there is no earth element to ground and stabilize it; nor is there any air element to imbue it with spiritual or ethereal energy. Also, the LIST 1 represents logic; the ROPE 6 identifies emotion. The 5 Filter exemplifies change, variety, excitement, adventure, sensual stimulation. In other words, this 1/(5)/6 IR Set is hot, emotional, and mercurial.

No two numbers are more sexual than the 5 and 6 in combination. The 5 rules the five senses, stimulation, excitement, etc.; the 6 is personal, romantic, familial, or domestic love. The 5, of course, can also represent loss and detachment. So when these two conjoin through the initiating action of the 1 LIST, hang on. With this 1/(5)/6 IR Set there will be changes in the love life to some degree and in some manner. Whether the overall experience is positive or negative depends on the situation and the ethical, moral, and character components of the individual(s) involved, as well as other numerical influences, components, and intensities in the chart.

Some word strings to consider:

Action/(explores)/the heart
A male figure/(detaches)/from love
Initiation/(of experiences)/in romance
The individual/(changes)/his-her view of love
A father, husband, son, grandfather/(is lost)/creating heartache
Action taken/(to modify or dissolve)/a partnership or marriage

Expression #6 - 1/(6)/7 (Fire-Water-Air)

No two numbers in tandem speak to independence and internalization more than the 1 and 7. The #1 is a solo, self-oriented, identity-rich, independent, leadership, action motivated vibration. The #7 wends within. It is not a social energy. Its focus is analysis, examination, critical thinking, self-reflection, privacy, secrecy, seclusion, isolation, withdrawal.

The 1/(6)/7 IR Set, therefore, places the individual (1) in an experiential environment of thought, examination, analysis, internalization, privacy, seclusion, and separation (7) related to matters of love, the home, and domicile (6).

Because the individual will find himself transiting a Universal reclusive energy field, this is a great time for being involved in those events and actions focusing on thought, writing, meditation, spirituality, taking private walks in the mountains or on the beach. It will be a time for soul-searching and self-analysis, especially in matters related to the heart, house, and home. One may even find himself seeking a degree of separation from the family or family functions.

Because the 7 ROPE will more than likely have a 16 root attached to it, this may be a time of disturbance or turbulence in the family or love life. It could also manifest as "self-sabotage." With these possibilities, the focus then should be on spirituality, self-awareness, self-reflection, self-analysis.

Some words strings for the 1/(6)/7 IR Set could be:

Individual/(family/domestic)/conflict or concerns
Action focusing/(on a love)/of thought, meditation, reflection
Generating personal/(family or domestic)/withdrawal or reclusion
The individual involved/(with a passion)/for writing, analysis, examination

Expression #7 - 1/(7)/8 (Fire-Air-Earth)

Get ready to take charge with this 1/(7)/8 energy. This is a powerful vibration of the fire of action, merging with the air of creativity and thought, to create or be involved with success in a variety of fields. This 1/(7)/8 IR Set is often found in the charts of managers, entrepreneurs, business people, and leaders who are connected and engaged in a process of connecting-the-dots and making things happen.

The 1/(7)/8 energy is one in which the individual (1) uses his mind (7) to govern, manage, or take charge (8). Unlike the 1/(6)/7 pattern in which the ROPE energy manifests as withdrawal, seclusion, thought, reflection, and isolation, this 1/(7)/8 vibration engages, connects, and interacts on a social level. After all, the #8 is the highest energy of socialization, the apex of the 2-4-6 social spectrum. Although the ROPE is an 8, remember that the Filter is a 7, which is internal. Therefore, the individual, who is an analytical, reclusive thinker (the 7 Filter), will find himself stretched to be what he intrinsically is not — a social mover to some degree (8 ROPE). Too, the 7 and 8 are exact opposites. The 7 is the most internal of all numbers; the 8 is the most external of all numbers. Therefore, this 1/(7)/8 energy field possesses internal conflict between the person and his reality.

Some word strings for the 1/(7)/8 IR Set could be:

The self/(becoming an)/entrepreneur
Action/(of the internal self)/being social
The individual/(using his mental capacities)/to manage
Independence/(internalized or forced to be)/extroverted
Personal identity/(reflecting and assessing its)/social connectivity

Expression #8 - 1/(8)/9 (Fire-Earth-Universality)

There is an enormous amount of power in this 1/(8)/9 IR Set. The #8 is the highest social number; the #9 is the Grand Elemental, Grand Ruler, Grand Amplifier. The #9 is the energy of universality, commonality, the public stage, and mankind. Therefore, any individual with an 8 Expression will be involved with the public to some degree beginning on his/her birthday in 2017, and lasting for a full year.

This 1/(8)/9 pattern demands action and engagement with all things universal — public, music, education, medicine, theater, teaching, business, commerce, etc. This is a time to take charge and expand. It is not a time to remain static, reclusive, removed, disengaged. Get out there and embrace the energy.

Some word strings for the 1/(8)/9 IR Set could be:

The individual/(engaging with)/the public
Action initiated/(to connect with)/all people
Leadership/(in a managerial position)/in some expanded environment
The person who is/(in charge and command of)/a business, organization, etc.

Expression #9 - 1/(9)/1 (Fire-All Elements-Fire)

There is no IR Set more saturated with ego and power than the 1/(9)/1 energy field. It is "ego in" and "ego out." The 1 (LIST), filters through the energy of power (9 Filter) to generate a more powerful ego, the 1 ROPE. The potential for out-of-control hubris is extremely high with this 1/(9)/1 energy. After all, the LIST 1 and ROPE 1 represent the fire of ego. Fire can benefit or destroy. There is no specific water or earth element in this pattern to dampen the effect of the fire of the 1 and its ego.

With this danger of one's ego getting out of control, the ramifications should raise intense red flags. This 1/(9)/1 energy is all about the person. He and she of the 9 Expression will only see things, events, people, and possibilities as they relate to themselves and their power in this 1/(9)/1 pattern. Just think of the karma resulting from such energy. If the individual is benefic, magnanimous, noble, generous, ethical, and honorable, the immediate manifestation will be wonderfully positive, as will the karmic reconciliation. However, if the individual is malefic, uncharitable, ignoble, unethical, and dishonorable, the immediate manifestation will be disastrously negative, as will be the karmic kick back. Therefore, one must be extremely wise and judicious when transiting this 1/(9)/1 energy field. It would also be wise to remember the statement made by Lord Acton (Sir John Dalberg-Acton):

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Some word strings for the 1/(9)/1 IR Set could be:

Ego in/(power)/bigger ego out.
The individual/(engaging his/her power)/to rule
Initiation of/(power and authority)/to effect new directions

As a final note, just remember the above list indicates possibilities and potentials, not necessarily absolutes. Everyone's chart is different; everyone's destiny is different; everyone's consciousness level is different. Plus, there are many components to a King's Numerology chart as referenced earlier. Therefore, use the information here only as a guide to this year's Universal Timeline.
~ finis

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