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Numerology of a Massacre

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Contributing numerologist: Hunter Stowers

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Pay attention to the young and make them as good as possible.
~ Socrates

It is a wise father that knows his own child.
~ Shakespeare

The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on 14 December 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut, is the second deadliest massacre in United States history, surpassed only by the Virginia Tech Massacre in 2007. The abominable aspect of the Sandy Hook tragedy is that the majority of victims were very young children. Sandy Hook Elementary serves kindergarten through fourth grade students. In all, twenty-eight individuals were killed: eight boys, twelve girls and six female adults at the school. The shooter, twenty year old Adam Lanza, shot his mother in the face multiple times before leaving their home in the morning and fatally shot himself at the school as first responders arrived (Wikipedia).

Such atrocities continue to plague the American educational landscape during the massive energy transition of the Millennia Shift. The Sandy Hook tragedy, as all events, contains powerful numeric clues which offer insight as to the event and the shooter.

Adam Lanza - Numerology

The King's Numerology chart of Adam Peter Lanza, born 22 April 1992, reveals many problematic aspects signaling a troubled individual. It is worth paying attention to . . . and learning its lessons.

Adam Peter Lanza Basic Matrix

One major note of interest in Lanza's Basic Matrix are the 11-2s in both his Lifepath (the script of his life) and his Expression (himself). When the same number occupies both the Lifepath and Expression a double filter is created. This means that everything in the individual's life will filter through the same energy field, generating intensity of the filter's vibration. In Lanza's double 11-2 filter every event, circumstance, issue and lesson in his life will be colored with the fabric of the 2 female energy, others, relationship, opposition, division, contention, confliction, hostility, anger.

The 22-4 in Lanza's Performance/Experience (role of his life) speaks to organization, planning, development. The 44-8 in his Material Nature (M/N-worldly personality) addresses "structural involvement" and management. All-in-all, Lanza's Basic Matrix does not reveal the full story of his problematic life. For that, we must look to other aspects of his chart.

Red Flags

Although Lanza's Basic Matrix does not offer any definitive clues about his horrific negative behavior, other parts of his chart definitely do generate red flags.

Quintstack of the 1/(2)/3 IR Set

The first major clue involves a powerful quintstack (set of five) of the 1/(2)/3 Influence/Reality (IR) Set. The 1 references the self, ego, identity, action, genesis, the lone wolf. The 3 references self-image, children, health, well-being, communication. In this 1/(2)/3 pattern the self/ego (1) passes through the energy of females/others/relationship (2) to create an outcome involving one's image, children, health, well-being etc. It's important to remember that both Lanza's Lifepath and Expression are 2s. Therefore, his well-being and image (3) are both saturated with the energy of others, female energy, relationships and potential confliction.

The common name of "Adam Lanza" is a 1 in reduction. When this 1 common name merges with his 2 Lifepath, the outcome is a 3. Thus, a 1/(2)/3 IR set is created, the short version is depicted as 1/3.

Lanza's first two names, "Adam" and "Peter" are both 1s. The energetic influence of these names lasts for a period of thirty-eight years. When the 1 of these names filters through his 2 Lifepath, the outcome is a 3 in simple terms. The problem, however, is that each of the 3s in the outcome position carries a 66 master number root in which the 6 is voided, thus indicating Lanza could have potential problems throughout his life related to love, nurturing, compassion and children.

Lanza's Life Matrix reveals a 1/3 IR set in both his Grand and Crown Challenge positions. This tells us that the main problems in his life, as is specifically revealed by his 1/3 Grand Challenge (the most powerful Challenge energy), would be his ego, identity and self-worth (1) playing themselves out in the arena of his image, children, well-being and communication (3). With the 1/3 of his common name (Adam Lanza), the 1/3 in his Grand and Crown Challenges as well as his two first names, Lanza had a five stack (quintstack) of 1/3 energy focusing on himself, his ego, worth, image and children with the potential of being a lone wolf or outsider, as has been verified by others who knew him. No IR set effuses more energy of the self, ego and image than the 1/3, and "Adam Peter Lanza" is saturated with it.

At a glance, the quintstack of the 1/3 IR set in Lanza's chart are
  • Common name "Adam Lanza"
  • First name "Adam"
  • Second name "Peter"
  • Grand Challenge
  • Crown Challenge
The 8/1 Grand & Crown Challenges

Adding to the problematic 1/3 Grand and Crown Challenges, Lanza also had an 8/1 companion IR set running concurrently. The full depiction is 8/(2)/1. In any Challenge position, the 8/1 IR set indicates potential disconnects with the self where issues of female energy, others and relationships are prime. Therefore, in both the 1/3 and 8/1 patterns the "self" occupies the influence and outcome positions, creating a very troubled soul.

The 5/(2)/7 Tristack

The 5/(2)/7 IR set can be very disturbing. The 5 references loss, detachment, diversity, freedom of action, potential lack of self-control. As the 5 passes through the relationship/others/female energy of the 2, the outcome is most often some degree of trouble, turmoil, tumult, tragedy, tears, distancing, seclusion, conflict, betrayal, adultery, a fall from grace and, in extreme cases, ruthless, cold, unfeeling chaos (7).

Lanza had a tristack (set of three) of 5/(2)/7 energy in the month of his rampage as revealed in
  • His Letter Timeline (LTL) of the "E" of "Peter"
  • His Lifetime Monthly Timeline (LMT)
  • His Universal Timeline (UTL)
The 4/(2)/6v Quadstack

The number 4 rules all things of structure. This includes the house, the workplace, office, buildings, even schools and people. The 4 also governs security, stability, conformity, safety. The 4/(2)/6v pattern (the "v" means the 6 is void no Ds, Ms, or Vs in the birth name) addresses a lack of love (6v) stemming from energies of structure (4) and filtering through the energy of the female, others and relationships (2).

Lanza had this 4/(2)/6v pattern in the 1st Epoch of his life (the 1st Epoch is the birth day; Lanza was born on the 22nd of the month, a 4 in reduction). The 6 void in this particular 4/(2)/6v pattern also carries a 33 master root referencing children, one's self-expression and image. The 1st Epoch lasts from birth through age twenty-seven, the assassination period.

Hauntingly, the name Sandy Hook is a 4 Expression. When this 4 filters through Lanza's Lifepath and Expression, the outcome is the 6 void. This means that the entire community of Sandy Hook was energetically interrelated to Adam Lanza's chart. Also, the name Newtown is a 6. Thus, in Lanza's chart the name Sandy Hook and its 4 energy played a role in the influencing aspect of the 4/(2)/6v scenario and Newtown was involved in the reality/outcome component.

Furthermore, the date of the massacre was 14 December 2012, a 4 in reduction; thus generating another 4/(2)/6v.

Almost unbelievably, Adam Lanza's mother's maiden name is Nancy Jean Champion ( This creates a fourth 4/(2)/6v IR set. When her 4 energy filtered through Lanza's 2 Lifepath and 2 Expression, the result was a double 4/(2)/6v. Therefore, in Adam Lanza's world there were specific negative love issues (6 void) related to his mother, the Sandy Hook community, the calendar date of the massacre and his 1st Epoch.

In brief, the 4/(2)/6v pattern created a quadstack (set of four) of challenging love problems and issues for Adam Lanza.
  • 1st Epoch: 22-4/33-6v [Simple: 4/(2)/6v]
  • Sandy Hook: 4 Expression. This 4 plus Adam Lanza's 2 Exp and 2 LP create dual 4/(2)/6v IR sets
  • Sandy Hook massacre calendar date: 14 Dec. 2012 with Lanza's numbers = 4/(2)/6v
  • Adam Lanza's mother's birth name: Nancy Jean Champion: 4 Expression. This generated more 4/(2)/6v energy.
Common Name Voids

Numerologist Hunter Stowers has been studying the effect of a person's common name (the name a person uses universally) and its effect on one's destiny. Mr. Stowers, an exemplary King's Numerology student with remarkable talent, has specifically noted the effect of common name voids.

The common name Adam Lanza contains four voids: 2-6-7-9. These can be ciphered as 2v-6v-7v-9v. These common name voids in concert appear to have played a major role in the Sandy Hook tragedy.
  • The 2 void indicates problems with a lack of concern, love, and compassion in personal relationships.
  • The 6 void, as has been discussed, references problems with a lack of love, nurturing, compassion.
  • The 7 void can create conditions of unclear thinking, foolishness, coldness, seclusion, ruthlessness, a calculating mind and betrayal.
  • The 9 void often manifests a lack of concern, respect, love and compassion for the public in general.
Arguably, the three most negative voids as far as people are concerned are the 2, 6 and 9. This can be a tragic and dangerous triad because they all indicate a lack of compassion for others. The 2 and 6 address personal and familial relationships, and the 9 addresses humanity-at-large, i.e. the public. With this 2-6-9 voided triad, Adam Lanza was bereft of any love and compassion for anyone individually or collectively. Combined with the potentially cold, calculating and ruthless nature of the 7 void, this would help explain Lanza's cold-blooded rampage.


This world, as taught by all Perfect Masters and Saints, is a wicked place. Here is no home; here is wilderness, which is why such esteemed souls exhort us to live a spiritual life and rise above the insanity of this world. Yet, in all of the negative actions in this world none is more heinous than what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, on 14 December 2012. The cold-blooded massacre of people, especially five and six year old children, is unspeakable.

However, as every event in this world, numbers describe them. This article has attempted to share many of the most poignant numerological indicators in this tragedy. The stacking of the 1/(2)/3, 5/(2)/7, and 4/(2)/6v IR sets associated with this nightmare all played major roles, as well as the Common Name voids: 2v-6v-7v-9v.

As parents and professionals continue to analyze, assess and study this most horrible event, it is the opinion of this numerologist that if people would awaken to the reality of numbers and their association to life, the management of life would become more tolerable and efficient. Had those adults in positions of power had the ability to see into the life of Adam Peter Lanza via the science of numerology, perhaps this disastrous situation could have been avoided. We'll never know, but as far as the future is concerned we could possibly know if we were to explore the great and profound meaning of numbers and their relationship to life.

For more on the numerology of children, read Parenting Wisdom for the 21st Century - Raising Your Children By Their Numbers To Achieve Their Highest Potential by Richard Andrew King.
~ finis


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