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This article is neither intended to extol nor defame Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Its purpose
is to reveal the numbers and numeric patterns of their lives and destinies in relation to the
Presidential Election of 2016 in order to advance The King's Numerology as a science.

What has to happen has already happened. What has happened, had to happen.
~ Saint Charan Singh (20th Century)


NUMBERS ARE LIFE. The purpose of this 2016 Presidential Election series has been to showcase the amazing, mystical, scientific and universal relationship between numbers, life and destiny. As the famous mathematician, Pythagoras, stated:

Numbers rule the universe. Everything is arranged according
to number and mathematical shape.

Everything includes presidential candidates, their destinies and their political races. Nothing in this world is happenstance. Everything is by divine design. The critical numerological foundational aspects of this historic election have been chronicled in this series of ten articles.

When one studies the events of the 2016 Presidential Election and the numbers of each candidate — Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton — as set forth in this series of articles, it is impossible to refute the reality that a definite relationship exists between the opponents, their numbers (based solely on their full birth names and birth dates), the election and its results. Some people may be disappointed with the outcome, but the great overriding truth is that what happened had to happen to fulfill the drama of everyone's destiny, and that destiny, that drama we all watched unfold, was written in the numbers of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton before they were born, just as the previous presidency of Barack Obama was written on the Tablet of Destiny.


In the beginning, the 2016 Presidential contest was basically regarded as a coronation and landslide victory for Hillary Clinton. Even on election day (8 November 2016, Tuesday), the odds of her winning the election were between 70% to 85%, so said many polls and pundits.

Well, as America, even the world, watched, the "landslide victory" part was right but the winner was totally wrong. It was Donald J. Trump who defeated Hillary Clinton in an historic, stunning, landslide victory. So much for polls and pundits, but not for numbers.

For those who have been following The King's Numerology 2016 Presidential Election article series, it was actually Donald Trump who had the overall advantage in their campaign. What were the factors leading to his remarkable victory? Let's look at the major numerological components defining the 2016 Presidential race, components which have been treated extensively in this series, a sequence of articles which serve as an excellent case study for the interpretation and assessment of numbers and their manifestation for people interested in studying numerology.

The major numerological aspects of the 2016 Presidential Election were basically four:
  1. The Universal/Global Energy of 2016
  2. The Basic Matrices of the Candidates
  3. Hillary Clinton's 16-7 Stacking & her Tsunami of Darkness
  4. Donald Trump's Stacking of 5 Energy & his Megaquake of Change

1. The Universal/Global Energy of 2016

The calendar year of 2016 is universal, as is every year. It affects everyone on the planet. Because it is universal, its energies are also universal and affect everyone. They are inescapable. This was the first mistake many pundits made, i.e., not understanding the global scope of 2016's energies.

The global energy of 2016 manifests as competition, opposition, contention, division, anger, hostility (2); turbulence, turmoil, trouble, concern, betrayal and chaos (16); world changes, movement, revolution, rebellion, and transformation of structures (4 & 5 subcap Challenges), as well as worldwide involvement affecting humanity as a whole (9 addcap).

Just think of the mass migrations of people in the Middle East fleeing to Europe to escape ISIS and all the problems they caused. As a result, many countries in Europe began erecting various types of walls. Great Britain voted to exit the European Union in its democratic revolutionary act of defiance known as BREXIT.

Many political pundits in America, however, discounted BREXIT and the European migration as not affecting the United States and its political election. Wrong. Universal energies are exactly that, universal. They affect everyone, every country, everything. The revolution in America was not so much a result of BREXIT as it was a result of the intrinsic energies of 2016. Thus, it was deluded to think America and her election would escape the "worldwide revolution." As history has proven, the United States Presidential Election of 2016 was, indeed, a revolution of the common man over the entitled elitist cabal and ruling class in America — a group of self-centered souls who put themselves and their selfish interests above the people whom they are supposed to serve. Well, karma has a funny way of fixing things, of setting things right, and the elitists, whose champion was Hillary Clinton, got served a painful, shocking, heavy dose of reality . . . and rejection.

The moral of universal energies of each calendar year is — pay close attention to them. They're not singular energies. They're universal, all-encompassing, inclusive energies. No one escapes them. Yet, assuming they were escapable was a major mistake by many pundits, analysts, commentators and political surrogates, and we all know too well what happens when we "assume" something.

2. The Basic Matrices of the Candidates

The second aspect of the 2016 Presidential Election was addressed in Part 2Contrast of the 99ers. From that article we read this . . .

Here's an interesting twist. Take the names Clinton and Trump out of the competitive equation and juxtapose just their simple Basic Matrix number sets in a mano-a-mano format, number sets which can be common to anyone. Which number pattern would win in a numerical battle? Interesting question. The numerical equation would then be:

Opponent A: 3-6-9-3-6-3-6 and its 2 void versus Opponent B: 4-5-9-7-2-7-2: no voids.

Frankly, there is no contest between these two number groupings regarding an imaginary battle simply based on the purity of the energies involved sans any external/allied help. The "3-6-9-3-6-3-6 and its 2 void" pattern of Opponent A could not endure the onslaught of the "4-5-9-7-2-7-2" energy field of Opponent B in a fair fight. But then again, what's fair in a fight?

The energy field of Opponent A is not about conflict and battle. It's about words, talk, entitlement, ease of living, enjoyment, comfort, image and images. The energy field of Opponent B is steeped in conflict, confrontation, adversity, analysis. It is highly active, amorphous, unrestrained, diverse, strong and dominant. Opponent A seeks comfort and entitlement. Opponent B loves the fight, the battle, the clashing of wits and weapons. In fact, it lives for these things. So you be the judge. If you were going into battle, which energy pattern would you choose to be victorious? Obviously, a rhetorical question.

And, also obviously, history has proven what the outcome was. Indeed, Opponent A, Hillary Clinton, was overwhelmingly defeated by Opponent B, Donald J. Trump, his set of Basic Matrix numbers being more dominant than hers in a mano-a-mano confrontation.

3. Hillary's 16-7 Stacking & Tsunami of Darkness

If there were a smoking gun regarding Hillary Clinton's defeat in the 2016 Presidential Election, it was her 16-7 stacking, which was covered in Part 4 - Hillary's Coming Tsunami of Darkness; Part 7 - Hillary's Quintstack August, and Part 9 - Hillary's Tsunami of Darkness Makes Landfall Right on Schedule.

Why so much attention to Hillary Clinton's 16-7 stacking? Because, as noted, her 16-7 stacking was the smoking gun, the numeric hub in the wheel of her historical defeat. As the articles disclose, every time Hillary had some form of 16-7 stacking, she lost. And the greatest intensity of darkness for her — a decastack (ten stack) of 16-7 energy — was on, quite interestingly, 8 November 2016, the day of the Presidential Election, no doubt the worst day of her entire life in this life.

The numbers of one's destiny are not emotionally generated, politically spun or capable of being tampered with by punsters, pollsters, political surrogates or operatives. People can lie, cheat, steal, deceive and spin all they want but they cannot change the warp and woof, the fabric of destiny. Impossible.

Numbers are the logical, irrefutable, immutable evidence of life. In Hillary Clinton's destiny, they were the focal point and reason for her loss. She, her surrogates, other pundits and commentators may ascribe a multiplicity of external, worldly and political reasons as to why she lost, but the reality is that her destiny dictated that she lose. Why? Only God knows for sure, but one thing is certain — no one can out run their karma, the reaping of the sowing they created through their own prior actions. As Saint Kabir (15th/16th Century) directly states:

I blame not another. I blame my own karmas. Whatever I sowed,
so did I reap. Why then put the blame on others?

Taken from Part 9, published on 4 November 2016, Friday, just four days before the election, we read:

Clinton's Tsunami of Darkness is the metaphor describing Hillary's 16-7 decastack during her natal month of October 2016, a cluster of ten 16-7s which has expanded to a dozen. The negative side of this Great Purifier involves darkness, represented by corruption, deceit, turmoil, tragedy, treachery, betrayal, sorrow, suffering, heartache, heartbreak, dishonor, dishonesty and ignobility. When a massive 16-7 stacking occurs, a fall follows sequentially. The greater the stacking/clustering, the greater the fall, and if one falls from a high place the results will be catastrophic. Given her past history of 16-7 stacking, and if the numbers remain true to their historic manifestation, Hillary Clinton is in for a politically fatal Humpty Dumpty fall on election day.

And so it proved to be; the numbers proved to be . . . correct. Hillary Clinton's massive 16-7 stacking manifested as a massive political thumping and Trumping.

Part 4: Donald Trump's Stacking of 5 Energy & his Megaquake of Change

The second most potent numerical component of the 2016 Election was Donald Trump's Megaquake of Change discussed in Part 5 and its 18 stack of 5 energy — the number of freedom, change, rebellion, revolution.

This enormous stacking of 5 energy resonated with the Universal Year's 5 subcap, America's Lifepath, Material Soul, the name America itself, her current Name Timeline, Letter Timeline, her Universal Timeline Cycle month, Trump's Name Timeline of Donald, and the common man, who is ruled by the #5, just to name a few components of his 18 stack of 5 energy.

The entire amalgam of 5s in Trump's chart created a true Megaquake of Change. By itself, sans Hillary Clinton's Decastack of Darkness, the results of the election may have been different. But . . . the sun is the sun, the moon is the moon, and the numbers of destiny are exactly that. What was meant to be, became. All else is simply wishful or delusional thinking. As Saint Charan Singh (20th Century) declares:

What has to happen has already happened. What has happened, had to happen.

As quoted from Part 5:

CHANGE. Americans are hungry for true, unadulterated, honest change; not empty, slick, disingenuous political slogans of the past. They are fed up with the status quo, with failed presidential and congressional leadership; a status quo more concerned with serving itself than serving the common man; a status quo saturated with intellectual ideological mindsets void of common sense and ethical values, especially American values. It is this rebellious fervor that has led to the rise of Donald Trump, a man whose numbers identify him as an actual Megaquake of Change.


So that's it. The 2016 United States Presidential Election is over, as destiny has dictated. The entire drama was not happenstance. It was all in the numbers, as this series of articles has done its best to elucidate.

The moral of the story of life, therefore, is simply this — life is destined. This is truth and the sooner we reconcile ourselves to it the better. We cannot change what has been written. To be whole, we must learn to adjust, adapt, accept what has happened and will happen in our lives and continue to move on — undaunted, balanced, centered. It is when we fail to accept life and rail against its slings and arrows that we suffer and plant new seed for a future harvest. Railing does no good. We must not lose our balance in life. As Saint Charan Singh has beautifully stated:

We cannot reform this world, and this world will never become a heaven
but will remain at daggers drawn, and there always will be killing in this
world. Saints do not come to reform this world. They just come to take us
away from this world.

We should not lose our balance. . . We have to adjust. . . If we try
to solve the problems of the world we can never succeed. We can only
rise above these problems.


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