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This article is neither intended to extol nor defame Donald Trump. Its purpose
is to reveal the numbers and numeric patterns of his life in relation to the
Presidential Election of 2016 in order to advance numerology as a science.

We are powerless to change our destiny.
Whatever is destined in our fate must happen.

~ Saint Sawan Singh (19th/20th Centuries)

Everything is determined, the beginning as well as the end, by forces
over which we have no control. It is determined for the insect, as well as for
the star. Human beings, vegetables or cosmic dust — we all dance to a
mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper.

~ Albert Einstein

WHEN A PERSON MASSIVELY CONNECTS WITH PEOPLE there is a reason, a logical numeric reason. Nothing in this universe is happenstance. Everything is by divine design. Sawan Singh and Dr. Albert Einstein — a Saint and a scientist — both acknowledge this universal truth.

In numerology the number 8 is the cipher denoting executive ability, engagement, interaction, involvement, connection, coordination, orchestration, management, commerce, business. The 8 is the energy that connects the dots of idea to manifestation, product to market, speaker to audience, etc. Multiplied eleven times, the 8 becomes the powerfully connective 88 Master Interactor energy. When any number/energy, let alone a master number, is stacked (occurring simultaneously in multiples/clusters), it becomes a commandingly, and quite visibly, potent force, way beyond normal.

The Master Interactor 88 energy is such a force — highly connective, interactive, engaging, involved. It is not uncommon for individuals active in orchestrating, managing and leading businesses, organizations and enterprises to have the 88 in their charts. Presidents are one such group.

Sampling: U.S. Presidents & the 88 Master Interactor

For example, the following brief list reveals a few United States Presidents who had the Master Interactor 88 vibration dominant in their charts. By any standards, this is an impressive list. Every one of the following leaders was extremely connective and engaging. Lincoln, arguably, was the greatest president in American history. Washington could also be in that esteemed position. Debate aside, there is probably little doubt that these two powerful and capable men were the two greatest leaders of the current 44 presidents to date of the United States of America.
  • 88: George Washington — 1st U.S. President: General Expression

  • 88: Thomas Jefferson — 3rd U.S. President: 1st Epoch PE

  • 88: Abraham Lincoln — 16th U.S. President: Combined NTL PEs of "Abraham" and "Lincoln"

  • 88: Franklin D. Roosevelt — 32th U.S. President: Crown Epoch PE

  • 88: John Fitzgerald Kennedy — 35th U.S. President: Name Timeline PE of "Fitzgerald"

  • 88: Ronald Reagan — 40th U.S. President: Crown Epoch PE
What is also interesting is that the General Expression of the phrase A United States President is 88! Coincidence? No. When life is destined, as it is by definition, there can be no coincidence. This is the message of all Saints, Mystics and even Dr. Albert Einstein, the greatest scientist of the 20th Century.

Other famous individuals with the 88 dominant in their charts are: Nobel Peace Laureate Dr. Albert Schweitzer, Nikola Tesla, Nobel Peace Laureate Mother Teresa, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, legendary aviatrix Amelia Earhart, Elvis Presley, Michael Phelps, Warren Buffett and Michael Jackson.

Donald Trump and the 88 Master Interactor Vibration

Donald Trump is, of course, an extremely successful businessman. In running for President, he is consistently drawing massive crowds at his rallies — tens of thousands of energetic supporters. Why? Both he and Hillary Clinton have 99-9 Life PEs, which place them in the public eye, but she isn't drawing crowds, let alone massive crowds, as Trump is doing. In fact, she can hardly fill a room without Bernie Sanders or Barack Obama in tow. There has to be more to Donald Trump's attraction factor.

A large part of the answer to his "drawing power" is that Donald Trump, in combination with America, has an octostack (8 stack) of the 88 Master Interactor energy in his chart, the same 88 energy present in the charts of the six outstanding U.S. Presidents listed above. In effect, he is connecting with the masses massively, as history has proven and as his numbers dictate. Remember, stacking creates intensity. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has no 88s whatsoever. This, plus her 2 void, makes her personally disconnective, disengaging, impersonal, non-relatable. As usual, everything is in the numbers. All we have to do is look, sans rose-colored glasses.

Donald Trump's Octostack of 88 Energy

An 88 Octostack is extremely rare; almost unheard of. Yet, Donald John Trump, born 14 June 1946, has four 88s in his chart and four more in combination with the energies of the United States of America.
  • 88: General Expression of Trump

  • 88: Crown Epoch PE: General

  • 88: Crown Epoch PE: Split-Cipher

  • 88: Crown Epoch PE: Split-Cipher of Donald

  • 88: General Expression of A United States President

  • 88: USA/Trump: Mix Material Soul

  • 88: Trump's "Text to" banner is 88022 (note the "88")

  • 88: The Lifetime Monthly Timeline (LMT) of the United States of America during the month of the Presidential Election is a 2885 (note the "88"), a 5 in reduction, which resonates with Trump's massive 5 stacking .

An interesting note regarding Trump's 88 energy is that both he and George Washington have it in their names, i.e., their Expressions. This makes the 88's executive energies intrinsic to who they are as individuals. They both ooze executive ability.

Another note is that Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan both had their 88s in their Crown Epoch PEs — the latter part of their lives when they were president. Donald Trump not only has one 88 but three in his Crown Epoch PE! This is the exact time he is running for, and may become, president, i.e., right now!

Hillary Clinton has no 88s in her name or numerology chart. As we recall, her chart is saturated with 3s, 6s and 9s — the energies of entitlement, ease, comfort, words and power. All of the presidents mentioned above were exceptional executives. It was the 88 that helped make them so. Hillary Clinton, for all of her unbridled ambition and greed, as expressed by former General and Secretary of State Colin Powell in Part 7, simply does not have the kind of executive ability that presidents with the 88 energy had and that Donald Trump intrinsically has. Like it or not, Donald Trump's 88 octostack gives him great executive and managerial ability commensurate with being a President of the United States of America, ability that Hillary Clinton simply does not possess nor will ever possess.

The 88, 5 and 99 Combination

Added to Trump's 88 octostack and its power of engagement, interaction, involvement and connection is his 18 stack of 5 energy — the vibration of change, rebellion, revolution, movement and the common man; energy which resonates perfectly with 2016 and the change going on in Europe and Great Britain.

And who is flocking to Trump's rallies? The elites? No. Political and establishment insiders? No. It is common people, outsiders, normal folk, non-establishment individuals who are fed up and exhausted with the despicable double standard of justice in America, the political corruption of its leaders, especially the current administration, and the corrupt mainstream media, 96% of whose donations have gone to Clinton (a 24 to 1 ratio). So much for unbiased professional journalism, whose fundamental purpose should be to protect America from corruption by its leaders, not act as a propaganda machine for a particular candidate. This is one reason why the media's approval rate, according to Gallup polling, is the lowest in history. Like Hillary Clinton, the mainstream media has proven that it simply cannot be trusted, and this lack of trust may well be its death knell going forward. After all, why listen to, or put faith in, someone or some organization(s) who cannot be trusted?

It is the 5 energy — the Number of Man, which was thoroughly discussed in Megaquake of Change, Part 5 of this 2016 Presidential Election series — that is playing its part in Trump's success, along with his 88 octostack and 99-9 Life Performance Experience (PE) discussed in Part 2 of this series. It is all an orchestration of numeric symphonic parts.

Donald Trump — The 45th President of the United States?

Does all this translate into Donald Trump becoming the 45th President of the United States? Maybe. All of the numbers in his chart make it a definite possibility. Yet, we'll have to see. Election day — 8 November 2016 — carries a 55-1 master number of change, new beginnings and directions. Add this to America's 2885-5 election month LMT, and change is definitely in the air, not the status quo. As Great Britain had her Brexit, perhaps America will have her Amexit.

Unquestionably, the common masses are behind Trump. The elites in both political parties, the power brokers and donors, the standard bearers of the status quo, the mainstream media, as well as everyone who has their hand in the crooked Clinton cookie jar are not, of course. If Hillary loses the presidency, there go their goodies, their treasure chests, and their power over the common people. That is precisely why the establishment is against Trump. The elites are scared to death, as they should be. Trump is a powerful force with commanding presidential capabilities.

As we know, it only takes 270 people of the electoral college to determine the President of the United States, and no one in this world is beyond temptation, beyond being bought and paid for. We have already seen how rigged the political system can be during this 2016 election cycle, how corrupt it has proven itself to be, especially by the Wikileaks documents and the Democratic party itself, as their latest revelations have exposed.

Furthermore, Hillary Clinton does have that extremely dark decastack of 16-7 energy looming from and around her on the day of the Presidential Election, 8 November 2016. This 16-7 decastack speaks directly to the shadowy incestuous relationship between her, the White House, Department of Justice, Department of State, the FBI and the mainstream media. Never before has there been such disgraceful, shameful, corruption in American political history.

All of this unseemly entangled crookedness begs a very simple question: With so much at stake — America's very essence and being — how could anyone with a nanospeck of ethics support, let alone vote for, Hillary Clinton — an openly corrupt politician who should be in jail and who has never once put the American people first before her own frothing greed and salivating thirst for power? So many other people are in jail or have had their lives destroyed by doing things far less than Hillary Clinton has done. Why the two systems of justice? Why? If this is not darkness, what is? And to think that people would actually vote for, and thereby subject themselves and their families to, such darkness is absolute madness.

Ultimately, however, destiny will have its way, and it is most definitely on its way — hopefully on its way out of the nefarious demented cesspool of the current political environment and into the disinfectant light of an honest and fair system of legal, political and presidential leadership that serves everyone, not just the self-centered and self-serving elitist rich and powerful.
~ finis

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