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     Master Numerologist Go Here
     Author Titles. Go Here
     Founder & Grand Master, the Karate Institute of America and the Kiado-Ryu Martial Arts System
     Grandmaster King's Martial Arts Page
     Singer/Songwriter/Performer/Poet. Go Here
     Actor. Go Here
     Executive Producer/Host (Public Access TV): The Mane Stage; Black Belt Master's Showcase; Horizons 2000;
     Internet Radio: The King's Numerology - Discovering the Divine Design of Your Life

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Karate Institute of America (KIA) & Kiado-Ryu System: Orange County, CA., from 1979-Present. Founder & Chief Instructor. KingsKarate.net  &bnsp;  Kiado-Ryu.com

Kiado-Ryu:  Designed this system of martial arts which incorporates an extensive curriculum of the following: Basic fundamentals, Forms (kata),
Fighting (street & competitive), Weapons (bo, cane, nunchaku, sai, kubotan, knife), Self-defense technique, Extemporaneous combat.

Black Belts:  Produced sixty-three (63) to date; average study time from beginner to Black Belt, six years. A complete listing is Here.

Competitive History:  #1 rated weapons, fighting and forms competitor on a national level, 1989 & 1993, NASKA
(North American Sport Karate Association); ‘Internationals’ Forms Champion, 1990; Southern California Forms Champion, 1986
Fifty-Three Championships at the Black Belt level; six All-Around Grand Championships; students have garnered over three-hundred championships,
including Four National Championships.

Training:  Kenpo systems - Tracy Brothers & Ed Parker.
Note: See more martial arts Here and Here


Guest Author: (Radio/TV) (2010 to present)
Host & Executive Producer: (Radio) "The King's Numerology: Discovering the Divine Design of Your Life." (January-April 2010; Souls Journey Radio)
Host & Executive Producer: (TV) "The Mane Stage" 2005 (equine variety television show; (9 Episodes)
Host & Executive Producer: (TV) "Black Belt Masters Showcase" & "Horizons 2000" (22 Episodes; 1996-1997)
Host & Producer: (TV) "Around the Town": Saddleback College TV (1995-1996)

Acting: (TV-CBS) The character of 'Daryl'; The Bold and the Beautiful.    Pics & Clips Here


Master Numerologist. Developed The  King’s Numerology system as a result of personal research since 1980.

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The King’s Book of Numerology, Volume I, Foundations & Fundamentals. Link is HERE
The King’s Book of Numerology, Volume II, Forecasting: Part 1. Link is HERE
The King’s Book of Numerology, Volume 3, Master Numbers. Link is HERE
The King’s Book of Numerology, Volume 4, Intermediate Principles. Link is HERE
The King’s Book of Numerology, Volume 5, IR Sets - Level 1. Link is HERE
Destinies of the Rich & Famous: The Secret Numbers of Extraordinary Lives. Link is HERE
Your Love Numbers: Discovering the Secrets of Your Life, Loves and Relationships. Link is HERE
The Age of the Female: A Thousand Years of Yin. Link is HERE
Blueprint of a Princess: Diana Frances Spencer - Queen of Hearts. Link is HERE
Parenting Wisdom for the 21st Century- Raising Your Children by Their Numbers to Achieve Their Highest Potential Link is HERE


The Black Belt Book of Life: Secrets of a Martial Arts Master. Link is HERE
Parenting Wisdom - What to Teach the Children Link is HERE

The Age of the Female II: Heroines of the Shift. Link is HERE
Messages from the Masters: Timeless Truths for Spiritual Seekers. Link is HERE
99 Poems of the Spirit. Link is HERE
The Galactic Transcripts. Link is HERE


Music: Echoes From The Heart - CD of original King songs. Link is HERE
Spoken Word: Poems of the Spirit - CD of original King poems. Link is HERE
Spoken Word: Priceless Poetry & Prose - CD of Dramatizations of Famous Literary Works from Shakespeare, Lincoln, Henry, Tennyson and others. Link is HERE
Spoken Word: Priceless Poetry & Prose II - CD of Selected Works of Edgar Allan Poe: The Raven, Ulalume, Eldorado, The Bells, and more. Link is HERE
CDs Page Here


TELEVISION - CBS - The character of 'Daryl' - The Bold and the Beautiful   Pics & Clips Here

Main Stage: Shakespeare, “As You Like It”, Jacques
Studio Theater: “Pride of the Pharaoh’s Garden”, Lead


English – Bachelor of Arts – San Jose State University
Military Science – minor - San Jose State University
Education – Lifetime Standard Secondary Teaching Credential - San Jose State University
Real Estate – Associate of Arts – San Jose City College
Radio/TV/Film – Associate of Arts –  conc: video production - Saddleback College


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