of the


copyright 1988 Richard Andrew King

It stands, unyielding, to an ever-present flow of suppliants:

It beckons, calling and challenging those whose spirit would be tested in the fire:

It rewards and holds within its bosom and on its face
those individuals who came to challenge and to conquer
and prove their spirit equal to the task:

It honors and presents forever to the world
those collective souls whose spirits would never die,
would never yield to the fire of its own relentless spirit;

It stands as a grand and noble legacy for grand and
noble conquerors - Black Belts of the Kiado-Ryu.
It is their exclusive right, their exclusive heritage,
their exclusive destiny.
It is undeniably and unquestionably
their WALL.

copyright 1988 Richard Andrew King

They have come in multitudes, for decades.
Through their sweat, blood, tears,
hopes and dreams they have come --
seeking, striving to reach a pinnacle
only few have conquered;
seeking to rise above the mediocre and mundane
to stand apart in triumph!

But The Wall, standing as an edifice to courage,
determination and the substance
of a relentless spirit,
has broken all but just a few --
the few who could not be broken;
the few who would not be broken;
the few who can truly claim to be named
Black Belts of the Kiado-Ryu!

Year-1st Dan
64 Tristan Ligtvoet Raptor 2015 3rd Dan-15 Dec. 2019; 4th Dan-16 Dec. 2021
63 Kim Thomas Cultivator 2007 5th Dan-Master, 2015-Historic First
62 Mike Benedict Shooter 2006 2nd Dan
61 Jeff Norman Boa 2003 2nd Dan
60 James Griffin Psycho 2000 1st Dan
59 Greg Benedict Earthquake 1999 1st Dan
58 Gwen Ryan Hobbes  1998 2nd Dan-1st Female
57 Tejas Maniar Wolverine  1998 1st Dan
56 Pratik Patel Cheetah  1998 1st Dan
55 Anna Griffin Wildcat 1998 1st Dan
54 Lee Murray Strings 1998 1st Dan
53 Adam Tichy Cobra 1998 1st Dan
52 Thomas Lindsey Draco  1997 1st Dan
51 Todd Norman Bufo  1997 2nd Dan
50 Terry Bass Slider 1997 1st Dan
49 Mike Watson Pooh 1997 1st Dan
48 Doug Krause Pinky 1997 1st Dan
47 Sergio Flores Socco 1997 1st Dan
46 Elizabeth Eckes Quasar 1996 1st Dan
45 Steve Harrison Shadow 1996 1st Dan
44 Justin Brown Great White 1996 1st Dan
43 Taka Wada Wadachild 1996 1st Dan
42 Dave Sampson Rugman 1996 1st Dan
41 Vince Weber Sly 1996 1st Dan, Deceased-2006
40 Jeffrey Weber Fireball 1996 1st Dan
39 Steven Vertun Coyote 1995 1st Dan
38 Lyle Peterson Boomer 1995 1st Dan
37 Heather Corn Burner 1995 1st Dan
36 Christopher Grau Growler 1995 5th Dan, Master 14 July 2022
35 Geoffrey Keith Cazh 1995 1st Dan
34 Paul Daniels Tron 1994 2nd Dan
33 Phillip Sampson Ringer 1994 1st Dan
32 David Keith Technician 1994 1st Dan
31 Jason Karuza Buzzard 1994 1st Dan
30 Jonathan Kuai Poison 1994 1st Dan
29 Dr. Tim Huston Chief 1994 1st Dan
28 Jerry Alston Shuto 1994 1st Dan
27 Liz Harkins Panther 1993 1st Dan
26 Geoffrey Huston Eagle 1993 1st Dan
25 Dr. Tim McCord Odin 1993 2nd Dan
24 Derek Berg D.B. 1992 1st Dan
23 Brent Berg B.B. 1992 1st Dan
22 Eric Tan E.T. 1992 2nd Dan
21 Kurt Hoberg Raphael 1992 1st Dan
20 Doug McGregor Doc 1992 1st Dan
19 David Mooney Nails 1991 2nd Dan
18 Jeffrey Kelly Chainsaw 1991 1st Dan
17 Dr. D. Shoemaker Rhino 1991 1st Dan, Deceased
16 Clark Hyman Flash 1991 1st Dan
15 Jason Brown J.B. 1990 1st Dan
14 Greg Bendel Maddog 1990 2nd Dan
13 Genny Edge Cougar 1990 1st Dan
12 Rose Hoberg Renegade 1990 1st Dan
11 Dr. Ken (Rogers) Anderson Ramjet 1990 1st Dan
10 Eric Vind E.V. 1990 1st Dan, Deceased-2005
9 Rod Hickman Rock 1990 1st Dan, Deceased-2006
8 Dan Asay Basai 1989 4th Dan
7 Don Quinn Quindar 1988 1st Dan
6 Bob Schreck Grinder 1988 2nd Dan
5 Colin Lee Semi 1988 1st Dan
4 J. Williamson J.W. 1985 1st Dan
3 Dr. Milt Jacobson Super Zedha 1985 1st Dan
2 Jerry Gentry Bones 1985 2nd Dan, Deceased-19 Sept. 2012
1 Steven Ho Widi 1984 3rd Dan