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EVERY AGE HAS ITS LEGENDS AND EVERY COUNTRY ITS HEROES. During America's Wild West era, no one was more famous or more iconic than James Butler Hickok, aka Wild Bill Hickok.

As we know, the numerology charts of powerful personalities always manifest powerful numbers. That's the beauty of numbers. They're timeless and universal, as well as being a-political, a-racial, a-cultural, a-sexual, a-national. Uninfluenced by external forces, numbers are pure representations of reality from age to age, time to time, for all time. Wild Bill Hickok was a legend in his own time, a bigger-than-life gunslinger, gambler, lawman, soldier and scout whose numbers validate his fame and iconic legend throughout the corridors of historic time.

However, what Wild Bill Hickok's numbers also do is, once more, confirm that the blueprints of our destinies are by design, numerical design, echoing the truth of the King's Numerology™ that Numbers were before man was, and that, as Pythagoras clearly stated, Numbers rule the universe; everything is arranged according to number and mathematical shape. "Everything" includes the destinies of individuals. Wild Bill Hickok's life, as all of our lives, was no exception to the divinely structured law of this creation.

Pearl Handle Revolvers

Wild Bill Hickok - Basic Matrix

Wild Bill Hickok's Basic Matrix is powerful indeed, reflecting the force of his presence in the Wild West of the mid 19th Century. An entire numerology book could easily be written on Hickok's life, as with any person. However, simply focusing on his Basic Matrix gives us enough information to confirm the connection between his numbers and his fame.

James Butler Hickok was born on 27 May 1837 and died on 2 August 1876 at the age of 39. Of the seven Basic Matrix components, six are master numbers, and they're powerful master numbers.

  • 33-6 Lifepath
  • 66-3 Expression
  • 99-9 Performance/Experience (PE or ROPE)
  • 11-2 Soul
  • 44-8 Material Soul (MS)
  • 1 Nature
  • 88-7 Material Nature (MN)

The Master Divine Triangle & Umbrella

The Umbrella is composed of the Lifepath, Expression and Performance/Experience (PE) components. It represents the outer life.

The Divine Triangle is composed of the single numbers 3-6-9. In Hickok's chart, each of these three numbers is rooted in a master number, thus generating a Master Divine Triangle of 33-6 for his Lifepath, 66-3 for his Expression, and 99-9 for his PE, or more simply ciphered as 33-66-99. This is huge and hugely powerful.

Wild Bill Hickok has often been described as a "pretty man" who liked to be noticed. From his duckbill hat to his flowing hair to his flamboyant wardrobe choices and pearl handle revolvers — normally tucked in his sash rather than in holsters, he certainly couldn't be overlooked. No one stood out in a crowd more than Wild Bill.

Both the 33-6 and the 66-3 reflect his image. The #3 is the primary energy of image and beauty. Multiply it eleven times to generate a 33 and, well, you get the picture, an unmistakable picture. This 33-6/66-3 mirrored sibling duo is often reflected in the charts of talented and beautiful people. Do the names Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe ring any bells?

Both the 33-6 and 66-3 energy also indicate a love of love and pleasure. Wild Bill had a penchant for the ladies, for gambling and for partying.

But the key to Wild Bill's massive national and global fame (yes, he was known globally) is his 99-9 PE. No single number is more powerful and universal than the #9. No master number is more massively famous than the 99-9. It is as big as it gets. Albert Einstein, Amelia Earhart, Elvis Presley, Garth Brooks, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to name a few, all have the 99-9 energy in their charts. To be sure, Wild Bill Hickok was a member of the elite and esteemed 99-9 club back in his day of the Wild West. Indeed, numbers transcend time, nationality, culture, race, religion, gender, age.

11-2 Soul

A 2 Soul, which invariably has an 11 root, defines Hickok's most primal needs, wants, desires and motivations which manifest in the realm of others, relationships of all kinds, opposition, competition, support, interference, war, peace, etc. — both sides of the same coin.

A positive 2 Soul would account for him being a protector of others, defending them from bullies, being a lawman and enjoying the pleasure of women who are, naturally, ruled by the 2 energy.

44-8 Material Soul (MS)

The 44-8 master number is common to generals, CEOs, managers, organizers, etc. With the 44-8 in his Material Soul (MS), Hickok had a desire to be the one in control, to manage others, to be a sheriff and protector. General George Patton, Douglas MacArthur, Ulysses S. Grant and Thomas Jefferson are just a few people who have the 44-8 energy in their charts. These souls wanted command (8) of the order (4). They are the engagers, the organizers, the connectors.

In conjunction with his 2 Soul, his 44-8 Material Soul gave Hickok a powerful drive and desire to engage and connect, and as his history has proven he certainly was not afraid to engage others, especially the bad guys, as witnessed by the number of men he killed during his life. In fact, it has been noted that Hickok was the godfather of the "gun fight in the street," which has been popularized by Hollywood ever since western movies have been made.

1 Nature

What is extremely interesting regarding Wild Bill Hickok's life is that his Soul Layers house the social energies of the 2 and 8 but his Nature Layers house the 1 and 7 — energies in direct opposition to his Soul's desires. In effect, Hickok had to be an internally conflicted man because of these opposing forces. How interesting it would have been to discuss this aspect of his life with him.

The 1 Nature makes Hickok his own man, a maverick, lone wolf. Although his 2 Soul sought relationship, his 1 Nature sought individuality and independence. The #1 is fire; the #2 is water. The #1 is masculine; the #2 is feminine. The #1 is self; the #2 is others. The #1 is logic; the #2 is emotion. The #1 is independence; the #2 is dependence. Undoubtedly, with such opposing forces, Hickok was conflicted his whole life.

88-7 Material Nature (MN)

To compound his 1 Nature, Hickok's Material Nature (MN) is a 7 with an 88 root. No number is more solitary and internal than the 7. The 88-7 is deeply connective internally but because the 7 and 8 are themselves oppositional, Hickok was also torn in relation to his own self.

Furthermore, the 1 and 7 combination is the most solo and solitary of all numeric duos. The 2 and 8 are totally social. These oppositional energies, especially in the Soul and Nature Layers, make Wild Bill Hickok a conundrum, which he probably never solved within himself but, at the same time, created a mystique about him that launched him into fame and immortality as a true legend of the Wild West.

Aces & Eights - Two Pair; Dead Man's Hand

Wild Bill Hickok was assassinated by a fellow gambler, Jack McCall, on 2 August 1876, Deadwood, Dakota Territory, by a point blank gunshot to the back of his head while playing poker. McCall was ultimately found guilty and executed by hanging.

The card hand that Hickok held at the time of his death was a pair of aces and eights, infamously known after the fact as the dead man's hand. Interestingly, these two aces and eights generate a 9 energy in reduction — the exact number of Wild Bill Hickok's life PE!

Hickok's Memorial Plaque - The State of Illinois

Hickok's Star on the Texas Trail of Fame


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