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Numerology of a Loving Leader

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POPE FRANCIS is the spiritual leader of the Catholic Church and, arguably, one of the most popular Popes in recent history. Titled also as the Bishop of Rome and Sovereign of Vatican City, Pope Francis was born as Jorge Mario Bergoglio on 17 December 1936 (Wikipedia).

The persona he exudes in the photo above - joyous, uplifting, loving, approachable and ebullient - clearly reflects his numbers, which also reflect his status as a true spiritual leader.

Pope Francis - Basic Matrix

The Basic Matrix of this 266th leader of Catholicism is quite revealing, especially regarding the master numbers.

The Number 3

First, notice the number 3 in his Lifepath, Expression and 33 master root in his 6 PE (Performance/Experience) - the role of his life. The number 3 represents the Divine Triangle - Father, Son, Holy Ghost; Master, Disciple, Word; Body, Mind, Spirit; Father, Mother, Child. The symbol for the number 3 is the triangle.

Of all the numbers of the Alpha-Numeric Spectrum (single numbers 1-9), the number 3 represents life, joy, children, communication, happiness and well-being more than any other cipher. Pope Francis' personality radiates such joy and goodness, as is obvious.

The master number 33 in his PE generates a 6 - the symbol of which is the heart. It represents personal love, harmony, nurturing. The 33 itself is the energy of the master communicator. The throngs of people lining the streets of the United States during his September visit in 2015 are a testimony to his love-filled communication.

The trimaster 111 root in his Expression (from his full birth name) is filled with fire, action, independence, leadership. The number 1 also represents the father, leader, pioneer, thus filling his loving communication and persona with the energy of the one in charge, the one who directs, the one who leads.

The Number 8 - Soul Energy

Engagement, interaction, connection, involvement - these are hallmarks of the number 8, which is the highest social number of the social numbers: 2-4-6-8. The number 8 is also the manager, the coordinator and orchestrator. Because the 8 occupies his Soul component, Pope Francis has a basic need, want, desire and motivation to connect with people, which is one of his most endearing traits. It drives his security protectors crazy but people love him for it.

The 11-2 - Material Soul Energy

As is obvious during his visit, Pope Francis is also extremely personal, often exiting his Popemobile to physically touch and engage his flock, placing his own safety in jeopardy. Yet, how can he escape his energies? He can't. Each of us is the manifestation of our numbers, and his 8 Soul and 11-2 Material Soul drive him to seek personal (2) engagement and involvement (8) with his followers.

22-4 - Nature

The 22-4 is known as the Master Builder energy in numerology. It builds (4) through relationship (22). The 22-4 represents all things of structure, duty, discipline, control, organization, work, effort, security and service. Thus, it is in Pope Francis' basic nature to be dutiful, of service to humanity, the one who symbolizes the roots of his life and work.

88-7 - Material Nature

No number is more spiritually powerful than the 88-7. As we've seen, the 8 wants to engage and interact. The 7 is the most internally driven of the nine basic energies. It represents the spirit and spirituality, religion, reflection, self-examination, discretion, wisdom, sagacity. 7s love their solitude, and even though Pope Francis loves to connect with people, he also is reserved, poised, quiet.

The 66-3

Pope Francis' Crown Pinnacle - the highest aspect of his Life Matrix houses a 9/(3)/66-3 energy. Here we see the most universal, public and powerful of the basic numbers - the 9 - filtering through his 3 Expression to generate the richly loving 66-3 master lover vibration. It is specifically this 66-3 that gives love (66) to his words (3). Thus, his life's principle role at this time of his life is to love through communication.

The 55-1

The master number 55-1 represents the rebel, the revolutionary, the one who does what he wants to do. Ask any security individual charged with his protection and Pope Francis' uncontrollability is a trait that most concerns those charged with his protection.

In summary, and because Pope Francis is such a dramatically powerful individual and religious leader, it is clear that his destiny and personality are exactly what his numbers reflect. And so it is with every one of us on the planet. We are our numbers. We speak our numbers, and we cannot escape our numbers. Hence the emphatic declaration from Pythagoras twenty-five hundred years ago . . .

Numbers rule the universe. Everything is arranged
according to number and mathematical shape

~ finis

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