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IN NUMEROLOGY THERE ARE TWO NUMBERS that define conflict and chaos more than any other numbers. Simply, they are the 2 and 7; specifically, the 11 and the 16 — the latter being the transition roots of the single numbers 2 and 7 respectively.

This calendar year, 2016, is the quintessential conflation of these two potentially challenging energies. The United States Presidential election is just one glaring example of this duo. BREXIT in Great Britain was another. The great European migration still another. The violent attacks at Ohio State University (OSU) on 28 November, Monday, the latest but not the last.

The thing to remember is that the numbers of 2016 represent energies, energies which morph into the visible and concrete conditions of our lives and experiences. As the King's Numerology relentlessly points out, nothing is happenstance in this world. There is a design to all things, a design openly displayed in numbers — the divine coding system of life and destiny.

Regarding the energies of 2016, they're here and they're not going away. We either deal with them or be destroyed by them, but we cannot change them. To demonstrate and remonstrate against them is a refutation of the natural order of life. There are no safe zones in this world or in this creation. Maturity demands we acknowledge the reality of what is rather than childishly wishing for what might be.

Now to be clear, all numbers have two sides — one positive; one negative. In one aspect, the 2 represents perfect balance and peace at its zenith. However, it also represents imbalance and war at its nadir. The 7 exemplifies perfect centeredness and bliss at its apex but decenteredness and chaos at its nadir. Furthermore, every human being on the planet has both the 2 and 7 in their charts; some more than others, but they're still there. Thus, managing our lives rests in our ability to manage the polarities of both the 2 and 7 in the full range of their expressions. This is why knowing the numbers specific to each of our lives is important. Knowledge is power; ignorance is disaster.

As for the year 2016, it is as it is — a conjunction of the 2 and 7 (specifically the 20 and 16). This is why there has been so much division, disturbance and chaos this year. Confliction and chaos joined together is discomforting, to say the least. In fact, the energies of 2016 won't resurface again until the years 2079, 2088 and 2097. Why? Because the binaries of 79, 88 and 97 all have a 16 transition root. This means that the world won't have anything like this year for another 63 years. However, from then on every nine years until the turn of the century the Great Purifier's 16 energy will be active. For more information on the number 16, read The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 1 - Foundations and Fundamentals available at Amazon and at

Managing the 2 and 7 Energies

Given the disruptive and chaotic mixture of 2016, how do we cope? Following are a few ideas. As a note, managing the energies of 2016 begins within ourselves first. If we passively wait until the entire world gets on board with acting on them (the energies of 2016) rather than reacting to them, we'll never succeed.

  • Understand this dimension. We live in a bi-polar creation and are transiting a bi-polar millennium. In other words, a stacked environment of oppositional, confrontational, divisive, antagonistic energy. This is not "Barbi Doll Land" or "Pollyannaville." Nor is it a land of make-believe, snow cones, carnival rides, rainbows, bouncy houses, cup cakes, cotton candy, and safe zones. There is nothing safe about this dimension or this world or this life. Nor will there ever be. The mature adult mind understands this and adjusts; the immature adolescent mind throws temper-tantrums, rails against it, remains recalcitrant and creates negative karma in the process.

  • Understand time. Know where we are now in numeric/cosmic time, i.e., 2016. Realize and comprehend its energies. They are real, not illusory. Deal with them. Manage them. Don't cry or whine about them. When a hurricane, forest fire, earthquake or tsunami is upon us, doing nothing will be lethal. We must take protective action.

  • Stay Balanced. Fight imbalance. This is not easy. Try standing on one leg for any length of time. It's difficult, even painstaking, but there is no other choice. Balance is not passive. It is an active process that demands concentration and focus on keeping the different aspects of our lives in alignment — emotionally, psychologically, financially, familially, physically and spiritually. Once we get out of balance, we're in trouble. Just look at the world. It's totally out of balance and the result is obvious, but that does not mean we have to be out of balance just because the world is. Each of us must take charge of ourselves; not wait for others or the masses to wake up to reality and play catch up.

    Some suggestions . . .

    Avoid highs and lows. Check yourself when you're getting out of control. Count to 10; maybe a 100 if need be, but don't "lose it." Becoming hysterical, overly emotional or enraged will serve no useful purpose. Good decisions, wise decisions, emanate from a calm, stable, sentient mind.

    Maintain control from the "inside out" rather than the "outside in." Don't let external circumstances control you. You control them. If we allow outside forces to control us, we become puppets, not masters of our own selves.

    Consider living a life of abstinence regarding alcohol and drugs. Frankly, these substances compromise our ability to think clearly and make wise, healthful choices, potentially imbalancing us and placing us in destructive and dangerous predicaments.

    Regarding diet, keep a watchful eye on "calories in - calories out." It's really easy to gain weight if we're not conscious of what we're eating. If we eat too much and gain too much weight, health problems can, and most likely will, become problematic for us, inhibiting our ability to have a balanced life and all of the joys such a life offers. Plus, it's a lot harder to get the weight off once it's on. A little discipline and self-control go a long way to keeping us balanced.

    Make exercise an habitual part of life. It's good for the body, mind and spirit. It's not as if we're living in a formaldehyde test tube. We do have a body, and that body requires exercise to maintain its health. Avoiding exercise will ultimately compromise our balance and well-being. Pay now or suffer later. It's an individual choice.

  • Stay Centered.

  • Remain "God centered." Whether you believe in God or not, it is an indisputable fact that some intelligence created us. We didn't create ourselves. That Creator is what we call God. We have an innate connection to this Source. It is truly omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent. The first principle in staying centered is to remain anchored in its Reality, in recognizing its presence and eternal power. When we stray from that Reality and lose conscious contact with it, we falter and fall.

    On a more mundane note, consider the image of a hurricane with its swirling destructive winds rotating around the perfect calm of its eye. When the whirlwinds and worldwinds of our life beset us, we need to move to the center of the hurricane, i.e., the eye of the storm. In real actions this means to be calm within our own selves, our own center. Meditation or simply being still and gathering our thoughts will help us return to center. Discipline will help us stay there.

    Another image that may help calm the agitated waters of our emotions is to visualize an absolutely calm, ripple-free pond, so calm and still it appears as a glass mirror. Because our adult bodies are around 70% water, and our emotions are "water-based," visualizing an image of perfectly still water will help stabilize us, recenter us.

    These are just a few ideas of how to stay centered. The main thing to remember is to take action. Don't wait until the world or its masses become balanced and centered. They won't. We must take control of ourselves individually because the fundamental fact of life is that this is our life and it is our responsibility. No one else's.

In closing, this thought from one of the greatest minds in human history, Pythagoras, who said . . .

No man is free who cannot control himself.


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