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Former FBI Director Jim Comey
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Date of this article's publication: 12 May 2017

This article is neither intended to extol nor defame Jim Comey.
Its purpose is to show the relationship between his life events and
his numbers in order to advance The King's Numerology as a science.

There are no coincidences . . . We call it just coincidence, but there are
no coincidences. We may think that people are suffering unjustly,
but they are all reaping the fruits of their own karmas.

~ Saint Charan Singh - 20th Century

HERE WE GO AGAIN! Another prominent individual joins the ranks of the 16-7 Great Purifier club! This time it is the now former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Jim Comey. And, once again, The King's Numerology is not interested in the whys, wherefores, players and politics of Comey's termination but rather the numeric energies underlying his dismissal.

Pundits, partisan politicians, commentators, newscasters, reporters, buddies, pals and cronies can all scream, shout, holler, rant, rave, point fingers, cast aspersions, lie, cheat, deceive, mislead, and engage in puerile mindless mudslinging; dilapidated, tiresome, hackneyed hyperbole, and disingenuous faux hysteria, but the simple truth — and it is simple — is that Jim Comey's ouster as Director of the FBI was preordained even before his birth due to the absolute law of karma. Nothing is coincidental in this universe. As Saint Charan Singh states, We call it coincidence, but there are no coincidences.

Jim Comey was born James Brien Comey Jr. on 14 December 1960 (Wikipedia). Without getting into the weeds, there are three sets of numeric energies germane to Comey's release which comprise the primary threads of his departure. They are:
  1. Hepstack (seven stack) of 16-7 energy
  2. Hexstack (six stack) of 8 void energy
  3. A Tristack (three stack) of the 4/(5)/9 IR Set energy


How many times has the 16-7 Great Purifier number appeared in people's lives when turmoil occurs? Answer: every time. The extent of the turmoil depends on stacking — the simultaneous concentration of the same numeric energy. As The King's Numerology teaches, the 16-7 energy forces us to reconcile our negative karma, balance the karmic books, set the record straight, pay our debts, all the while forcing us to endure the heat of the boiling pot of purification.

At the time of his firing as the FBI Director, Jim Comey had a hepstack of 16-7 energy in his chart. Whom do you know who recently also had 16-7 stacking when they underwent a firing or defeat? If you've read some of the latest King's Numerology articles you would say Hillary Clinton and Bill O'Reilly and you would be right. You would also know that Kim Jong Un has a 16-7 hepstack coming in his natal September of 2017.

As history has recorded, none of these individuals did any celebrating during their 16-7 experiences. And, frankly, none of us who have had to endure periods of 16-7 stacking were jumping for joy and popsicles either. The 16-7 has the distinction of being the energy of purifying reconciliation and spiritual testing. It represents the bitter, distasteful and often painful reaping of our previous bitter, distasteful and painful sowing either in this life or a previous life. And . . . no one is exempt from reaping their sowing, no one. Understanding this reality should give any sentient soul pause for deep reflection, behavioral modification and potential correction. The lesson — If we don't want to suffer in time, we mustn't do the crime.

As we know, stacking creates intensity. Comey's 16-7 hepstack at the time of his firing follows:
  1. Crown Challenge is a 2/(5)/16-7
  2. Age Timeline of 56 is a 2/(5)/16-7
  3. Lifetime Monthly Timeline (LMT) is a 2/(5)/16-7
  4. Age Timeline Cycle Month is a 16-7/(5)/3
  5. Crown Epoch (year of birth-1960) is a 16-7/(5)/3
  6. Federal Bureau of Investigation: 16-7 Expression
  7. FBI Director is a 1. When combined with his 15-6 Lifepath, the ensuing PE is an 88v-16-7. General Lifepath is a 24; General Expression is a 64; 24 + 64 = 88v-16-7.


A voided 8 (no Hs, Qs or Zs in the natal name) often manifests as an inability to connect-the-dots in the flow of life, relationships, management, etc. Simply, 8 voided people are prone to having an innate challenge to see and understand interactive reality. There is a real danger inherent in the 8 void (ciphered as 8v) as far as mismanaging, miscalculating, misreading, being inconsistent and dropping the ball are concerned. An 8v can be likened to faulty wiring in a vehicle or no wiring at all.

Jim Comey's history clearly reveals his inability to manage the FBI in such a way as to gain the confidence of the American people, sans political affiliation. It is his 8 void hexstack that played a major role in his demise and, arguably, his 8 void was the foundation for his 16-7 troubles. In other words, if he had had an 8 in his natal name, he most likely would have been a better manager and, hence, not have the troubles he brought upon himself.
  1. Material Soul: 44-8v
  2. Crown Pinnacle: 3/(5)/8v
  3. Personal Year Timeline (PTL) at age 56: 8v/(5)/4
  4. PTL Universal month: 3/(5)/8v
  5. FBI Director & Comey's Expression: 8 void Material Soul
  6. FBI Director & Comey's Expression: 8 void Nature


The 4/(5)/9 energy references issues of work, stability, dependability, trustworthiness (4) filtering through an energy field of change and loss (5) to generate endings and terminations (9).
  1. PTL Cycle month
  2. UTL Universal month
  3. Monthly Cycle Pattern (MCP)
This 4/(5)/9 tristack is not enough to create the kind of turmoil besetting Jim Comey at the time of his dismissal. The 4/(5)/9 is very common and though it does represent changes and endings, it doesn't reflect turmoil, suffering, sorrow and chaos in and of itself. However, when combined with appreciable 16-7 stacking and 8 void stacking, then it does play a role, albeit a minor one.


As Jim Comey's chart reveals, it is a mixture of energies that, together, create the warp and woof of destiny. The more saturated the energies, the more intense the reality they create. Yet, as we have been chronicling in prior articles, the number 16-7 when stacked is highly problematic and portends varying degrees of turmoil, trouble and chaos. Other numeric factors do play their parts, but the 16-7 Great Purifier is always the hub of the Wheel of Woe.

These articles are not intended to point fingers at people's wrong doing or highlighting their faults. We all have faults, failings, sins and short comings. What they are intended to do is highlight the connection between our natal data, the numbers associated with them and our destinies in the hopes of broadening and deepening our understanding of Reality so that we can correct our behaviors in present time so they don't bite us in future time.

Too, if we're going to traverse a mine field, would it not be better to know where the mines and trip wires are? Would it not be wise to know our weaknesses and strengths in order to better manage our lives for the entirety of those lives? Why would any clear thinking and forward looking soul want to travel the path of destiny blindfolded? It takes wisdom and courage to look at ourselves dispassionately and fix what is broken in us. Would it also be wise and courageous to consult the blueprint of our destiny to help us lead a better, more balanced and salutary life? We can go through life blind or we can go through life with clear vision. The choices . . . and their consequences . . . remain solely our responsibility, and when the negative reaping of our negative sowing befalls us, we cannot, nor have any right to, blame others for our misfortune for we are, truthfully and indisputably, the makers of our destiny.
~ finis

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