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The formula for success is simple: practice and concentration,
then more practice and more concentration.

~ Babe Didrikson

BABE DIDRIKSON—GREATEST FEMALE ATHLETE OF ALL TIME? Given her profound professional accomplishments across multiple sports platforms of basketball, baseball, track and field and golf, not to mention her off-the-chart numerological energies, how could she not be? Frankly, as far as the King's Numerology™ is concerned, Babe Didrikson was, and still is, in a league of her own as the greatest female athlete of all time, and her numbers prove it. Just take a look at her Basic Matrix below. It is absolutely stunning, a veritable powerhouse of master energy worthy of the historic and incomparable legacy Babe Didrikson created during her short life span of forty-five years.

The Three 44-8 Masters

Didrikson's life lessons (Lifepath), the reality of her life (Performance/Experience or PE) and primal desires (Soul) were saturated by the 44-8 Master number— the energy of structural integration, orchestration, coordination, engagement and flow. To have one 44-8 in one component of the Basic Matrix is one thing; to have two is highly unusual, but to have three is extremely rare.

The 44-8 energy is often seen in the charts of great leaders, generals, managers and CEOs. The 8 energy combines the 44's structural components and is responsible for their coordination and flow. The triune 44-8 energy in Didrikson's Basic Matrix is the foundational reason for her great athletic prowess and control of her body across all sports platforms.

Elementally, the 44-8 Master energy is purely earth-based. It is grounded, stable, secure, strong, determined, rooted. The 4 and 8 are both earth signs.

The 55-1 Master

No Master number speaks more to being a revolutionary pioneer than the 55-1. It is the only pure fire binary master number. Both the 5 and 1 are fire signs. Together, they combine to create an energy that is hot, active, independent, free, unchained, diverse, initiatory and uncontrollable. With the 55-1 in her Nature, Didrikson was a one-of-a-kind rebel, leader and trend-setter. Without a doubt, she set the stage and illuminated the way for others to follow. This pioneering-leadership component of her nature accentuates and corroborates her position as the greatest female athlete of all time. Can the fruit of the tree really be greater than the tree from which it sprang?

The 88-7 Master

The 88-7 Master indicates internal assessment (7) and external orchestration (88). Interestingly, both the 7 and 8 are void in her birth name, and given her success, she worked hard at this aspect of her life. Her quote above regarding practice and concentration, then more practice and more concentration speaks directly to this 7-8 void combination. Some people ignore their voids; some act on their negative side and some, like Didrikson, work diligently to fill up the missing energy.

The Two 99-9 Masters

No Master number is more powerful than the 99-9. It is dominant. If one number were chosen to represent the energy of victory, it is the 9. The 99 Master is eleven times 9. To have dual 99-9s representing her Expression (full birth name) and her Material Nature (worldly personality-MN) makes Didrikson a veritable dynamo and daunting competitor.

The #9 houses all numbers within it. Therefore, there was no sport that Babe Didrikson could not conquer or succeed in. Furthermore, the last number any competitor would want their adversary to possess is the 99-9 because of its inherent power. And Didrikson had two! Scary.

Didrikson's three 44-8 masters, her 55-1 master, 88-7 master and 99-9 masters reveal a woman of extreme capability and power; an athlete who was exceptionally coordinated, methodical, smart, dominant, competitively ruthless, universal and a pioneer of incredible prowess. Who has these kinds of numbers? Only those of uncompromising capability, that's who, and Babe Didrikson was one of those individuals. In fact, she was that individual, which is why she is the greatest female athlete of all time.


Didrikson was an outstanding athlete in many sports in her high school days. Basketball (her best sport), baseball, tennis, swimming and volleyball — were all within the realm of her remarkable athleticism. Between 1930 and 1932, Didrikson played for the Golden Cyclone basketball team in Dallas. As a three time AAU All-American, she led her team to a national championship in 1931, often scoring thirty or more points when a team score of twenty was respectable.

Such an achievement is noteworthy, but Babe's influence did not contain itself to basketball. When she was in Dallas, she also competed in softball and batted a walloping .400 — as a pitcher no less! How often does any baseball player ever hit .400, let alone a pitcher?

What is more remarkable are Didrikson's track and field endeavors. During an AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) track meet in Evanston, Illinois, on 16 July 1932, Babe shocked the nation when, as the sole member of the Golden Cyclone Track and Field team, she scored thirty points and won the national championship — as a team of one! Coming in second place was the Illinois Women's Athletic Club with twenty-two points and twenty members! Unbelievable!

Babe Didrikson's efforts were Herculean. She won six gold medals and broke four world records (javelin, high jump, baseball throw and 80 meter hurdles) in three hours on a single afternoon, a feat never accomplished — before or since — in the annals of track and field history.

Following this stupendous showing at the AAU Championships, three weeks later Babe competed in the world's most prestigious athletic event, the Olympic Games, held in Los Angeles, California, and cemented her place in athletic history. Boldly and brashly she announced, I am out to beat everybody in sight. And she almost did, too. She won two gold medals and a silver, setting two world records in the process — one for the javelin (143 feet 4 inches) and another for the 80 meter hurdles (11.7 seconds). She nearly won a third gold medal in the high jump but, after tying teammate Jean Shiley for the gold, she had her jumping style ruled illegal and was awarded the silver medal.

Didrikson's golfing exploits were stellar. Aside from co-founding the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association), during the 1946-1947 seasons, Babe Didrikson Zaharias won 17 straight tournaments, including the British Women's Amateur — the first American to do so. Again, another athletic accomplishment unparalleled and unmatched in the history of a sport. This time, of course, the sport was golf.

What other athlete in the annals of sports history has accomplished so much across such a variety of athletic platforms? The answer is simple, no one.


Frankly, given the depth and breadth of her universal dominance, Didrikson has yet to have a rival of equal stature. This said, there are some sports analysts who believe Jackie Joyner-Kersee was the greatest female athlete of all time. Fair assessment, but Joyner's successes were primarily focused on the world of track and field. Furthermore, the power in her Basic Matrix pales in comparison to that of Didrikson. As is visible, Joyner only has one master number in her Basic Matrix, an 11, which is quite common.

When the Basic Matrices and accomplishments across all sports platforms of Didrikson and Joyner are juxtaposed, the difference is clear and unmistakable as to who has the greater power and universal prowess. It is Babe Didrikson, emphatically.

Babe Didrikson was one-of-a-kind. Her history has proven such. Too, her accomplishments were attained at a time when women in sports were much more rare than in today's world. She was a trend-setter, a leader, a pioneer of daunting ability and accomplishments unlike no other. This is why the King's Numerology™ regards Babe Didrikson as the greatest female athlete of all time, bar none.



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