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Date of Publication: 19 April 2017

The sower of the poison cannot but be engulfed in the poison.
~ Saint Dariya of Bihar

KIM JONG UN is the dictator of the Hermit Kingdom of North Korea. At thirty-three years old, Un has proven himself to be power-driven, egocentric, worldly naive, dangerously rebellious, and ruthless, a threat to his own UNdoing. What drives an individual to behave in such ways, to be so UNknowing, UNkind, UNconcerned, especially with his own people's suffering and starvation? In effect, what causes such a man to be so "UN?" His numerology allows us to UNmask the man in no UNcertain terms so there is no misUNderstanding as to who and what he is.

Basic Matrix of Kim Jong Un

There is a discrepancy regarding UN's birthday between an American version (8 January 1984) and a Swiss version (5 July 1984). The King's Numerology has chosen the birthdate of 8 January 1984 because it clearly reveals the reality and behavior of North Korea's UN dictator.

The major aspects of Kim Jong Un's Basic Matrix are four:
  1. The 9 Soul
  2. The Dual 55-1s in the PE and Material Nature
  3. The 22-4 Material Soul
  4. The 8 void
The 9 Soul
The Soul energy in any chart is, arguably, the most critical component of the Basic Matrix because it defines the primary needs, wants, desires and motivations of an individual. The #9 in The King's Numerology system is regarded as the Grand Ruler, Grand Elemental, Grand Amplifier. Therefore, a 9 Soul is all about rulership and power. The symbols for the 9 are the scepter, crown, throne and microphone. Simply stated, Kim Jong Un desires power and rulership. Because he has abused his power by not only starving his own people and murdering anyone who gets in his way of maintaining that power, including family members, he will karmically be UNdone at some point in time. What we sow, we reap, and we cannot reap what we do not sow. Therefore, UN is UNdoing himself. He will eventually become a victim of his own making for, as Saint Dariya says: The sower of the poison cannot but be engulfed in the poison.

The Dual 55-1s

The 55-1 number pattern is the only pure fire master number of the nine master binaries: 11-22-33-44-55-66-77-88-99. This is because the numbers 1 and 5 are both fire signs. The 1 represents the ego, self, action, independence, initiation, instigation, assertiveness, aggression, the maverick, rebel and lone wolf. The 55 represents freedom of movement, change, uncertainty, detachment, versatility and the senses. Combined, the 5 and 1 create the 55-1 master energy — the most mercurial, rebellious, loose canon master number. It is highly unique, wild, hard to control, and can be regarded as a law unto itself. The 55-1 can be impulsive.

The 55-1 in UN's PE indicates that his life role is to be a leader, rebel, the defiant one, the unpredictable one. Furthermore, this energy is strengthened by the 55-1 in UN's Material Nature (MN), i.e., his worldly personality. To have two or more of any number or number pattern in a chart creates stacking; stacking creates intensity. Thus, this dual 55-1 pairing in UN's chart makes him unpredictable and to some degree, a loose canon.

Together the stacked 55-1 in his PE and MN, as well as the 9 Soul make UN arrogant, overbearing, domineering, egocentric. Self and power — this is UN's reality and primal desire.

The 22-4 Material Soul

The Material Soul (MS) can be considered a person's worldly desires, needs, wants and motivations. With a 22-4 Material Soul, UN seeks money, wealth, power, order, security — financial, personal, military, political, social. As with an intrinsic desire to personally rule, UN seeks control in the areas mentioned. This 9 Soul and 22-4 Material Soul create a dangerous couplet for a man who has demonstrated evil through murder and suppression, as well as starvation, of those souls under his aegis of power. Such a nefarious violation of rulership.

The 8 void

In numerology the 8 is associated with the letters H-Q-Z. There are no Hs, Qs or Zs in the name Kim Jong Un. Hence, UN has an 8 void. One of the most problematic aspects of an 8 void (ciphered as 8v) is that it makes people think that they know when in reality they don't know that they don't know. For leaders, this is dangerous because it speaks directly to UN's ignorance, i.e., his UN-intelligence and UN-awareness of the consequences of his actions.

Furthermore, the 8 void has a major problem in connecting-the-dots of any situation. This puts UN is a precarious predicament. He thinks that he knows but he doesn't know that he doesn't know and he can't connect-the-dots of his situation. Summarily, it makes him a less than efficient manager, even a bad one, but a dangerous one nonetheless. Just think about this: UN is UNconscious about all that is happening in his world. Combined with a strong desire to seek power and wealth, as well as driven to be the rebel, he is prone to making horrendous mistakes, not only for himself but the people he is serving (and doing so badly) and for is country. He's the perfect example of an out-of-control, ignorant despot, controlled by his lust for power and self-aggrandizement, oblivious to the starving and suffering masses of North Korea.

UN's 16-7 Stacking

For those of you who followed the 2016 Presidential Election series , you know that the smoking gun in Hillary Clinton's massive loss to Donald Trump was her decastack of 16-7 energy. Well, guess what? Kim Jong Un may well be experiencing a similar misfortune. In his Annual Cycle Pattern for 2017 below, notice the 16-7 stacking, especially in September. Combined with the 1/(6)/7 Influence/Reality Set (IR Set) in his Universal and Personal Year's Timelines (UTL and PTL respectively), his September energies generate a hexstack (six stack) of 1/(15)/16-7 energy. This did not bode well for Hillary Clinton during her 1/(15)/16-7 hexstack periods, and it will, likewise, not speak well for UN. In fact, Kim Jong Un's cycle month of September 2017 will be the worst month of 2017 for him. How bad will it be? Don't know, but it will not be a month of cookies, cakes, rainbows, balloons and party favors.

But there's more. UN was born in the month of January, his second Epoch. Its timeline, notated as his 2nd ETL, is active from age 28 through age 54. UN is now 33. This twenty-seven year period of time houses another 1/(15)/16-7 IR Set. Added to his ACP hexstack, UN will have a hepstack (seven stack) of 1/(15)/16-7 energy in September. Definitely not a party month.

The numeric days during UN's September that will be critical are the 10th, 19th and 28th. Each of these days reduces to a 1 energy, as well as housing a 1 first Pinnacle (day of 1 + month 9 = 10 = 1). These three days, therefore, will generate two more 1/(15)/16-7 IR Sets (the day and the Pinnacle), bringing the total number on those days to a nanostack (nine stack) of 1/(15)/16-7. Remember, Hillary Clinton had no less than a decastack (stack of ten) of the 1/(15)/16-7 IR Set on 8 November 2016, election day, and, arguably, it was the worst day of her entire life.

April, the month of this article's publication, reveals a dual stack of 1/(15)/16-7 energy in UN's Age Timeline (ATL). When his UTL, PTL and ETL are added to his April's 1/(15)/16-7 dual stack, a quintstack is created. That's why we see so much tension now during his natal April, which began on the 8th and will continue through 7 May. UN's month of June will show challenges but nothing like his September.

Interestingly, the quadstack of 5/(6)/2 energy during April references the 5 of America, the Lifepath of the United States, her Material Soul and Donald Trump whose Expression, day of birth (14 June), and name Donald are all 5s. It's clear what Kim Jong Un is dealing with — America and her President.

The dual stack of 1/(15)/16-7 energy in the month of October following his critical month of September, combined with his quadstack of 2/(6)/8v energy reveals a large disconnect in the realm of others and relationships, as noted by the 8 void in the outcome/PE position. So whatever happens in Kim Jong Un's natal month of September will be the catalyst for the subsequent turmoil and disconnect in his October. Together, September and October for North Korea's dictator will be highly unpleasant, to say the least. Could this time period result in a coup d'état? A military defeat? An assassination akin to Julius Caesar's demise? Could the UNstable UN, in fact, start a war? At this time it's UNknown.

Will UN's 1/(15)/16-7 stacking be a matter of self-sabotage, as in the case of Hillary Clinton and her "Basket of Deplorables" comment? Maybe, but what is clear is that UN's month of September will be filled with turmoil. Will such turmoil be generated by UN himself? Will he create the 16-7 chaos in his chart at that time? Or will some outside force descend upon him as Hillary's Tsunami descended upon her? Without question, something negative is going to happen to or around Kim Jong Un from 8 September 2017 to 8 October 2017, and it won't be pleasant. Will it be UN's ultimate UNdoing? Time will tell, UNdeniably.
~ finis


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