Out of all the teachers and instructors I've studied under, Richard Andrew King is the only one that teaches his students to fly.
Adam (Frog) Mahan

My experiences at the Karate Institute of America under the teachings of Richard Andrew King were incredibly rewarding. Having studied at several other places while in the military at different stations, I had much experience in other teachings and styles to draw upon for comparison before beginning study at the KIA. There is no question in my mind that the years I spent at the KIA were the best in terms of instruction and mentoring. A black belt at the KIA is earned. It is neither bought nor given. Whether your interest be in kata, kumite, or weapons, Richard Andrew King is a Master level instructor. I will never forget what he taught me, both in skill and in mental approach to life and oneself - humility and gentleness being far more the goal to aspire to, as a manifestation of control and confidence, than pride and arrogance.

Study with Richard Andrew King if you are serious about earning and accomplishing something meaningful in your life. You will not be disappointed.

Always with respect and gratefulness to my teacher and mentor. . .

Ramjet, KIA Black Belt #11 ...on the wall
Ken Rogers Anderson, Ph.D.

Training with Richard Andrew King at the Karate Institute of America and in the Kiado-Ryu System of martial arts has taken me far beyond proficiency in self defense. I have developed and improved mental and physical skills which I didn't think possible. I now have an inner-calmness, probably a result of the self-confidence gained through your intense drills, sparring and insistence on proper technique. Physically, I know that my balance, body control, and hand and foot speed are all much better than they ever have been. And, then there are the Kiado-Ryu and Survival Defense skills themselves.

I played football in high school and college, and rugby for several years after college. What could I have done with quicker hands, faster feet, better balance and your hand/arm techniques? Wish I could try. If I had these skills then, I don't think anyone could have sustained a block or hold on me for more than one count. BANG! I'm gone. Hello, Mr. QB! And, what about the times I got knocked down while pursuing sideline to sideline? It would have been much harder for anyone to take me off my feet. If I did go down, I would have been able to recover more quickly and be in a position to make a play. What football player wouldn't want that? To me, what you teach at the Karate Institute of America and in the Kiado-Ryu system is magic.
Your Devoted Student,
Wayne "Greyhound" Pierpoint

I have been involved in the martial arts for twenty-five years. During that time I have spent some time studying at least half a dozen martial art styles. I have visited many more dojos than that. I can honestly say that the Karate Institute of America is unique. No other martial art school has the depth and breadth of the KIA. The martial artists of the KIA are trained to excel in all areas of the martial arts including sparing, forms, weapons and self defense. Mr. King is an excellent teacher and a man of highest character. He transmits his ideas of honor and character to his students. I am proud to be a KIA black belt and would recommend this school to anyone seriously interested in studying the martial arts.

Timothy (Odin) McCord Ph.D.
2nd Dan KIA Blackbelt
Professor Anatomy and Physiology, LA Harbor College

I have known Richard King since 1980, in his professional role of martial arts instructor for our son. During the twelve year period in which our son studied under Mr. King, we were privileged to observe the huge difference Mr. King made and makes in the lives of his students. He puts wind under their wings, building confidence, courage, honor, respect and leadership. He does this by upholding high standards which, as a role model, he himself embodies.

Mr. King has the gift for building community - making people feel they belong and are a part of something, which he fosters among his students and also their families. He provides for this sense of connection through time given to individual attentiveness, recognition and acknowledgment.

As Richard King's resume reveals, and of which you are probably aware, he is also a professional stage performer with television credits, a composer and musician in addition to being a seasoned and experienced martial arts teacher and All-Around Black Belt Grand Champion. In note of his teaching and performance style, Richard King is able to hold an audience or a classroom of learners in the palm of his hand. In fact, I have offered the following testimonial which can be viewed on his website: RICHARD KING! He does it all with regal flair and passion: balladeer, guitarist, songwriter, actor, poet, voice caricaturist, narrator, a seasoned performer. An evening with Richard King is a royal event.

I recommend Richard King wholeheartedly as the answer to the art and skill it takes to create and sustain an exuberant learning environment.   
Frances Jordan Stein, Ph.D. School Administrator (Ret.)

I consider Richard King to be a great instructor and friend. He is a multi-faceted individual who demonstrates on a daily basis the highest quality of character. Mr. King expects more of himself than anybody else, sets the standards, walks the talk, and never expects anyone to do something he wouldn't do. Richard King is an excellent role model, and if I can live my life to only a small percentage of the way he lives his, I will be a guaranteed success.  
Kim Thomas, 3rd Dan Black Belt - Student and Landscape Contractor

I have had the privilege of knowing Richard since 1981. Since then he has been my instructor, teacher, role model and, most of all, my friend. He has spent most of his life teaching others in the martial arts and raising two daughters. He has always brought out the best in anyone he has been associated with. His family, students and friends have benefited in many ways from his teachings. Richard's life experience goes beyond the martial arts. His education and experience in business along with personnel skills have been major contributors to his successes. Richard has always conducted himself in a courteous and professional manner.  
Bob MacFarlane, 2nd Dan, Administrator

I have been acquainted with Richard King for over fifteen years, including the last five and a half years as a martial arts student. During this time and through the dynamics of our relationship, I discovered a great deal more about Richard than his masterful martials arts teaching ability. The principles and skills he teaches can be integrated into one's personal and business life. Some of the principles he has instilled in me are courage, strength, dedication, fortitude, honesty and integrity. It was these principles and his support that helped me get through an extremely difficult and trying period with my business, which currently consists of one hundred fifty employees company wide. I am proud to have also enrolled my five-year old son in his classes.  
Jeffrey L. Norman, 2nd Dan and Chief Executive Officer, American Family Prepaid Legal Corporation

Richard King has been a martial arts instructor for over thirty years. As one of his students, I can honestly say he is a "gifted" teacher. He uses his intuitive skills as a father of his own children to understand his students. He takes a lot of pride in providing quality instruction. Richard is a man with strong integrity and high values. He's a great example. Richard has continued to expand his extraordinary talents into areas such as: acting, music, writing and poetry. Attending one of Richard King's musical and poetry performances is a wonderful experience. He is truly professional.   
Nancy Benedict, Educator

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