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In numerology there are four binary numbers which have traditionally been regarded as malefics -ciphers of harm and evil.  These numbers are:  Thirteen (13), Fourteen (14), Sixteen (16) and Nineteen (19).  Thirteen transforms; Fourteen detaches and causes us loss; Sixteen humbles us, causing us to reflect on the meaning of our actions and existence; Nineteen forces us to pay back our karmic debts to the masses. These vibrations are not welcomed by most of us because they create death, loss, ruin and uncomfortable adjustments.  They take away.  They destroy.  They make life difficult, if not miserable.  They burn.
But are these numbers really malefic?  If we look deeper into their purpose, we see that they are not.  In fact, they are quite spiritual and benefic, i.e. beneficial and good.  We only refer to them as evil because they don't make our lives pleasant . . . or fun . . . or enjoyable.  But isn't this a myopic viewpoint?  From a worldly perspective, 'no', but from a spiritual one, 'yes'.  Without these numbers, without the vibrations they designate, we could not, would not, have a chance to purify ourselves and ascend in our consciousness.  We would be forever stuck in the muck and mire of this material dimension with no clue of something better, with no hope of escape or improvement in our state of being.  No.  These 'malefics' are not malefic.  They may be uncomfortable but they are not evil.  They are purifiers, cleansers, the scrub brushes for our consciousness; they are the flames which heat the boiling pot which heats us--not to destroy us but to purify us and make us fit to become something greater than what we are.

Therefore, these binaries: 13 - 14 - 16 and 19 are not malefic. They are benefic when viewed in the proper light. They are, in fact, purifiers.  In this regard, a little thoughtful reflection on the purpose of the difficult times of our lives might be helpful. As the Roman philosopher, Seneca states, "To be always fortunate and to pass through life with a soul that has never known sorrow, is to be ignorant of one half of nature."  Life is always two sided, at least here in this polar dimension. To corroborate Seneca's statement, a Chinese proverb says: "All sunshine makes a desert." Definitely food for thought.

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