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Note 1: Every number maintains a positive and negative side (polarity), just as every coin has two sides.  Furthermore,  we cannot hold a coin without holding both sides simultaneously.  The same is true for numbers, and our lives reflect both the positive and negative aspects of each vibration to some degree.  In other words, no number is perfect, no chart is perfect, no human being is perfect.  We all have assets and liabilities, good karmas and bad karmas.

Note 2: Every single number has ten binary or two-digit numbers attached to it and which, when added together reduce to form that specific single number. We will discuss these more fully in the chapter on double numbers. They are listed here for reference.

Note 3: It would be impossible to list every word in the English language which is attached to each of the nine basic numbers. After all, there are only nine basic numbers and hundreds of thousands of words. Therefore, a complete keyword list would be impossible to generate. Below, however, are more words and phrases than simply those used in the basic keyword chart.

The Primal Force, first cause, yang, fire, man, male, masculine, father, self, identity, ego, individual, boss, leader, director, creator, initiator, authority figure, pioneer, star, center of attention, independence, self-sufficiency, activates, initiates, creates, dominates, leads, attains, driving, strong, courageous, powerful, dynamic, decisive, unbending, steadfast, dominant, linear, single-minded, unique, original, starts, new beginnings, creation, genesis, assertive, aggressive, overbearing, self-indulgent, ego-maniacal, selfish, self-obsessed, tom-boy, rational, reasonable, logical, unemotional, radiating, initiating, purpose, direction. TIME FRAME: a time of initiation, initiating, action, seed planting, new beginnings, starts, a period of the self and its attainments; being accountable and responsible; being the leader or bread-winner; issues of identity, self-worth, males and all things Yang; moving ahead; getting new direction; planting flags; solo excursions; tests of courage and standing alone against all people and all odds.
Yin, water, woman, female, feminine, mother, others, relationships, support, helper, assistant, assistance, follower, dependent, diplomatic, cooperative, considerate, passive, patient, non-obtrusive, intuitive, receptive, responsive, agreeable, amenable, affable, kind, warm, devoted, sweet, gentle-hearted, peacemaking, harmonizing, equalizing, submissive, rhythmic, equalizing, equilibrium, competition, rivalry, contention, confliction, controversy, controversial, duality, duplicity, deceit, indecisive, division, the great divide, 'us vs. them,' intuitive, behind the scenes, bending, yielding, non-assertive, together, taking sides, opposition, vacillation, irrational, illogical, unreasonable, emotional, reflecting (as in the Moon reflecting light, water reflecting an image) and absorbing (vs. radiating of the 1), acquiescing. TIME FRAME: a period of others, serving them, being helpful and supportive; being the helper, partner, team player, opponent, adversary, antagonism, antagonist, combative, hypocrisy, inhibitor, diplomat, judge, arbitrator, go-between; lessons of tolerance and intolerance; a time of all things Yin; period of competition, stress, adversarial conditions, tensions, tug-o-wars; learning to get along; being balanced; finding the middle path; being deceptive or dealing with deception and/or the interference or inhibition of others and either their helpfulness or hindering. This will be a time of high energy and friction.
Trinity, triads, air, the triangle (Ancient symbol of Perfection), The Golden Mean of Aristotle, Yin and Yang in perfect balance (the symbol of the Tao), art, artistry, artistic, words, communication, expression, personal integration, fulfillment, complete approach to health, happiness, wholeness, holiness, holistic, well-being, marriage, joy, enjoyment, pleasure, parties, friends, good times, talkative, verbal, gregarious, approachable, gossip, social, out-going, fun-loving, entertaining,  light-hearted, vibrant, alive, creative, imaginative, happy, optimistic, cheerful, charming, health, beauty, vanity, writing, acting, performing, glamorous, ease, disease, dis-ease, hostility, poisonous words, harsh, critical, stern, harsh, vain, egotistical; often found in charts of politicians (Ghandi, Clintons); TIME FRAME: a time of self-expression and fulfillment, being creative, using words, being involved with health, beauty, disease, dis-ease, acting, writing, painting, modeling, sculpting; a time of children and seeking perfection and balance; a time of happiness (if positively aspected) and unhappiness and harshness (if negatively aspected); can give a sense of entitlement or ease of life coming toward the self; issues of purity, holiness, unholiness, pure pleasure or debauchery, harshness, and communication which is either uplifting or destructive. It is a time of integration and self-realization, a time where the goodness or meanness of life will reveal itself; a time of happiness and/or sadness; pleasure and/or pain.
Earth, order, structure, framework, form, foundation, boundaries, rules, regulations, guidelines, routine, status quo, concrete, confines, confinements, proprieties, mechanics, work, service, servant, matter, materialism, transformation, transmutation, security, stability, effort, confinement, toil, physical strength, solid power, steadfast, sturdy, the rock, anchor, roots, chains, obstacles, tradition, convention, duty, loyalty, dependability, discipline, control, commitment, construction, confinement, confined, prudent, clerical, industrious, down to earth, frugal, practical, organizing and organization, house, beams, foundations, constancy, regimentation, classification, organization, organized, systemize, non-adventurous, predictable, obstinate, boring, routine, patterns, status quo, plodding along, unchanging, , the order of things, events, situations, circumstances and relationships; TIME FRAME: a time of work, effort, restriction (especially in conjunction with 5 energy), limitation, grinding it out, being consistent, not changing, conforming, nuts & bolts; a time when the focus is on the structures of life - financial, moral, ethical, routines, regimes, order, discipline; it is a time of learning about boundaries and borders, rules and regulations, service and work, faithfulness and devotion, sacrifice and surrender.
Free, freedom, liberation, liberate, fire, change, movement, detachment, detaching, shifting, wild, adventure, adventurous, roam, roaming, unrestrained, undisciplined, non-restriction, nonrestrictive, shifts, slavery mercurial, spontaneous, excitement, experience, experiential, variety, talent, versatility, people, senses, sexuality, sensations, stimulation, motion, energy, mercurial, multi-faceted, many sided, assortment, exuberant, enthusiastic, exciting, spontaneous, foot-loose, flamboyant, dashing, energetic, exploring, exposure, exhibitionist, adventurous, travel, unpredictable, unconventional, uncertain, the crowd, diverse, diversity, letting go, free-spirited, rebellious, liberation, liberating, stimulating, stimulants, non-complacent, temperance, restraint, indulgence, animated, exuberant, flamboyant, volatile. TIME FRAME: a time of freedom, change, shifting, movement, uncertainty, detachment, letting go, exploring, investigating, experimenting, sexuality, sensual gratification; temperance and fidelity challenged; not a time to cling, but a time to let go and move on; also a time testing our true understanding of freedom which is not action devoid of consequence but action taken in consideration of consequence. Nothing is free in this universe. Everything has a cost. Action taken in pursuit of sensual pleasures, sense gratification, and wild sorties into the realms of indulgence create slavery and bondage and all the suffering, woes, and wailings associated with such incarceration. Contrarily, if the action of freedom is taken in consideration of consequence by following the inner voice of conscience, temperance, and restraint, the end result will be true freedom and liberation from sensual enslavement. The key note during a Five period is to be wise; look ahead to the results of your actions; exercise moderation and fidelity and do not step into the regions of  material indulgence, for the sensuous footing is slippery, deceitful and absolutely enslaving. Nothing good comes from exploring the dark side of life and its pleasures where the soul risks falling into the dark abyss of  eternal tears and sorrow.
Love, hate, home, water, hearth, matters of the heart, romance, domesticity, adjustability, responsibility, accountability, personal love, art, artistic, beauty, community, harmonious, caring, warm, nurturing, understanding, soft, comfortable, dependable, conscientious, kind, responsive, music, sex, singing, harmonizing, hatred, cruelty, family discord, family issues and concerns, addiction, jealousy, envy, resentment. TIME FRAME: a time of matters of the heart, love issues, domestic (individual, personal, community, national, global) energies, concerns, responsibilities, possible addictions, romance, lust, sexuality. Here the individual will be given tests of lust vs. love, often painfully learning that lust is not love, that lust leads to disease, dis-ease, heartache, heartbreak, addictive enslavement, broken homes, broken lives, broken dreams. It is also a time where the individual may have to learn not to sacrifice his own soul for others.  Every soul has a right to its own self before others.
Spirit, spiritual, mystical, air, bliss, chaos, thought, the thinker, introspection, reflection, repose, alienation, study, testing, reflecting, evaluating, reviewing, learning, processing, separate, separation, seclusion, secrecy, privacy, intuition, analysis, religion, rest, quiet, calm, peace, tranquility, inwardness, isolation, the 'within', perfection, poise, wisdom, curious, distant, deep, cool, cold, removed, withdrawn, shy, reclusive, refined, non-social, purification, alone, stressed, distressed, troubled, turmoil, unworldly, considerate, inconsiderate, thoughtful, thoughtless, private, secret, stealthy, investigative, trouble, problems, worry, concern, scandal, scandalous, misery, miserable, chaos, chaotic, distressful; TIME FRAME: a time for the building of inner strength and developing the inner self and all things spiritual; a time of being alone; a time of testing; a time of reflecting, analyzing, studying, teaching, pondering, going within and searching, asking questions and seeking answers, becoming mature through the fires of the heart and emotions, being brought to our knees in humble supplication of the power of God, Source, Spirit, the Lord; the time of the hurricane; choices of fidelity or adultery; peace or chaos; a time of purification by fire; a time to float across to the other side on a river of your own tears; the time to find and cling to God.
Eight 8 Administration, circulation, association, associating, mixing, karmic conduit, circuits, circulate, systems, worldly success-power-wealth, opportunity, materialism, material comfort, management, marketing, promotion, commerce, business, flow, efficiency of motion-movement-management, being in the loop, administrator, executive, coordinating, socialization, socializing, external power, leadership, organization, usury, social importance and power, externalization, the 'without'. TIME FRAME: a time of connection/disconnection, interaction, management, procrastination (if negatively afflicted), marketing, making business contacts, socializing, organizing and administrating, executing as one who is an executive; a time of association, administration,  manipulation, orchestration, circulation, coordination; a time of bringing things together and making it happen; a time to be careful of using others to our advantage; a time of success or failure where all things work together harmoniously (for success) or fall apart to create failure.
Universality, timeless, macrocosm, endings, conclusions, completions, climaxes, Chameleon, volunteer, inclusions, humanitarian, humanitarianism, impersonal love, broadcast, broadcaster, broadcasting, public exposure, pushy, magnanimous, regal, royal, philanthropic, philosophical, all encompassing, understanding, generous, tolerant, broad minded, global, worldly, strong, dominant, domineering, controlling, artistic, intense emotion, acting, theatrical, charismatic,  travel, the ‘many,’  healer, healing, the universal giver, expansion, the world, represents the universal languages of music, art, love. It is life stage for theater, medicine, sport and war; strong, even dominant personality and persona, possibly including or bordering on being over-bearing, domineering, imperious. TIME FRAME: a time of conclusions, endings, resolutions, terminations, finalizations, volunteering, being public and being in the public eye and spotlight; moving within the macrocosm and life stage, moving among the masses, being famous or infamous; a time of travel - mentally or physically; a time of higher education and the advancement of thought and philosophy; a time to be universal and far-reaching; a time to be the great communicator, the powerful ruler, the icon of a culture; a time to serve humanity and expand one's thought beyond the finite boundaries of the self; a time to act, expand and be known.

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