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As a prenote, there has always been some question as to Shakespeare's actual birthdate. However, the King's Numerology™ is highly confident that his birthdate is, in fact, 23 April 1564 because the numerology of this date resonates perfectly with the enormous power of Shakespeare's remarkable legacy.

HE IS THE GREAT BARD AND THE GREATEST PLAYWRIGHT IN HISTORY. He is William Shakespeare, born on 23 April 1564; dying on 23 April 1616 at the age of 52.

Who is there on this planet who has never heard of William Shakespeare, attended, performed, read one of his plays or even enjoyed one of his sonnets? The Great Bard, arguably the most quoted author of all time, has been a household name for over 450 years.

What is remarkable about Shakespeare the Legend is the enormous breadth, depth and scope of his understanding of human life and nature within his brief lifespan of only 52 years. To be able to place pen to paper so eloquently for all people to read, perform and enjoy is impressive, to say the least. Unquestionably, William Shakespeare's gifts to the world are universal, momentous and timeless. No other author comes close to matching his literary magic.


Shakespeare's Basic Matrix is not as noteworthy as those of other individuals, such as Wild Bill Hickok and Elvis Presley, for example. There are three items, however, that hint at his success.

The first item is the quadset of 7s in his Lifepath, Expression, Material Soul (MS) and Nature. The #7 is the most internal, introspective, deep, thoughtful, analytical, inquisitive and studious of the nine basic numbers. This explains why Shakespeare's knowledge of life was exceptionally deep and broad.

Too, having a 7 in both his Lifepath and Expression creates Dual Filters. This means that every lesson, influence, subject and theme of Shakespeare's life filters through the 7 energy to generate an outcome. Most people have different numbers in their Lifepath and Expression. Such a difference dilutes the intensity of their life experiences, or at least generates more of a variety. Not so with Shakespeare or anyone with Dual Filters. Their lives are always focused on one energy and one energy only, thus increasing the intensity of that single energy during their lifetime.

But there's more to the 7, especially Shakespeare's Expression. Notice that it maintains an 88 master root, which signifies enormous engagement, interaction, involvement and management of the 7's basic energy. This 88-7 becomes critically important in his Life Matrix (below). Shakespeare was not only a great playwright, he was a great student and thinker whose mind possessed a depth and breadth of extraordinary capability.

Secondly, the 77 master number in his Material Nature (MN) with its 5 crown, as well as his 5 PE (Performance/Experience - the role of his life) indicates a versatile, diverse and multifaceted aspect to his writings. His plays, for example, were manifested in three genera: comedies, histories and tragedies. Add Shakespeare's sonnets to his literary library and the 77-5 energy becomes openly obvious. The 77 created massive depth and the 5 generated variety.

The third item is Shakespeare's 9 Soul. This reveals that his primal needs, wants, desires and motivations were centered in all things universal, which include art, language, theater. It is this 9 Soul that propelled Shakespeare to enter the public realm, for example with his Globe Theater, rather than spend his literary life confined to a hermit's shack, isolated from the public at large. Shakespeare was a man with great literary talent and an equal desire to share that talent with the world. Thank you, William, for your brilliant, extraordinary, exceptional and timeless gifts!


William Shakespeare's Life Matrix is simply stunning, validating precisely his status as the greatest playwright in history. Just take a look at the massive amount of master numbers, especially the 55-1, 88-7 and 99-9. This amalgam of power is not just the smoking gun of his universal fame but rather a colossal cannonade of overwhelming preeminence.

The first thing of note is the 88 master energy serving as the Filter for every Life Matrix component — the three Epochs, the four Pinnacles and the four Challenges. This means that Shakespeare's immense depth of thought and understanding greatly influenced and colored the outcome of every action in his life for his entire life. No number is more deeply engaging and connected than the 88-7. In its positive iteration, no number is more intuitively sensitive and spiritually aware than the 88-7. Furthermore, Shakespeare's Life Matrix components house a gargantuan 14 stack of the 88-7 energy, whether serving in a Filter or Outcome position.

Next important note is the 99-9 master energy, which occupies four Outcome (ROPE) components. As King Numerology™ followers know, the 99-9 master number is the King of Numbers. The 99-9 rules. Its universal power is unmatched in the numeric spectrum. Without the 99-9, it is virtually impossible to be massively known throughout the ages. Albert Einstein, Amelia Earhart, Elvis Presley, Howard Hughes, Jr., John F. Kennedy, Michael Jackson, Garth Brooks, Tiger Woods, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Gisele Bündchen, Sofia Loren, Wild Bill Hickok and Lance Armstrong, are just a few of the famous/infamous individuals whose charts housed the 99-9 master number, and who is there among mankind who has never heard of these historic icons?

We must remember, too, that the #8 and #9 represent the most powerful energies of the Alpha-Numeric Spectrum — the #8 governs social interaction; the #9 rules universality. With their 88 and 99 master iterations, they generate a partnership of incredible force and influence.

The 55-1 Crown Pinnacle PE, which originates from the 39-12-3 LIST (Lessons, Influences, Subjects, Themes) energy, indicates a life of extreme versatility and genesis, a one-of-a-kind energy that is unmatched in the pantheon of binary master numbers. The 55-1, which is the only pure fire binary master number, manifests as the rebel, the revolutionary and indefatigable pioneer. It is highly individualistic, impossible to control and does its own thing with neither compromise nor apology. Shakespeare's life and legacy certainly resonate with the irrepressible 55-1 master vibration.


Shakespeare's plethora of master numbers is expanded further through his names. Shakespeare, for example, manifests a 45 General Expression. When filtered through the 43 root of his Specific Lifepath, the resulting ROPE (Reality, Outcome, Performance, Experience) is yet another 88-7! This not only matches the 88-7 of William Shakespeare but, when combined with the fourteen 88-7s in his Life Matrix, generates a whopping fifteen stack of the 88 master energy! With such a depth and breadth of connection and engagement (88) of thought and knowledge (7), Shakespeare massively distances himself from other writers. Without a shred of doubt, it is this incredible fifteen stack of 88 master energy that produced the greatest dramatist and playwright of all time.

Additionally, the name William adds to the master numeric mix generating a 77-5 ROPE NTL energy (34 of William and the 43 Specific Lifepath), thus matching his 77-5 Material Nature and 5 PE. Notice, too, that the 34 and 43 are mirror siblings (both binary numbers comprised of only the 3 and 4). The 3 governs words and communication; the 4 rules structure and order, and the 7 crown identifies thought.

All of this — Shakespeare's Basic Matrix, Life Matrix and Name Matrix, is just stunning, but yet quite natural when one considers his incredible fame and legacy, proving once again that destiny is reflected in one's full birth name and birth date.


William Shakespeare died on 23 April 1616 — the exact day of his birth. He was only 52 years old.

Even in death Shakespeare's legacy manifests more stacking, this time regarding the #5. For example, the 23rd is a 5 in reduction; the year (1616 - the Universal Timeline or UTL) is a 5 in reduction, and the full date is a 5 (23 + 4 + 1616 = 23: 5). Yet, this #5 tristack is only the beginning.

The 50s decade obviously generates a 5 crown. This increases the #5 stacking to four (quadstack). His 5 PE and 5 Material Nature increase the stacking to six, (hexstack). Shakespeare's Age Timeline ROPE (ATL) at 52 is a 5. His Personal Year Timeline LIST is a 5. Adding these two creates an eight stack (octostack) of 5 energy.

Shakespeare's Crown Epoch ROPE and Crown Challenge ROPE at the time of his death were both a 5. Adding these two fives to the octostack generates a ten stack (decastack) of #5 energy!


The powerful and impressive destiny of William Shakespeare — the Great Bard — was no accident. As this article bears witness, Shakespeare's destiny was rooted in the extreme fifteen stack of the master number 88 with its deep connective energetic tissue; the decastack of the #5 representing variety and versatility, and the four 99-9s in his Life Matrix combined with his 9 Soul representing the universal/public stage. This extreme saturated combination of the 88, 5 and 99 moved Shakespeare's massive work and persona into the Stratosphere of Literary Icons where they remain still, immortalizing him as the greatest playwright, dramatist and quotable author in the history of recorded mankind.


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