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Life by water; death by water. Too much can be too bad, lethally.
~ Richard Andrew King

TOO MUCH CAN BE TOO BAD — and LETHAL. Take water for instance. It is essential to life on earth. Yet, drink too much and you can die via water intoxication.

Numbers and their energy are no different. Too much of an energy can be lethal, not just physically, as in the case of Elvis Presley who had a fourteen stack of 14-5 energy at the time of his death, but also professionally, personally, politically.

Saturation of the #3

In numerology, the #3 represents self-expression, joy, happiness, fulfillment, friends, pleasure, health and well-being, children, words, communication, image, images, vanity, narcissism and entitlement. The danger with saturation of the #3 and its derivatives of 6 and 9 (both based in #3 energy) lies in its sense of entitlement, of thinking it is guaranteed certain rights, privileges, titles, positions, honors. Too much #3 energy makes people self-centered to a point of immutable, irreparable and ruinous egotism.

The four Basic Matrix charts below are solely and totally saturated with #3 energy. Other than the #3 and its derivatives, no other number exists in any component. The first three are examples of entitlement gone wild — Colin Kaepernick, Terrell Owens and Hillary Clinton. The fourth Basic Matrix of Mohandas Gandhi, although heavy in #3 energy, is different. We'll explain why later.

Colin Kaepernick

National Football League quarterback Colin Kaepernick created a patriotic firestorm and backlash when he began "taking a knee" during the singing of the National Anthem — an expression which many Americans found disrespectful and ungrateful for the service and sacrifice of its military personnel and first responders. Kaepernick's actions generated a condition which retired law enforcement officer S. Owsinski (@uniformblue) aptly described as Colin cancer, a disease infecting the NFL and understandably causing a massive boycott resulting in equally massive drops in viewer participation and support. Because of his unpatriotic actions and the trouble he initiated for the NFL, Kaepernick became toxic and bad for business. Upon expiration of his contract in 2017, he became a free agent but no NFL team would resign him. To this day he remains unsigned and unemployed as an NFL quarterback.

The saturation of entitlement #3 energy in his chart, his 9 Soul of seeking power and acclaim in conjunction with his 8 void were all contributing factors in his professional demise. Two articles fully discussing Kaepernick's cancerous condition are here and here. To his detriment, too much #3 energy was too bad for the disgraced NFL quarterback.

Terrell Owens

Known professionally by his initials "T.O.," Terrell Owens was one of the greatest wide receivers in the National Football League, holding a plethora of receiving records spanning sixteen years. He was voted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 2018.

During his NFL tenure, Owens played for six teams but his career was not without controversy. His #3 energy manifested in a full display of self-importance and an ego often out of control. Problems with other players were common, problems arising from his overly expanded sense of self and worth. In one incident he even spit in the face of an opposing player on the Atlanta Falcons (Wikipedia). In short, Owens, as great a player as he was, was still trouble, which is why he was released from many teams he played for. In effect, he became another prime example of too much #3 energy in his chart. His image, ego and narcissism dominated who he was, staining his professional legacy.

Owens' 7 and 8 voids also played a role in his destiny. The 7 void manifested as a lack of discretion; the 8 void as an absence of how to manage his relationships with others — players, people, coaches and teams. We must remember that voids often have a major negative effect in people's lives. The 8 void in the charts of Terrell Owens and Colin Kaepernick definitely had a pejorative effect on their lives and careers. Owens' 7 void added to his troubles, as his history has proven.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's Basic Matrix is identical to that of Terrell Owens except she had a 2 void in contrast to his 7 and 8 voids. Again, the entitlement and self-importance are clear, as they would be with just about anyone who shared the same numerical energies in their charts.

It's a long-standing fact that Hillary Clinton believed she deserved to be president of the United States. Unfortunately, her unethical methodology of obtaining such a position failed her, as it would and should have. It has now been proven that she dishonestly and surreptitiously fixed the Democrat National Convention to insure she would win the DNC's nod to run for president as her party's candidate over Bernie Sanders in the 2016 primaries. It is also being proven that she attempted to discredit Donald Trump's election bid by paying millions of dollars for a fallacious Russian dossier — all in an effort to seat herself in the White House because she believed she was entitled to be president. Hillary Clinton's political history is replete with such unscrupulous behaviors, all of which are a manifestation of the #3 energy run amuck and out of control.

Clinton's birth name, Hillary Diane Rodham, contains no Bs, Ks, or Ts, thus generating a 2 void — an energy which is denoted by a lack of personal warmth, compassion, and support. It was this 2 void which motivated her to reference Donald Trump's supporters as Deplorables, a mistake having a disastrous effect on her presidential bid. This is fully documented in a ten article series covering the 2016 presidential campaign here.

Mohandas Gandhi

Mohandas Gandhi was the leader of the Indian people in the fight for their country's independence from Great Britain, which was achieved on 15 August 1947. Gandhi was assassinated five and a half months later on 30 January 1948.

Gandhi's Basic Matrix is quite different from those of Kaepernick, Owens and Clinton.
  • Gandhi has no voids in his chart as the others have, thus limiting any problems caused by voids.
  • All the other three have a 3 Lifepath indicating that the lessons, influences, subjects and themes of their lives will be focused on self-expression and fulfillment, communication, image, entitlement, vanity, etc.
  • Gandhi has a 9 Lifepath indicating that his life's lessons will focus on humanitarian and universal issues, the public stage and potential sacrifice for others. The #9 is the Number of Mankind. Added to his 9 Lifepath is Gandhi's 9 Nature and 9 Material Nature. These personality components resonate with his 9 Lifepath.
  • Gandhi's Basic Matrix has no 6s, which are active parts of the other individuals.
  • The only numeric energies in Gandhi's chart are 3s and 9s — four 3s and three 9s. Kaepernick, Owens and Clinton only have one 9 in their Basic Matrix. Clearly, Gandhi was the most universal, and certainly most noble, of the group.
What Gandhi's Basic Matrix reveals is a sacrificial (9) focus involving an entitlement (3) of independence for his country of India, not for himself. In his case, too much was not too bad for himself or his country but quite good. His Basic Matrix #3 based energy is an example of selflessness rather than the egocentric entitlement of Kaepernick, Owens and Clinton.


Numbers intrinsically possess two sides — one positive; one negative. Like numbers also generate like results. These four Basic Matrices of Colin Kaepernick, Terrell Owens, Hillary Clinton and Mohandas Gandhi reveal such characteristics. They're all very similar, but Gandhi's chart is almost opposite from the others in that his life was selfless while the others were self-serving.

Additionally, each of the four Basic Matrices are like snowflakes — similar but still different. Such differences are generated by other factors such as placement of the energies, voids, and overall composition. These are factors to keep in mind when analyzing numbers and their meanings to life and destiny.

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