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Date of Publication: 8 July 2019, Monday

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Numbers are a-political and always contain the truth of reality. Nothing is happenstance in this world. There is a clear numeric component to the structure of our destinies and events in life.

The Salute to America Independence Day Celebration held at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. on 4 July 2019 is intricately associated with the #5 – the Number of Man. Major events always have a stacked numeric architecture. A famous example of stacking (the same number appearing simultaneously in a chart) is exemplified in the King's Numerology™ article Spires of Fires, memorializing the Twin Tower attacks on 11 September 2001, commonly know as "911."

As King's Numerology™ students and followers know, stacking creates intensity. Intensity reflects prominent events. Although opposite in manifestation, the Salute to America and the Twin Tower attacks both reveal massive stacking of the #5 – the energy of freedom, change, movement, diversity, detachment and the masses.

Salute to America—Stacking of the #5
  1. The Lifepath of the United States of America is a 5
  2. The Material Soul of the United States of America is a 5
  3. The 2019 Personal Year Timeline of the United States of America is a 5.
  4. The Name Timeline of the United States of America in 2019 is a 5/(5)/1
  5. The Letter Timeline of the United States of America in 2019 is a 9/(5)/5
  6. "USA" is a 5
  7. "America" is a 5
  8. "Salute to" is a 5
  9. Date of the celebration: 4 July 2019 is a 5
  10. Event location: Lincoln Memorial. The Lifepath of Abraham Lincoln is a 5
  11. Abraham Lincoln's Material Soul is a 5
  12. The "Number of Man" (the attendees) is a 5
  13. The Expression of Donald John Trump (Presidential host) is a 5
  14. "Donald" is a 5
*Obvious note: the Salute to America was a powerfully structured event numerically.

Another Interesting Note

The United States of America was 243 years old on 4 July 2019, generating a 9 in reduction (2 + 3 + 4 = 9). The #9 is the Number of Humanity. However, when the "split-cipher" method is applied to her age of 243, the result is a 45 (2 + 43 = 45). Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States!

Furthering this 45 split-cipher structure, Trump's Lifepath (from his full birth date of 14 June 1946) is a 4. His Expression (from his full name Donald John Trump) is a 5. These two single ciphers – the 4 and 5 comprise the exact structure of Trump being the 45th President of the United States!

It gets more expansive. The Performance/Experience (PE) of Donald Trump is a 9 – the reality of his life. The #9 is the energy of power, rulership, universality, the public stage. The single digit associated with the 45 is a 9. However, Donald Trump's PE is not just a simple 9. It is a 99-9—the most powerful of all the binary Master Numbers.

Also of note, the Soul of the United States of America, that number identifying her deepest desires, needs, wants and motivations, is a 9! This matches perfectly with her age of 243 (a 9 in reduction) and Donald Trump's 99-9 PE.

America's age of 243 in 2019, her primal 9 Soul, and Donald Trump's 99-9 PE all form a perfect triangle of the #9 and its numeric relevance.

Combined with the massive stacking of the #5 (Number of Man) and the #9 triumvirate (Number of Mankind), we see, once again, that numbers tell the tale of life and destiny. The photo above featuring the mass of humanity attending the event at the Lincoln Memorial on 4 July 2019, America's 243rd birthday, validates the power of the #5, the #9 and the success of President Trump's Tribute to America.



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