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GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH! What American has never heard these famous words? They are as much an American institution as Old Glory and the The Star Spangled Banner.

And who is the famous orator who uttered these timeless words? He is Patrick Henry — a true American firebrand rebel with a spirit of freedom and independence that helped forge a nation.

Born on 29 May 1736, Henry was born in Virginia on the family farm. A lawyer by profession, Henry became the 1st and 6th Governor of Virginia during his career. He also became convinced that conflict with King George and Great Britain over America's right to be free and independent was inevitable. Hence, his famous Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death speech delivered at the Second Virginia Convention on 23 March 1775, a speech that is eloquently powerful and moving, quite deserving of its place in history as one of the greatest orations of all time. The entire speech is free to listen to by clicking on the following painting.

Click on the photo to listen to Patrick Henry's full speech (9:14).
Recitation artist: Richard Andrew King
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To understand the power of Patrick Henry's eloquent writing, oratory skills and rebel persona, we need to look no further than his Basic Matrix. It is extremely revealing.

The 33-6 and 66-3 Master Numbers

Patrick Henry's Lifepath is a 33-6; his Material Nature is a 33-6; Patrick is a 33-6; the Name Timeline reality (NTL-PE) for Patrick is a 66-3, which can be ciphered as 33/(33)/66! This enormous stacking of the master energy of communication is the basis of Henry's eloquent and forceful elocution. Henry intrinsically loved words. No number is more powerful communicatively or dramatically than the 33-6. To have a tristack of this energy creates impressive orations, as Henry's timeless speech supports.

The 33-6 artistic powerhouse is further augmented by the 66-3 in the outcome of his Patrick NTL. It indicates a love (66) of words and communication (33). To read his words is a joy. Obviously, his oratory skills played a major role in America's fight for independence, and they are a perfect example of why The word is mightier than the sword. Thanks to Patrick Henry, American Revolutionary War history has certainly validated the maxim that mighty words were worth more than all the swords, guns and cannons of the British empire.

The 55-1 Master Number

To deliver such a dynamic and commanding speech, words are not enough. One must have fire in the belly and a passion for freedom and independence rival to none. Enter the 55-1 master number — the only pure fire master binary. It doesn't just burn with fire, it explodes with it.

It is impossible to control the 55-1. It is, more than any number, basically a law unto itself. The double nickel 5s represent enormous freedom; the 1 represents independence, action, ego, will power, vision and leadership. Together, freedom and independence combine in the 55-1 to produce the rebel of rebels, a revolutionary soul defiant, courageous, and driven with the scope-locked passion of unstoppable and inexorable action.

The 4 and 22-4 Master Number

The number 4 represents order, organization, duty, discipline, service, security, strength and roots. It occupies Henry's Expression (full name) and Soul, the latter having the 22 master builder root attached to it. These energies give Henry solidity and strength of purpose, making him resolute and anchored in his principles.

The 9 Nature

The #9 represents all things universal — the world, humanity, theater, medicine, education, travel and most of all, power. Symbols for the 9 are the crown, scepter, throne and microphone. Henry's microphone was his powerful literary and rebellious persona. People with a 9 Nature love to dominate and rule, sometimes to a fault. They also are quite comfortable among the masses because the 9 energy includes all numbers 1 through 9.

Patrick Henry was in touch with humanity (9), freedom and rebellion (55-1), words and communication (33-6 and 66-3), strength, structure and order (4 and 22-4). His writing and oratory skills cemented him as one of the greatest and most influential speakers of all time. They also had a major impact on his ability to help forge a new nation based in freedom and liberty for all.

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