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Date of this article's publication: 24 June 2017

This article is neither intended to extol nor defame O.J. Simpson.
Its purpose is to partially reveal the relationship between his life events
and his numbers in order to advance The King's Numerologytm as a science.

Leopards can't change their spots
and people can't change their numbers.

~ Richard Andrew King

LEOPARDS CAN'T CHANGE THEIR SPOTS AND PEOPLE CAN'T CHANGE THEIR NUMBERS. Yet, numbers have two sides — one positive; one negative, and although we humans can't change the numbers of our destiny, the polarity on which we operate is under our control.

On Thursday, 20 July 2017, O.J. Simpson, the once lauded and subsequently disgraced NFL running back, was granted parole. His release date is Sunday, 1 October 2017. On the day of his new-found freedom he would have been incarcerated for nine years at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada, having been convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping charges in Las Vegas in 2007.

For those who watched his parole hearing live, Simpson exhibited flashes of the anger that no doubt were present during the murdering of his ex-wife Nicole Brown-Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman on 12 June 1994. Yes, a jury found him not guilty but the evidence, in spite of jury bias, overwhelmingly proved to the common sense world, especially those who also watched his trial live on television, that Simpson was as guilty as sin for the double murder of Brown and Goldman.

Given his restrained but still obvious flashes of anger at his parole hearing, is it possible that O.J. Simpson (born Orenthal James Simpson on 9 July 1947) can drastically and positively alter the behavior responsible for his heinous and murderous criminal past? Will, in fact, he be able to sustain his parole and remain free to the extent one can remain free as a paroled felon? That is the fundamental question for him as his life moves forward. And, of course, from a numerological perspective, what do his numbers say about his future? There are some critical numeric energies that scream attention to this issue and raise legitimate red flags.


There are three items of note here.
  1. The 1 Lifepath/3 Expression duo
  2. The 15 in both his Soul and Nature
  3. The 88-16-7 in both his Material Soul and Material Nature
The 1 Lifepath/3 Expression duo

Simpson has generally been described as pleasant and affable. After all, not only was he a hall of fame running back but he was a media superstar and actor in television, movies and commercials. He has also been described as narcissistic. No two numbers in tandem are more prone to such a condition than the 1 and 3. More on the #3 later.

The 15 in both his Soul and Nature

Here is one of the major problems — the 15 in both his Soul and Nature generate internal stacking, i.e., intensity. The #15 can be extremely negative, even demonic, as is seen in the #15 Devil Card of the Tarot's Major Arcana. The Soul govens one's deepest needs, wants, desires and motivations. The Nature references one's personality. So what we see is a potential for extremely negative expression in Simpson, especially when such energies are anchored in his primal desires and personality.

The 88-16-7 in both his Material Soul and Material Nature

This 88-16-7 stacking in his Material Soul and Material Nature are the most troubling energies in Simpson's Basic Matrix. When saturated in a worldly consciousness, this 88-16-7 vibration can be markedly dark and nefarious, totally capable of manifesting itself in heinous, murderous, wicked actions. For example, Russian leader Joseph Stalin, who murdered millions of his own countrymen, had the 88-16-7 in his Soul. He's just one example. And even though the opposite side of the 88-16-7 is supremely spiritual, its dark side is equally intense.

Too, and what is worthy of consideration, is that Simpon's 3 Expression, because 3 can be affable, can mask the dark, troublesome and malefic energies of the 15 and 16 energies. Having both the 15 and 16 stacked in the internal part of his Basic Matrix intensifies their problematic, volatile, explosive potential, and these two dark dynamos would certainly overpower an affable external 3 Expression if ignited. In all likelihood, it is this configuration of energies that is responsible for Sampson's explosive and uncontrollable violence, jealousy, anger, rage and murderous conduct.


Check out the red boxes in Simpon's Life Matrix below. Notice they are all composed of the 3/(3)/6 IR Set, creating a Tristack of itself but a hexstack (six stack) of the #3 energy. Combined with both the two 3s in the outcome position of the Crown Pinnacle (top of the chart) and Simpson's 3 Expression, a nanostack (nine stack) would be created.

These three red boxes are known as the 3rd/Final Epoch-Pinnacle-Challenge Triad (Crown E-P-C Triad for short).Why is this an issue? One would normally consider such a time to be one of ease, comfort, pleasure, etc. — all attributes of the 3 energy. Yet, this was the time of his robbery and incarceration. So what's up?

The answer is that in consideration of the duality of numbers, the negative side of the #3 is dis-ease, discomfort, displeasure. Furthermore, the word live is a 3 energy representing the full embodiment of life itself. Spelled backward, live becomes evil. Hence, the potential for dark reality. Plus, the #3 governs image, images, entitlement, vanity and narcissism. Stacked nine times, these 3s generate a massive amount of narcissistic energy, energy that can certainly mask the stacked 15 and 16 energies mentioned above until they explode. Talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing!


The previous data is not uncommon in charts, but here's the danger for Simpson. The name Simpson is a 33 master number carrying extreme power of the 3 in both positive and negative aspects. No number has potentially led to problems and personal demise arguably more than the 33, which can manifest as a pleasure-based opiate if left unchecked. The 16-7 is the downfall of the 33's pleasure addiction. When we consider the nanostack of 3 energy already mentioned, this 33 creates an eleven stack of the #3 energy and further adds massive fuel to the fire, generating greater potential for more nefarious conflagrations. It's almost like a wind creating its own weather pattern in a forest fire. The 3 rules pleasure and an eleven stack manifesting negatively can produce massive displeasure and jealousy, characteristics often associated with O.J. Simpon's past behavior.

There's more danger. Combined with his 1 Lifepath, the name Simpson generates a 33-6-(10-1)/16-7 IR Set in his Name Timeline (NTL) which can be modified as 33-6/(1)/16-7. King's Numerologytm students understand the potential danger and havoc of this highly problematic numeric pattern.

The 33-6/(1)/16-7 IR Set timeline lasts for thirty-three years. It began when Simpson was 52 years of age and will continue through his 84th birthday, should he live that long. Thus, we can obviously see the turmoil his life is bringing him.

To compound his troubles, from age 66 through 72 (the timeline he's in now), Simpson is transiting the "P" of Simpson. "P" is the 16th letter of the alphabet, therefore generating a 16-7/(1)/17-8 IR Set in his Letter Timeline (LTL). Having the 16-7 stacked in his NTL in the outcome position and LTL in the influence position is not a positive combination.


And here's the major danger for Simpson. When he's 73 years old in 2020 the second "S" in Simpson generates a 1/(1)/2 Letter Timeline (LTL) for one year. This tells us there is a new beginning or some direct action in the area of relationships, others, females. Then when he turns 74 in 2021, he enters the "O" Letter Timeline of Simpson — a six year period of a 15-6/(1)/16-7 energy. When this stacks with his 33-6/(1)/16-7 Name Timeline of Simpson, the two 15-6s in his Soul and Nature, as well as the two powerful 88-16-7s in his Material Soul and Material Nature, there is great cause for concern on his part, and this is what he must be aware of. This is the danger for him going forward. It is the reason for this article's subtitle: Sustainable Parole?

If O.J. Simpson does not exercise discipline, control, awareness and positive behavior, he could, could, become involved in some type of behavior resulting in his return to prison during the critical 15-6/(1)/16-7 "O" LTL. Something else untoward could also happen. After all, he has generated a saturated dosage of murderous karma for himself that must be reconciled at some time in some life. Will his murderous karma return to him in this life? Time will tell.

The point is that from age 74 through 79 he must be on notice, for this is a red flag period of time for him, a numerological satellite forecast offering him a warning to take note and prepare lest his lack of concern, control and preparation manifest in less-than-positive conditions in his life. As always, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.
~ finis

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