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NUMBERS are far more than arithmetical ciphers. They are also labels for energy fields. Numbers are themselves a separate language, and when we understand the language of numbers we can actually read the scrolls of destiny.

Numbers are not arbitrary. Each number - whether it be a single digit or a combination of digits - tells a story. Like numbers create like destinies. Contrarily, like destinies will have like numbers.

The lives of two historic female icons - Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana - are quite similar, as are the numbers associated with their lives. Following is a brief list of the likenesses between the two. By contrasting the lives and corresponding numbers of these famous women, we can see the clear relationship between numbers and life and, therefore, why numerology - the science of numeric coding - is such a prodigious tool in understanding destiny.

Marilyn Monroe & Princess Diana - Observations

  • Both had unhappy childhoods
  • Both shared the same Expression - 4
  • Both shared the same Lifepath - 16-7
  • Both shared the same Performance - 11-2
  • Both had 19 letters in their birth names
  • Both were world famous icons of their time
  • Both had unhappy, troublesome marriages ending in divorce
  • Both died at age 36 in their 2nd Pinnacle/Challenge timeline
  • Both had a 1/(4)/5 1st Epoch: 1 Birth day; 4 Expression; 5 PE
  • Both were born on the 1st of the month: Monroe in June, Diana in July
  • Both had an 8 void in their charts: Monroe also had a 3 & 7 void; Diana a 2 void
  • Both died under mysterious, conspiracy-laden circumstances in the 8th month, August
  • Both were abandoned by a parent when young: Monroe by her father; Diana by her mother
  • Both Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana have become legends in death as they were in life

  • In order to further understand the relationship between these two women, their full chapters from Destinies of the Rich & Famous - The Secret Numbers of Extraordinary Lives are presented here for your study: Marilyn Monroe ; Princess Diana . Enjoy!

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