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The Key to Relationships

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Relationships are a major part of life for all of us. Some relationships are wonderful, some are very good, others are so-so; still others are bad and unhealthy. But what determines the quality of a relationship? The answer is energetic resonance aka, numeric resonance. Let's examine further.

At its core, all life is energy. That energy can be defined by numbers, which are labels for energy fields. Light can be reduced to numbers. Sound can be reduced to numbers. Colors can be reduced to numbers. As the famed Pythagoras stated:

Numbers rule the universe. Everything is arranged according to number and mathematical shape.

Sir Isaac Newton, arguably the greatest scientist ever, corroborated this reality by noting:

God created everything by number, weight, and measure.

From the King's Numerology perspective, these are irrefutable truths. Our lives, destinies, and even our relationships are also arranged by numbers and their corresponding letters. When we study relationships, we see that great relationships are a result of the amalgam and arrangement of the individual numbers between people. This is referred to as energetic resonance or numeric resonance. The more resonance, the better the relationship. The more dissonance, the more negative the relationship.

And this has nothing to do with whether a person is a "good" or "bad" person. Two people can be stellar individuals but their combined energies may clash, generating what we perceive as a bad, negative, unproductive, even destructive relationship or partnership.

Some relationships start out well but then crash and burn. One reason for this is that two people may come together when temporary energies between them create a false positive without the support of intrinsic energetic resonance, but when those temporary energies pass, the relationship fails. All relationships have problems from time to time, but if there is enough resonance between the partners, the probabilities of the relationship staying intact are enhanced. The more resonance, the more glue binding the people together. But when there is a lack of intrinsic resonance between the partners but only a transiting temporary resonance, the relationship will most likely collapse. Whether there is enough energetic resonance between two people is reflected in their numbers -- those derived from their full birth names and birth dates.

Voids and Their Role in Relationships

Voids are missing genera in the full birth name. To read about voids, go here. Voids can have both a positive or negative affect on relationships. For example, a positive affect occurs when a person who has a 4 void (no Ds, Ms, or Vs) in his or her name partners with a person who has a 4 in his or her name. The 4 void in one person is filled by the 4 energy of the other person. So it works with all voids in relationships.

However, if two people have the same number(s) voided in their names, they will have the same issues and challenges, and the relationship will most likely suffer or be negatively aspected. For example, if both partners had a 4 void (no Ds, Ms, or Vs), they would both manifest issues involving a lack of security, structure, stability, strength, duty, fidelity. Please know this is a general rule. There are mitigating factors, such as a person with a 4 void in the name having a 4 Soul or Material Soul in the Basic Matrix, the presence of which would tend to mitigate the 4 void's influence.


The quality of all relationships can be determined by the amount of energetic resonance between partners. The more resonance, the better the relationship; the less resonance, the lower the quality of the relationship, whether the relationship is romantic, marital, familial, professional, friendly, or business oriented. At their core, people are energy. That energy can be defined by numbers, and the mixture of those energies/numbers can be assessed to determine the quality of the relationship or partnership.

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