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Date of Publication: 5 July 2018, Thursday

(This article is intended to neither extol nor defame Heather Locklear but to show the
relationship between her numbers and her life in order to promote numerology as a science).



Heather Locklear has been going through difficult times. Every news channel and media outlet from,, NBC,, et al., has been chronicling her recent episodes with depression, anxiety, driving under the influence, domestic assault, threats of suicide and arrest for assaulting a police officer.

The story of Heather Locklear, as well as others like hers, is sad, no doubt. The reality, however, is that such life dramas were destined from the beginning, as they are for all of us. Locklear's King's Numerologytm chart confirms the circumstances she is going through, which are glaringly obvious numerologically.


The first thing that pops out in Locklear's Basic Matrix are the two 33-6s in her Lifepath and Soul, and the 66-3 in her Material Soul (MS). As we've revealed time and time again, the 33-6 and 66-3 are Pleasure Based Opiates (PBOs). They radiate communication, image, sex, pleasure, partying. Kept in perspective, they are a wonderfully creative and pleasurable numeric pairing but when left uncontrolled they are highly destructive.

The Soul and Material Soul define a person's most primal needs, wants, desires, motivations. Their energies drive the life; drive the destiny. The 33-6 and 66-3 master numbers (aka mirrored siblings) are driving Locklear to excess, to throw caution to the wind and indulge, over indulge, in pleasure.

The word alcohol is a 66-3. The word drugs is a 15-6. Locklear's degree of use of these substances has not been fully disclosed, but we've seen example after example via the destinies of others how these energies have destroyed people's lives — Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Charlie Sheen, Harvey Weinstein, Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole Smith, just to name a few.

Locklear's 8 Expression and 44-8 Material Nature (MN) define her energies of social connection, engagement, interaction and resonance with material success, status, wealth and being in the loop.

Her 5 Performance/Experience (PE) speaks to a life role of diversity, change, variety, versatility, freedom, detachment, experience, adventure, excitement, constant stimulation and the senses. We've also discussed the 5 and 6 combination (5 PE, 6 Lifepath, 6 Soul and 66 Master energy) as being highly energetic, tension-filled and sexual.

Locklear's 11-2 Nature reveals her energies of femininity, relationship, others, helpfulness, support and dependence. The 11-2 is inherently filled with tension because it governs polarities and opposing forces forever engaged in a tug-o-war. The #1 is a fire sign; the #2 is a water sign. Together they create an 11-2 energy of clashing elementals. An excellent image for the 11-2 is an undersea volcano — hot, oppositional, explosive, volatile.

Heather Locklear's 7 void (7v) adds to the complexity and difficulty of her life, especially when combined with the Pleasure Based Opiates of 33-6 and 66-3. The 7 void (no Gs, Ps or Ys in the birth name) speaks to a lack of discretion, judgement, wisdom, thought, reflection and introspection. This is what has caused Locklear so many problems, as well as millions of other individuals who also have a 7 void in their charts. If Heather Locklear could stop and reflect on the consequences of her actions before she executes them, she would be much better off. A very direct hint to the wise here.


Heather Locklear's Basic Matrix is powerful and needs addressing, but the absolute smoking gun of her life's problems is the voided life linkage 16-7 Great Purifier in her Life Matrix — the internal foundational structure of her 33-6 Lifepath. A first year numerology student can well understand the powerful challenge such a life script presents.

As the chart reveals, Locklear's 16-7v is located in the following locations either as the LIST energy (Lessons, Influences, Subjects, Themes) or the ROPE energy (Reality, Outcome, Performance, Experience).
  1. 1st Pinnacle LIST
  2. 1st Challenge LIST (in conjunction with the 2/(8)/1 IR Set)
  3. 2nd Pinnacle ROPE
  4. 2nd Challenge ROPE (in conjunction with the 1/(8)/9 IR Set)
  5. 3rd Challenge (Grand) ROPE (in conjunction with the 1/(8)/9 IR Set)
  6. 4th Challenge (Crown) ROPE (in conjunction with the 1/(8)/9 IR Set)
  7. 3rd Epoch ROPE
Furthermore, five of the seven 16-7s are in the ROPE position. The ROPE is critical because it identifies what the person will actually experience, not simply what the originating LIST position establishes as subject matter and lessons to be learned.

Adding to the 16-7s in her Life Matrix is the 25-7 in her 1st Epoch LIST position. This 25-7 represents not only the day of her birth but the trunk of the tree of her destiny in this life. The trunk of any tree serves as the foundation of that tree. Her 25-7 trunk is rooted in conflict, freedom and internal issues (2-5-7).

The takeaway of life linkage of any number or number pattern is that it begins at birth and does not end until death. Linkage creates continuity. Life linkage generates a life saturated with an unrelenting energy, either positive or negative. The 16-7 life linkage denotes either turmoil or deep internalization or both. It is the most challenging linkage energy of all. The fundamental focus of any 16-7 linkage or timeline is to keep it pure, whole and holy. That's the challenge. The 16-7's purpose is to purify the individual, so it's best to stay focused on purification, not adulteration, when transiting a 16-7 energy field.

Locklear's 2nd, 3rd and 4th Challenges each contain two Influence/Reality Sets: 1/(8)/9 and 8/(8)/16-7. The 1/(8)/9 references the self, action, identity (1) filtering through her 8 Expression of social integration, success, status, money, comfort and engagement (8) to generate an outcome focused on the public stage, theater, media, all things universal (9). This is not concerning. It simply relates to her public persona, acting, being involved in a big way, which a theater career naturally involves.

The second companion IR Set of 8/(8)/16-7 is the bogeyman. The 8 is housed in both the LIST and FILTER position. This reflects life lessons that involve social interaction, engagement, status, success (8 LIST), moving through the exact same personal energy (8 Expression) to create realities of spiritual, ethical, moral purification (16-7 ROPE). This is the rub with the 8/(8)/16-7 energy pattern — the outcome will be light-enhancing or darkness-generating. There's no middle ground in this pattern. It's either salvation or damnation; pass the social status, power, engagement test and move up the ladder of consciousness or fail and slip into a morass of trouble, turmoil, tragedy, tears. It is, indeed, a battle that must be enjoined and won. The stakes are extremely high.

Plus, the energy of the double 8s in the LIST and FILTER is diametrically opposed to the 16-7 ROPE energy. The 8 is an earth sign; the 7 is an air sign. The 8 has a negative charge; the 7 has a positive charge. The 8 is the most powerful external energy; the 7 is the most powerful internal energy. Quite a dilemma, eh? Yet, it's not going to go away. There is no escape from the fray. One must stand and fight. This means making good decisions, ethical choices and living as moral and clean a life as possible. It's a great test, but the rewards do exist for those who conquer; not so for those who succumb to the carnal pleasure-based allure indigenous to the dark side of the numeric spectrum.

Interestingly, Michael Jackson has the exact same simple Basic Matrix as Heather Locklear, as well as the 8/(8)/16-7 IR Set in his chart, although his 16-7 is not a life linkage issue. He and Locklear both have a 33-6 Soul, a 66-3 Material Soul, an 11-2 Nature and a 44-8 Material Nature. Jackson has no voids in his name, however. As history and numerology have proven, both Jackson and Locklear suffer from the same fate to a marked degree. For more on Michael Jackson, read Destinies of the Rich & Famous — The Secret Numbers of Extraordinary Lives or The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 10: Historic Icons, Part 1 (a stand alone book).

Yes, the 16-7 is intense and difficult, but we have to have tests and struggles in life to advance spiritually, ethically, morally. As the great Helen Keller so beautifully states:

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial
and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.


We could never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joy in the world.

The bottom line is that we must face, even embrace, and conquer adversity in order to be deemed worthy of spiritual ascent. It's no different than getting tested from grade to grade in school in order to move up to the next grade level. So in a way the 16-7 is fortuitous because without it we could never prove our worthiness or progress up the Ladder of Life. Struggle is life, and struggle applies to all of us, just as it applies to Heather Locklear, whom we hope will rebound, put her life on a healthier, more holistic and spiritual course, slay her demons and dragons and glide across the finish line, victorious.

The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 12: Advanced Principles



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