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Date of Publication: 5 October 2017, Thursday

The King's Numerologytm offers its most sincere thoughts and prayers to everyone directly
involved in the Las Vegas Concert Massacre and, more importantly, its most heartfelt
condolences to those who lost loved ones. It also pays tribute to and honors those
heroic individuals who placed their own lives at risk to help others in need.

EVENTS OF GREAT MAGNITUDE WILL, LIKEWISE, REFLECT NUMBERS OF GREAT MAGNITUDE. And so it is for the horrible tragedy of the Las Vegas Concert Massacre on 1 October 2017.

There are two basic numbers associated with the event: A. the 16-7, and B. the #9. One would expect the 16-7 to be present because of the tragedy. The more dominant number, however, is the number 9. Its presence was massive, manifesting no less than a 20 stack of its energy! The #9 is known as the Grand Elemental and Grand Ruler because of its universal scope and magnitude. On its positive side, the #9 is greatly magnanimous, charitable, benefic and humane. However, its negative side is very dark, malefic, ignoble and inhumane with absolutely no care for humanity. It was the #9's dark side which was on open display, sadly, during the Las Vegas Massacre.

The #9 contains all single numbers within it. For example, when we add the numbers of the Alpha Numeric Spectrum together (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9), the result is 45 (4 + 5 = 9). Every person on the planet is identified by one of these single ciphers. Hence, the number 9 is also referred to as the Number of Mankind. In other words, every person at that concert was marked by one of the nine basic numbers — a perfect example of mankind in mass.

When the #9 simultaneously occurs 20 times, its energy will be off the charts and include masses of people. Estimates are that around 22,000 people attended the Las Vegas Concert. That is indeed a mass of humanity in one place at one time.

The #9, aside from referencing mankind in general, also references the endings of cycles. Everything in life revolves in cycles of 9. Thus, endings, terminations, finalities and conclusions are contained within its purview.

Every event of our lives exhibits interconnections, and the interconnections of the Route 91 Harvest Festival, the Mandalay Bay resort, the day of the tragedy (1 October 2017), the shooter (Stephen Craig Paddock, born 9 April 1953), as well as the phrase Las Vegas Concert Massacre are eerily connected, as they would have to be given the fact that nothing is happenstance in this world. Even the first "shots fired" dispatch to the Las Vegas police department was at 10:08pm — a 9 in reduction. How specific is that!


Of course an entire book could be written about this very tragic event, but the main numeric item of note in Paddock's Basic Matrix is his 9 Soul. As we've discussed, the #9 is the most universally powerful number of the Alpha Numeric Spectrum. When located in the Soul, the #9 indicates a primal need, want, desire and motivation to be powerful, to be universal, to be famous, known among the masses, dominant.


The symbols for the #9 are the crown, throne, scepter and microphone. It is the #9 and its massive 20 stack that is the primary culprit in the Las Vegas Concert Massacre. The following list reveals the enormous saturation of the 9's energy.

LIST stands for Lessons, Influences, Subjects, Themes; ROPE stands for Reality, Outcome, Performance, Experience. Specific placement is offered for numerology students and practitioners. For everyone else, just note the massive amount of #9 energy associated with the event, as well as the interrelationships of all its various components, from the shooter's numbers, to the date, the name of the event, the hotel at the core of the tragedy, etc. It is absolutely staggering, but nonetheless understandable.
  1. #9 LIST: Day Stephen Craig Paddock (SCP) was born (9 April)
  2. #9 LIST: Paddock's Natural Soul
  3. #9 LIST: Surname of Paddock
  4. #9 LIST: SCP's Crown Pinnacle at the time of the event
  5. #9 LIST: SCP's Crown Epoch at the time of the event
  6. #9 LIST: SCP's Crown Challenge at the time of the event
  7. #9 LIST: SCP's Natal Universal Month (September)
  8. #9 LIST: Lifetime Monthly Timeline (LMT)
  9. #9 LIST: Challenge cipher of 1 October (10 minus 1 = 9)
  10. #9 LIST: Route 91 Harvest Festival Expression
  11. #9 LIST: Mandalay Bay Expression
  12. #9 LIST: Soul of Mandalay Bay
  13. #9 LIST: Nature of Mandalay Bay
  14. #9 LIST: Las Vegas Concert Massacre Expression
  15. #9 LIST: First dispatch to Las Vegas police came in at 10:08pm — a 9 in reduction
  16. #9 ROPE: SCP's Age Timeline (ATL)
  17. #9 ROPE: SCP's Universal Timeline (UTL)
  18. #9 ROPE: ATL Universal Month
  19. #9 ROPE: UTL Universal Month
  20. #9 ROPE: Calendar day of the event, the 1st of October


A 20 stack of the #9 wouldn't necessarily create tragedy. It is the 16-7 stacked energy that brings chaos, turmoil, tragedy and tears to a situation. The Las Vegas Concert Massacre contains a hexstack (six stack) of the 16-7.
  1. 16-7 LIST: Letter Timeline (LTL) "P" of Paddock
  2. 16-7 LIST: Soul energy of Paddock: indicates a desire to create havoc and chaos.
  3. 16-7 LIST: SCP's Age Timeline Cycle Month
  4. 16-7 LIST: SCP's Universal Cycle Month
  5. 16-7 LIST: the word massacre (transition root)
  6. 16-7: ROPE: SCP's 8th 9 Cycle: generates an 8/(8)/16-7 IR Set


One of the major questions involving the massacre was Paddock's motivation. Why did he do his heinous acts? One report stated he purchased a majority of the weapons in the year prior to the massacre. This would have been during his 63rd year. One numerological issue of concern involves his 8th 9 Cycle, which begins at age 64. You'll notice that the Influence/Reality Set (IR Set) associated with his 8th 9 Cycle is an 8/(8)/16-7 energy, which can be very dark. He committed his atrocities within six months of entering this potentially negative energy field.

It is The King's Numerologytm viewpoint that this 8/(8)/16-7 energy was a major player in this whole sordid tragedy. The fact that he purchased a majority of the weapons a year before he entered this 8/(8)/16-7 energy field is well within the "orb" of his 64th year, meaning that his dastardly act was fast approaching. Too, he had to be planning, or at least thinking, of the plan as revealed by his gun purchases. Energetically, it can be argued that the negative energy of the 8/(8)/16-7 vibration was the trigger (pardon the pun) of the actual massacre. The dual 8s represent strong engagement with an outcome of tragedy, chaos, turmoil, tears — the 16-7 outcome.

Plus, the numbers 7 and 8 are diametrically opposed. The 7 is introverted and secretive; the 8 is extroverted and socially open. This opposition of energies can make people do weird things. The 7-8 conjunction is a difficult combination to handle, especially when the outcome is a 16-7 — the Great Purifier.


As has been discussed in so many King's Numerologytm articles and books, stacking — the simultaneous occurrence of the same cipher in a chart, generates intensity. Certainly, the 16-7 hexstack had its influence in the Las Vegas Concert Massacre. However, the inordinate amount of #9 energy, as witnessed by its 20 stack, is the main energy at the core of this tragedy. This is obvious when we assess the 16-7 stacking in the charts of others who were personally affected without direct damage to others, such as Hillary Clinton, Michael Jackson, Jim Comey, Lance Armstrong, Bill O'Reilly, Kim Jong Un, just to name a few. In this case, the #9 is about others, thousands of them, unfortunately.

Of major note are the 9s in Paddock's chart, especially being born on a 9 day (the trunk of the tree of his life) and having a 9 Soul, which drove him to excess and, dare we say, a demented need, want, desire and motivation for power and fame in the most heinous of ways.

Numerologically going forward, we are placed on notice when the 16-7 and 9 are heavily stacked in a chart. The greater the energy, the greater the tragedy. As this event has taught: Events of great magnitude will, likewise, reflect numbers of great magnitude. So it was with the Las Vegas Concert Massacre and so it will most likely be in similar future events — sadly, tearfully and unfortunately.


These worldly atrocities are a reminder of the darkness and insanity of this world. As Saint Dariya of Bihar (17th/18th Centuries) stated:

The world has, indeed, turned insane.

Swami Ji Maharaj of the 19th Century observed:

There is utter chaos in this world.

Saint Mira Bai of the 15th/16th Centuries poignantly observed:

This world is truly a cauldron of evil.

With this latest massacre, who can argue otherwise. As Saint Charan Singh of the 20th Century pointed out:

In this world there is nothing but strife, struggle and conflict.
Lasting peace can never be found within the domain of the mind
and senses. So it was from the time of creation and so it will always be.

It is because of the nature of this world that Saints remind us, as Saint Charan Singh simply declares:

You do not belong to this world. Just live in the world and get out of it.

Enough said.
~ finis

The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 10: Historic Icons, Part 1




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