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Date of Publication: 27 August 2019, Tuesday

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JEFFREY EPSTEIN'S NUMEROLOGY CHART SCREAMS PEDOPHILIA. It is saturated with the numbers of children, relationship, manipulation, sex, variety, sensuality and power. Now, to be sure, all numbers have two sides— one positive, one negative. This said, it is obvious that Epstein was manifesting the dark side of his numbers, as his history has proven.


Often, an individual's Basic Matrix (numeric personal profile) gives us clues as to a person's life. Epstein's is no different. What is noteworthy in his case are his two voids of 3 and 8, the two 5s and the 99-9 master number.

The 3 Void (3v)

The 3 void (ciphered as 3v) is the first major clue in Epstein's pedophiliac behavior. The 3 void occurs when the natal name contains no Cs, Ls or Us.

The #3 governs pleasure, sex, words, joy and enjoyment, communication, image and images, health, well-being, a positive disposition and . . . children. A 3v Lifepath portends potential issues with the negative aspects of these attributes. A 3v does not necessarily translate to pedophilia but it does ring some discordant bells regarding those issues associated with the #3.

One of the major issues with a 3v is a person's self image, which can be negative or left wanting, especially when the 3v is located in a Challenge position in the chart. In fact, as we'll see later, in Epstein's Life Matrix he was beset with a 3v Challenge in an outcome position (not good for a wholeness sense of self) for the first thirty-three years of his life. This is visible in the 1/(2)/3v Influence/Reality Set where the #1 was derived from a 1 Challenge referencing ego, self, male energy, identity and personal power; the 2 Filter indicates female energy, relationships and others, and the 3v indicates anything associated with the 3, of which children, sex and a negative self-image are common.

A 3v can lead to narcissism because when people feel empty or negative about themselves or their image, they often over-compensate by filling the 3 void with self-importance and an obvious manifestation of egocentricity.

For example, Epstein wanted to seed as many young women as he could with his DNA. How narcissistic is this? In fact, The Washington Examiner published an article by Jerry Dunleavy on 1 August 2019 entitled "Epstein Wanted to Seed Humanity with His Genes". Pretty incredible. Pretty narcissistic. Pretty egocentric.

The 8 Void (8v)

A void of 8 occurs when there are no Hs, Qs, or Zs in the natal name. The #8 is the most powerful number of the social quatrain: 2-4-6-8. The #8 governs connection, interaction, involvement, organization, orchestration, engagement, manipulation, coordination and flow. Its negative side often portends untoward involvement, engagement, interaction and usury. Disconnection and disengagement are probable because with an 8 void it can be challenging to connect the dots of an activity or process.

As we see in Epstein's Basic Matrix, his 8 is associated with the master number 44 in his Material Nature (MN, i.e., worldly personality). The 44-8 is the master number most associated with executive ability, generalship and large scale management. Sadly, Epstein used this energy for lascivious purposes. It should be remembered that numbers are amoral. Their energy is both positive and negative. How the energy is used by each person is determined by the level and spiritual purity of one's consciousness.

The Number 5

The #5 references variety, diversity, stimulation, change, freedom, non-restriction, sensuality and the senses. This energy of variety and sensuality was a major player in Epstein's evil, licentious and pedophiliac behavior. With the 5 in both the PE and Nature components of his Basic Matrix, Epstein had a distinct need for constant stimulation through diversification of his victims. In his case, children, which is revealed in his 3 void Lifepath — the Lessons, Influences, Subjects and Themes (LIST) of his life's journey.

The 3v-5-8v Triumvirate

These three numbers — 3v-5-8v — are, in Epstein's case, a clear reference to children and sex (3v); variety, the senses and an appetite for constant stimulation (5), and powerful engagement, interaction and management (8v), however nefarious.

This 3v-5-8v trinary pattern can, therefore, be described as the usury and manipulation (8v) of sex (3v) with a variety (5) of children (3v). When a number is void in a chart, one way it is manifested is to attempt to fill it up with the missing energies. This 3v-5-8v trio was obviously at the core of Jeffrey Epstein's pedophilia. It wasn't the only factor, as we'll see, but it can be argued that it was the principle culprit in his despicably heinous behavior.

The 6 Soul

A 6 in the Soul component of the Basic Matrix signifies a primal need for love, affection, family, nurturing and sex. After all, 6 is 2x3 and since Epstein's 3 is void, this would color the 6 Soul energy in a negative way.

When the 5 and 6 are dominant in a chart, as they are in Epstein's, a strong sexual energy is present. Word strings for this pair would be unrestricted love, free love, sexual variety and stimulation and so forth. The 5 is a fire sign; the 6 is a water sign, so together they create a hot, steamy, sexual atmosphere. When combined with the 3v representing children, the results are dark and dangerous, as Epstein's heinous and lecherous life of abusing children proves.

The 99-9 Material Soul (MS)

As followers of the King's Numerology™ know, the 99-9 is the most universal and powerful of the nine master numbers. Symbols for the 9 are the crown, scepter, throne and microphone.

The 99-9 is eleven times the power of the simple 9. In the Material Soul (MS) position, Epstein had a worldly need and desire to rule, to sit on his throne of power and involve himself with humanity, and in his case, all the children he could get to satisfy his voracious pedophilia and child abuse. Power corrupts, and Epstein's thirst for power certainly corrupted him while sadly damaging others, especially children, in the process.

Another powerful item of note is that the 44-8v and 99-9 together create an extraordinary duo of social power and status. This is why Epstein existed in a reticulated web of the "social elite." It is a fair question to ask, "How many people in Epstein's worldwide web were involved in the heinous activity of molesting children?" Hopefully, the truth will out and justice served sooner than later. Regardless, karma will catch up to any and/or all such sexually predacious individuals.


Name Timelines (NTLs) are a powerful component of our destinies. Each name of the natal name, even common name, manifests its own specific energies. The duration of each name equals the length of the General Expression, i.e., the simple letter numbers added together. When combined with the Lifepath number through a process of addition, an Influence/Reality Set (IR Set) is generated in which the Name represents the LIST energies (Lessons, Influences, Subjects and Themes), the Lifepath represents the Filter, and the resulting number is the ROPE (Reality, Outcome, Performance, Experience).

The problem with Epstein is that the energy of every one of his names — Jeffrey, Edward and Epstein passes through, or filters through, the 3v Lifepath, thus coloring the ROPE energy negatively. This intensified his pedophilia, no doubt.

NTL of Jeffrey (Birth through 39)

Jeffrey is a simple 3 in numeric terms. Having no Cs, Ls or Us within its structure, it is voided. The General root of Jeffrey is 39 (the addition of the simple numbers of each letter). Its timeline is, therefore, 39 years beginning from birth.

When the 3v of Jeffrey is added to his 3v Lifepath, the result is a 6. The equation can be ciphered as 3v/(3v)/6. The #6 represents love, sex, romance, nurturing, family, beauty, harmony, home. Thus, a word string for this 3v/(3v)/6 IR Set can be children/(children)/sex. If the 3 were not voided, the IR Set would be 3/(3)/6, which would be very communicative, positive and loving in a true sense. However, with the 3 being voided it becomes negative and therefore casts a negative and dark shadow over the 6 ROPE. This 3v/(3v)/6 IR Set added to Epstein's addiction for sex with children. A 3v Lifepath combined with the 3v NTL of Jeffrey for 39 years is not a sign for a healthy outcome.

NTL of Edward (40 through age 67)

Numerically, Edward is a 1 in reduction. When this 1 of action and male energy filters through his 3v Lifepath, the IR Set is a 1/(3v)/4 where the 4 indicates structure, effort, order, organization, the house or workplace. Epstein went to great lengths to structure his plans to seduce children, even having a private island in the Caribbean to keep his malevolent and depraved activities hidden from public scrutiny.

NTL of Epstein (would have been 68 through 101)

The Specific Expression of Epstein is an 88-16-7 IR Set. The #7 is the most secret and private of the nine simple numbers 1 through 9. Since his 8 is void, this 88-16-7 IR Set can be ciphered as 88v-16-7. This is one of the darkest and most evil of energies when expressed negatively. Its opposite side is, by natural law, the most radiant and spiritual. Unfortunately, because of the base and banal behavior of this world, the 88v-16-7 is often, all too often in fact, associated with darkness and untoward secretive behavior, as in Epstein's case.

When this 88v-16-7 filters through his 3 void Lifepath, the simple outcome is a 1 representing action. Its simple IR Set is 7/(3v)/1, or more exactly ciphered as 88v-16-7/(3v)/1. With the 3v in the Filter position, the outcome 1 would be a negative 1, not a positive 1, and therefore represent negative and dark action involving secrecy, sex and children.

Even though Epstein died at age 66 before he transited the 88v-16-7 energy field of Epstein, it was still active. Every time the name Jeffrey Epstein or just Epstein was mentioned, by himself or others, the 88v-16-7 energy would have been cast upon the vibratory winds of the world releasing its dark energy.


Epstein's Basic Matrix and Name Timelines play a major role in his pedophilia. But the level of his obsession had to have more corroboration. Enter the 1/(2)/3v IR Sets in his Life Matrix.

The 1/(2)/3v IR Set involves the energy of ego, self, yang (the male), action, initiation, leadership, identity (1), filtering through the 2's energy of the female (yin), relationship and others to create an outcome involving children, sex, pleasure, health and well-being (3v). This 1/(2)/3v energy field was active from birth through Epstein's 54th year, over 80% of his life from birth to death, so it played a major role in his sordid destiny, adding to the intensity of the energies manifest in his Basic Matrix and Name Timelines.

1/(2)/3v 1st Challenge (birth through age 33)
1/(2)/3v 2nd Pinnacle (34 through age 42)
1/(2)/3v 2nd Epoch (27 through age 54)


Convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, was found dead in his jail cell in Manhattan's Metropolitan Correctional Center on 10 August 2019, Saturday. His death was ruled a suicide by hanging according to New York City's chief medical examiner Barbara Sampson. The King's Numerology™ asks, "Really? Suicide?" How many rich and powerful people would be exposed had Epstein lived?

Some interesting numeric facts in Epstein's demise are:

1: he died at age 66, which reduces to a 3, and in his case a 3v.

2: the date of 10 August 2019 is a 3 in reduction.

These two facts certainly harmonize with Epstein's 3v Lifepath and his first name of Jeffrey, a 3 as well. Thus, a 3v quadstack (series of four) was present at the time of his death. Stacking creates intensity, and a 3v quadstack certainly does not speak to the potential of a calm and peaceful death.

If Epstein's death were indeed a suicide, it would seem that he would rather die than live in a jail cell for the rest of his life. He probably also thought he would be escaping such a miserable existence by committing suicide. Not so. When we read what Saints have said about suicide, we discover that such a vile act does not exempt us from the pain, suffering and sorrow we created while alive. No one escapes his/her karma, no one, ever.

From Karma - The Definitive Guide to the Supreme Law of this World, we read in Chapter 11: "Karma of Suicide & Slander:"

In Quest for Light Saint Charan Singh discusses suicide at great length, repeating the message multiple times to drive the point home that suicide is a great sin encompassing severe consequences. He says:

All our karmas (the results of our thoughts and actions) go with us to the next life with an added sin of suicide if we succumb to such an act. We can never escape from reaping what we have sown by cutting short our life. On the contrary, we would only make our burden still heavier. (Letter #145)

And in response to a seeker's letter regarding suicide, he states:

I am surprised to read that you even tried to take your own life. There is no greater sin than that. Do you in any way escape from your karmas when you do that? All the uncleared karmas go with you to the next life with the additional very heavy load of suicide. The next life will be much more miserable with this additional load of unforgivable sin. Never think, not even in your dreams, to take your own life.

Obviously, Jeffrey Epstein got it wrong, all wrong. Suicide will not liberate him from his evil deeds or prevent him from experiencing the pain of their karmic consequence. When we sow evil, it is evil we will reap. This is Karmic Law, and it is the Supreme Law of this world.

(c) Richard Andrew King




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