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Date of Publication: 15 August 2017

Unnumbered suppliants crowd Preferment's Gate,
athirst for wealth and burning to be great;
delusive fortune hears the incessant call;
they mount, they shine, evaporate and fall!

~ Dr. Samuel Johnson, The Vanity of Human Wishes

THE WORLD HAS NOT SEEN SUCH NUCLEAR TENSIONS SINCE THE CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS OF OCTOBER, 1962. The antagonistic leader of the current crisis is, of course, Kim Jong Un of North Korea, as opposed to the Soviet Union and its leader Nikita Khrushchev during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The King's Numerologytm has published two articles on Kim Jong Un (here and here) revealing his 16-7 September stacking from 8 September to 8 October and manifesting a high point 16-7 decastack on 10 September 2017.

What is fascinating is that Senator John McCain's chart also reveals a 16-7 decastack on 10 September 2017! Why is this relevant? Because John McCain is the chairman of the United States Senate Armed Services Committee which handles all things military. If there is to be some type/kind of U.S. military action against North Korea and Kim Jong Un, covert or otherwise, McCain would know about it. Needless to say, for Un and McCain to both have decastacks of 16-7 on the same day is extremely interesting and provocative, to say the least.

JOHN McCAIN'S 16-7 DECASTACK — 10 September 2017
  1. 1/(6)16-7: Universal Year Timeline (2017)
  2. 1/(6)16-7: Crown Epoch
  3. 1/(6)16-7: Crown Challenge
  4. 1/(6)16-7: Lifetime Monthly Timeline
  5. 1/(6)16-7: Natal Timeline Monthly Cycle
  6. 1/(6)16-7: Age Timeline Monthly Cycle
  7. 1/(6)16-7: Personal Year Timeline Universal Cycle
  8. 1/(6)16-7: Capstone of the #10 Capset
  9. 1/(6)16-7: Addcap of the #10 Capset
  10. 1/(6)16-7: Subcap of the #10 Capset
KIM JONG UN'S 16-7 DECASTACK — 10 September 2017
  1. 1/(6)16-7: Universal Year Timeline (2017)
  2. 1/(6)16-7: Personal Year Timeline
  3. 1/(6)16-7: Universal Year Cycle Month Timeline
  4. 1/(6)16-7: Universal Year Universal Month Timeline
  5. 1/(6)16-7: Personal Year Cycle Month Timeline
  6. 1/(6)16-7: Personal Year Universal Month Timeline
  7. 1/(6)16-7: Second Epoch Timeline
  8. 1/(6)16-7: Capstone of the #10 Capset
  9. 1/(6)16-7: Addcap of the #10 Capset
  10. 1/(6)16-7: Subcap of the #10 Capset

There is a caveat to consider. John McCain will be 81 years old on 29 August. He has been having health issues associated with glioblastoma — an aggressive brain tumor (Wikipedia). Therefore, his 16-7 decastack may have nothing to do with the North Korean crisis but primarily with his health challenges, which include chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Specifics aside, both McCain and Un will each have a tumultuous month — McCain's from 29 August to 29 September; Un's from 8 September to 8 October, a three week overlap of 16-7 decastack energy between them.


Kim Jong Un's Basic Matrix has been discussed in previous articles. In McCain's matrix, notice his 8 PE and 44-8 Material Soul. They give him a strong, interactive, managerial energy. This is important because not only does Un have an 8 void, he has no 8s in his Basic Matrix, generating a Grand Voided 8. In other words, Un is void of any sound managerial ability. Simple translation: McCain is thoroughly aware of what is going on. He gets it. Un, however, thinks he knows but doesn't know he doesn't know. He's very disconnected from reality with little understanding of the connection between his actions and their reactions; between cause and consequence.

Also of note is that McCain has no 1 energy in his matrix, let alone two rogue 55-1s that Un has in his PE and Material Nature. Simple translation: Un's world is all about himself, his ego and identity; McCain's is not. His two 2s in his Lifepath and Material Nature speak to others, relationship, partnership, not himself, as Un's do.

Both men have a 9 — McCain's in his Nature (personality layer); Un's in his Soul (primal drive, need, want). Simple translation: McCain is naturally powerful. His Vietnam POW survival experience has proven that. Un lusts for power for power's sake, power that has blinded him to the reality and repercussions of his ambition, even though the entire United Nations Security Counsel, which includes both China and Russia, voted to impose new sanctions against North Korea because of the dangers posed by its nuclear weapons ambition. Thus, even with the major nations of the world against Un, he still continues his reckless bravado. Are others close to Un willing to go down with him? Are they willing to sacrifice their lives, the lives of their families, countrymen and nation to satisfy the drooling, voracious lust for nuclear power of Kim Jong Un? Will his 16-7 decastack encompass, entertain or manifest any opposition from those closest to him, even perhaps from neighboring China?

Between the two men, McCain is certainly the more solid and mature. Un is a wild card saturated with ego, power, and a rogue mentality void of a sense of integrated connectivity. He's like a teenager driving 100 miles per hour at midnight on a winding mountain road, drunk, in a car with no headlights and absolutely no awareness of what he's doing, the lives he's endangering or the consequences of his actions. To his chagrin he's going to find out soon enough when he rounds the next bend. 10 September 2017 is the beginning of that bend. What does destiny have in store for Un? What is in store for John McCain? What is in store for the world community? We'll all find out sooner than later. The clock is at T minus 26 days and counting to the dual 16-7 decastacks of John McCain and Kim Jong Un.
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