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Date of Publication: 16 October 2017, Monday

Be sure your sins will find you out. ~ Bible - Numbers: 32-23

HARVEY WEINSTEIN — RICH, POWERFUL, SEXUALLY PREDACIOUS. It is a story as old as mankind itself: rich, powerful, immoral males using their position to sexually prey on females. Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is just the latest letch in an endless, salacious Tinseltown culture awash with usury, concupiscence and rapacious behavior devoid of a modicum of moral excellence or vision. As Marilyn Monroe succinctly stated:

Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars
for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul.

Do Weinstein's numbers reflect his lascivious energy? Of course. Let's take a look.


The first thing of note in Harvey Weinstein's Basic Matrix are his 3 and 6 voids, notated as 3v and 6v. The #3 governs sex, pleasure, joy, communication, image(s), health and well-being, as well as children. The #6 rules personal love, romance, nurturing, home, family. Since the 6 is rooted in the 3, it too is pleasure-based. Since both of these are voided in Weinsteins' chart, they will become issues, as he tries to fill these voids with sex and pleasure.

And here's a major problem, the master number associated with the #3 is 66. The master number associated with the #6 is 33. Since both the 3 and 6 are voided, the ciphering of the master numbers becomes a 33v-6v and a 66v-3v. Weinstein's 33v-6v occupies his Material Nature. His Intensity Table, aka House of Letters, houses a 66 in his 5th House of adventure, stimulation, excitement, sensuality, the five senses. More on this in a bit.

The master structure of the 3 and 6 creates dual Grand Voided Masters, which is highly problematic because together these specific master energies can create an addiction to sex and carnal pleasures due to their combined intensity. This duo — the 33v-6v and 66v-3v — has been a major pejorative in Weinstein's sexual problems and female violations. In fact, it can be argued that these dual Grand Voided Masters of the 33v-6v and 66v-3v are the core of his sexual issues, which have exploded into social, professional and legal troubles. This is precisely why The King's Numerologytm recommends that parents create names for their new born children without any voids in the natal (birth) name. Simply stated, voids create problems. For more information, read The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 7 - Parenting Wisdom.

If Weinstein were to have another name, a middle name for example, that contained a 3 and a 6, he would not have the problems he's had and is having. The #3 is associated with the letters C-L-U; the #6 is represented by the letters F-O-X. Voids generate emptiness, and the most common method used to manage the emptiness they create is to fill them up with the very energy they represent. Problems arise when the individual lacks the discipline, self-control and morality to manage the voided energies appropriately.

Weinstein's 8 Expression and 44-8 Material Soul indicate strong management and executive capability. The #8 governs engagement, interaction, connection, involvement. It is often present in the charts of those involved in commerce, business, or management of some type. The 44-8 is a powerful energy of command and executive ability. Misused, it can run amuck, generating negative consequences in the process.

Weinstein's 11-2 PE reveals a life role involved with females, others, relationships. As a master number, it can be greatly inspirational, dynamic, helpful, supportive, egalitarian on its positive side. On its negative side, it can be self-centered, obstructive, destructive, deceptive, truculent, hostile, imbalanced, treacherous. Predators are hunters. Deception is a major tool of their perilous and potentially lethal enticements. For Weinstein, Hollywood was a target-rich hunting ground for naive pliable prey.

Weinstein's 5 Soul is part of his problems, too. The #5 Soul energy defines one's basic primal needs, wants, desires and motivations associated with stimulation, excitement, variety, diversity, sensuality, adventure, experimentation. Any person with a 5 Soul will seek stimulation. Seeking in the wrong way can lead to massive problems, as Weinstein's life reveals.

Here's another major problem. The numbers 5 and 6 together are the most sexual dual combination there is. 5 seeks adventure and stimulation; 6 seeks sex and romance. Weinstein's chart houses this most challenging pair of energies. Tiger Woods had a 5 Soul and 6 Material Soul. His talent and charisma initially vaulted him to the position of the most successful and recognizable sports figure in the world. Sadly, his sexual exploits destroyed his illustrious career and toppled his esteemed pedestal and concomitant image. A three part article on Tiger Woods can be found here. (Its links are close to the bottom of the page.)

The #5 has been referred to as a party energy also because it loves to be on the move, experience new and varied things, flavors and people. The #5 is also the number of freedom, change, wildness and being unrestrained. However, it's opposite side is slavery, and if people fail to understand this, their adventurous desires, wild side and lack of restraint can lead to enslavement of the very conditions in which their freedom reveled. It would appear Harvey Weinstein is now learning that lesson. Well, maybe.


Interestingly, when did Weinstein's predatory behavior explode into the public spotlight? The answer: in the 65th year of his 60s decade — a stacked convergence of the 5 and 6 energies! More specifically, it was in his 7th cycle month of September (his months cycle from the 19th of one month to the 19th of the following month). This was in the 787th month of his life, generating an 8/(4)/3v Influence/Reality Set (IR Set). Furthermore, take a look at the capset of this 787 Lifetime Monthly Timeline (LMT) below. It is awash in the 666 voided trimaster, the 333 voided trimaster, the 66 voided master and culminates with a 3 void addcap, matching its 3 void capstone — all of this sexually-based, pleasure-oriented energy conjoining in the very month of his predatory exposure. This is yet another clear example of stacking and the intense energies it generates.


When a person experiences turmoil and trouble in his/her life, the 16-7 Great Purifier is always present. It's a fundamental fact of numeric reality. The 16-7 brings us to our knees and forces us to experience the consequences of our untoward actions. The more 16-7 energy occurring simultaneously in a chart, the more intense its manifestation.

Weinstein's chart reveals a quintstack of 16-7 energy during the time of his "outing." Remember that because he has a 6 void, the 16-7 can be ciphered as 16v-7, compounding its intrinsic problematic nature.
  1. 16v-7: Harvey
  2. 16v-7: Crown Epoch ROPE (IR Set = 8/(8)/16v-7)
  3. 16v-7: Crown Challenge LIST (IR Set = 16v-7/(8)/15-6v)
  4. 16v-7: 8th 9 Cycle from age 64 through 72 (IR Set = 8/(8)/16v-7)
  5. 16v-7: Universal Timeline Cycle Month of September (IR Set = 8/(8)/16v-7)


Weinstein's Material Soul (MS) is a 44-8 — the energy of potent executive ability and command. Added to this is his Crown Pinnacle PE, the highest point of his chart, ciphered as 9/(8)/44-8. This generates 44-8 stacking. Of note is that the 8 and 9 together form a dominant power duo because the 8 is the highest social energy and the 9 is the Grand Elemental, the most dominant and public of all numeric energies. To the average person, this combination can be very intimidating, causing people to succumb to its power.

It is this stacking of the 44-8 Material Soul and 9/(8)/44-8 Crown Pinnacle that gave Weinstein the power to intimidate and force his desires on others. Without it, his 33v-6v and 66v-3v energies could not have manifested as they did. They needed a carrier agent to release their predatory sexuality on others. It was the conscious misuse of the 44-8 and 9 powerhouse combination that served Weinstein's nefarious purpose of preying on females.


When we study events of great magnitude, it is numeric saturation that defines them, whether the energy is positive or negative, constructive or destructive, beneficial or baneful, enheartening or disheartening, honorable or abominable, respectable or reprehensible.

Sexual transgressions and misdoings have plagued mankind since its first breath. How many souls have fallen when succumbing to the powerful allure and magnetism of sexual energy?

Harvey Weinstein is another example of such heinous misconduct. The 3v and 6v single energies, as well as the 33v-6v and 66v-3v master energies are anchored at the core of his fall. These, of course, combined with the 16v-7s retributive and reconciliatory forces, the 5's desire for excitement, variety, and sensual experiences, and the dual 44-8 and 9 energies of dominance, power and intimidation all contributed to his exposure and downfall. Will he recover? Will his business wane? Will his influence in Hollywood return to its elevated position? At this time of his life it is doubtful but, for him, hope, most probably, springs eternal. Wishful thinking.

The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 10: Historic Icons, Part 1




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