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Date of Publication: 30 August 2018, Thursday

(This article is intended to neither extol nor defame Prince Harry or Meghan, Duchess of Sussex but to show
the relationship between their numbers and their relationship in order to promote numerology as a science).



THERE ARE ROYAL MARRIAGES, AND THEN THERE ARE MARRIAGES THAT ARE ROYAL. Harry's mother (Princess Diana) and his father (Prince Charles) certainly had a royal marriage but their marriage, as far as the quality of love, support, nurturing and fidelity were concerned, was anything but royal. In fact, quite the opposite. Exempt their "royal" status, how will the actual relationship be between Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex? Let's take a look. As a prenote, the numeric science of relationships is the subject of The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 6 - Love Relationships.

The first item of interest between Harry and Meghan is that both of their Basic Matrices are filled with master numbers generating powerful energy. This was discussed in Part 1.

The second item of interest is that their MIX energy is also filled with master numbers. The MIX is the relationship/marriage itself and is, indeed, a living energy. Therefore, not only are Harry and Meghan powerful individuals, but their marriage is powerful, too. Yet, power is dual in nature — one side positive, the other negative, as is everything in this dimension. Furthermore, power does not equate to love between two people. This is not to say their marriage is not loving, but rather to differentiate between power and love as separate conditions.

The five master numbers in the MIX (the blending of each separate Basic Matrix component) are:
  • 11-2 MIX Expression
  • 88-7 MIX PE
  • 66-3 MIX Material Soul (MS)
  • 22-4 MIX Nature
  • 99-9 MIX Material Nature (MN)

11-2 MIX Expression

The positive side of the 11-2 expresses togetherness, support, caring and balance in relationship. The negative side manifests as opposition, competition, conflict, interference, division and separation. The foundation of Harry's and Meghan's marriage is that, as a living entity, it is one of specific relationship rather than what is simply regarded as two people in a relationship.

As we see, Meghan's Expression is also an 11-2, so the marriage fits her extremely well. Harry's Expression is one of rulership and power (9), not relationship. However, both Harry and Meghan share the 11-2 in their basic Nature and personalities, which is to be relationship oriented. Thus, each of them is extremely comfortable with the marriage in this regard, which is definitely a positive for them.

88-7 MIX PE

Their 88-7 MIX PE describes the reality of the marriage relationship. This is very interesting. The 88-7 can be more fully ciphered as 88-16-7, revealing the Great Purifer16-7, which can be problematic. No master number is more spiritually enlightened or negatively and darkly disposed than the 88-16-7 — the two sides of its energetic coin. How the 88's energy is manifested depends on the character and spiritual composition of the marriage partners.

This 88 master energy is a product of Harry's 55-1 PE and Meghan's 33-6 PE. Harry's life performance is to be uniquely independent, self-oriented and free. Meghan's life performance is to be artistic, creative, communicative, personally loving and supportive. Their roles are quite different. The 55-1 is the only true fire master number. The 33-6 is composed of water (6) and air (33). Fire and water don't blend well, and the air could stir things up. How they manage this 88-16-7 energy with its 55-1 and 33-6 roots will be interesting.

A factor which could help mitigate the negative effects of the 88-16-7 is Harry's 7 Soul, an energy which resonates perfectly with the MIX 88-16-7 PE. Although his life is quite public, he does like his private time. No number is more reclusive, private, withdrawing, even secretive, than the 7. Unfortunately, Meghan has no 7s in her Basic Matrix so she could have a challenging time understanding this 7 aspect of her husband and the marriage. To be sure, the 88-16-7 PE of the marriage is its most problematic feature.

66-3 MIX Material Soul (MS)

The Soul in any entity (person or relationship) defines its most primal needs, wants, desires and motivations. The MIX Soul of Harry and Meghan is a 66-3 — the most loving, joyful and communicative of all the binary master numbers. Simply said, the marriage of Harry and Meghan desires to be loving, caring, nurturing and domestically oriented more than anything else. This is great for their relationship.

What is also highly positive is that Harry's Material Nature is a 66-3, which resonates perfectly with the worldly desires (MS) of the marriage, also a 66-3. Meghan's Material Nature, like her PE, is a 33-6 — the mirror sibling to the 66-3. This is also a very positive sign for their relationship. Love, communication, joy and happiness are highly active energies in both partners as well as the marriage.

22-4 MIX Nature

The 22-4 master builder energy manifests as building and developing a strong foundation of wealth and power. It occupies the MIX Nature of the marriage. Plus, Meghan's Material Soul is a 22-4, so this is another positive sign. Her Material Soul desires are satisfied by the MIX Nature. Furthermore, the 22-4 Mix Nature is the result of the mixing of each of their 11-2 Natures. They both manifest relationship personalities (11-2) and the result is security and stability (22-4).

99-9 MIX Material Nature (MN)

For a Royal couple's MIX Material Nature (MN) nothing is more powerful than a 99-9 — the Grand Ruler, Grand Elemental and Grand Amplifier. To be sure, Harry and Meghan are a "Power Couple." The 99-9 is the most universal, public, expansive and potentially philanthropic energy there is. Thus, the power radiating from this couple is off the charts.

What is also beneficial is that Harry's Expression is a 9, the energy of rulership, and Meghan's Primal Soul is a 9. Thus, his 9 Expression, her 9 Soul and the 99-9 MIX Material Nature create a wonderful triune resonance of power befitting a royal partnership.


There are three major keys to look for in any relationship chart. These are thoroughly discussed in The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 6 - Love Relationships.
  1. Soul Layer Release
  2. Expression to PE Connection
  3. Amount of "MER" — Mutual Energetic Resonance

1. Soul Layer Release

The absolute #1 Key to all great relationships is Soul Layer Release. This occurs when either of the simple Soul or Material Soul energies of one person match any number in the Umbrella of the other person or the MIX.

The Umbrella is the external aspect of the relationship composed of the Lifepath, Expression or PE. This works because the Soul Layers comprise part of the internal aspect of the individual, and when an internal energy/number matches an external number of the Umbrella, the internal number finds "Release" of its interior energy to the exterior world. Thus, it finds "Release."

If no Soul Layer Release exists in a chart, suppression of its energies occur, resulting in a lack of personal fulfillment of one's most primal needs, wants, desires and motivations. When "Release" occurs, fulfillment is achieved and the person is happy. One or both people in a relationship should have Soul Layer Release. If none exists, the relationship or marriage will be strained and people will feel unfulfilled and trapped.

Notice in the BASIC MIX chart above that Meghan's 9 Soul finds Release through Harry's 9 Expression. This connective match is as good as it gets. Release can occur to the Lifepath, Expression or PE, but the Expression is the purest connection. This Soul Layer Release generates wonderful fulfillment for Meghan.

Harry also has Soul Layer Release. His 7 Soul matches the MIX 7 PE, which is the reality of the marriage. Note, however, the Release is to the MIX, not to his wife, so it is not as powerful as her 9 Soul Layer Release to his 9 Expression. Still, Soul Layer Release exists for both of them. This is an excellent aspect of their relationship. There is no Release for his 8 Material Soul or her 4 Material Soul, which is okay because their primal Souls do have Release. It is this Soul Layer Release that generates inner fulfillment for each of them.

2. Expression to PE

There is no Expression to PE connection in their relationship, which governs the external aspect of the marriage. Meghan's 2 Expression does match the 2 Expression of the MIX, and both of their 2 Natures generate Resonance to their outer life through the 2 MIX Expression. This is a good sign.

This lack of Expression to PE means their external lives will not be fully integrated. His 1/(9)1 Umbrella reflects individuality, power, self-interest and, if not checked, an ego out of control. Meghan's 4/(2)/6 Umbrella is focused totally on the relationship (2), house/service/work (4) with a reality based in the home, love, support and nurturing (6).

3. Amount of MER

The number of Mutual Energetic Resonance (MER) connections from each to the other and the MIX totals thirty (30), 17 for Harry and 13 for Meghan. This is a good number but not a great number. Great would be high 40s to 50s, but this is rare. Still, there are enough connections to be positive regarding the relationship between Harry and Meghan, especially given the power of the connections they do share.


There are two numbers which can create problems when appearing in the MIX. They are the 11-2 and 16-7. The 11-2 can generate tensions, conflicts, clashings, emotional outbursts, some of which can be normal because of the nature of one person interacting with another person. Everyone sees things according to their own set of numeric lenses, so disagreements can arise.

Because both Harry and Meghan have the #2 in their Natures, and Meghan has a 2 Expression, the negative aspects of the 2 will be mitigated. They are both relationship oriented individuals, after all.

The 7 in the MIX PE is problematic, as discussed earlier. Its full ciphering is 88-16-7. Fortunately, their MIX Soul is a 7, Harry has a 7 Soul and a 7 Common Name, so there is Resonance of the 7, at least for him. The issue is that Meghan has no 7s, so she will have to learn to adjust to Harry's withdrawing and privacy concerns.

Another issue is that the MIX Umbrella's Influence/Reality Set (IR Set) features a 5/(2)/7 energy. This is always problematic. A fuller ciphering is 5/(11-2)/16-7. The Lifepath's MIX 5 LIST energy references the Lessons, Influences, Subjects and Themes of their marriage. The #5 indicates changes, movements, adjustments, detachments, freedom and stimulation. When this energy merges with the 11-2, the ROPE, or Reality, Outcome, Performance, Experience, is the 16-7, which generates worries, concerns, problems, turmoil, potential separations, heartache and heartbreak. Plus, neither Harry nor Meghan have a 5 in their Basic Matrices. This disallows them from being able to adjust to the ups and downs of life. In other words, changes can be problematic for the marriage.


All things taken into account, the relationship and marriage between Harry and Meghan is good; not spectacular but worthy of being an enduring marriage. They both have Soul Layer Release; their Basic Matrix numbers are outstanding and positive; their MER is solid. The spotlight is definitely on Harry with his 1/(9)/1 Umbrella, but Meghan is fine with this. Her focus is on the relationship (2), house/service/work/security (4), personal love in the home (6), and universal love with the masses (9). Because she has no 1s in her Basic Matrix, she's not self-centered but home-centered.

The couple will have to work with the 5/(2)/7 energies in the Umbrella and learn how to manage them. With the 88-16-7 in their MIX PE, their marriage can exude extreme spirituality but they must both remain balanced, centered and pure in their actions and motives. Bad decisions, a lack of discretion, unwise and risky behaviors, etc., will generate problems of some kind to some degree. And, as The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 12 - Advanced Principles discusses, the Great Purifier 16-7 is often present in betrayals and adulteries (Chapter 2). This is not to say their marriage will experience such conditions, but the 16-7 energy is not labeled the Great Purifier without reason or historic confirmation aplenty.

If he works to the highest level of his 1/(9)/1 Umbrella, remains humble, benefic and wise, Prince Harry can be a true Prince of the people, not just one who carries a cultural, national royal title. Meghan has the numbers befitting a loving, caring, supportive, nurturing Princess. Together, Harry and Meghan can not just be a Royal couple but a couple who are truly Royal in the deepest meaning of the word.

The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 12: Advanced Principles



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