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Date of Publication: 1 August 2018, Wednesday

(This article is intended to neither extol nor defame Prince Harry or Meghan, Duchess of Sussex but to show
the relationship between their numbers and their relationship in order to promote numerology as a science).


BRITISH ROYAL MARRIAGES. Such pomp. Such grandeur. Such ceremony. Such extravagance, and such unrelenting, even haunting, memories and images of Charles and Diana and their fairy-tale marriage turned scary-tale nightmare! Now, following William and Kate, there is the nuptial knot of Harry and Meghan. Clusters of marital pundit voices talk of many things royal, but what do the numbers say about the relationship between Prince Harry and his lovely wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex? To begin, let's review their Basic Profiles, aka Basic Matrices.



1 - Lifepath (PE)

The Lifepath is the script of our life. It houses the Lessons, Influences, Subjects and Themes (LIST) placed before us on the journey through this incarnation. A 1 Lifepath involves a LIST of individuality, identity, independence, ego, self, action, initiation, leadership, originality, strength, courage, direct thinking, being the lone wolf and standing alone if necessary. These are the lessons confronting Harry during this life.

9 - Expression (Exp)

The Expression identifies who we are in total. It is us. In the King's Numerologytm system the number 9 is labeled as the Grand Elemental, Grand Ruler and Grand Amplifier, as well as being the Number of Mankind. Symbols for the #9 are the crown, scepter, throne and microphone. 9 Expression people can be quite charismatic, if not magnetic. This is because when 9 is added to any number the result is that number. For example, 9 + 8 = 17: 1 + 7 = 8. When 9 is added to 3, the result is 12, which reduces to a 3 (1 + 2 = 3), and so it goes with all numbers. Therefore, the 9 Expression person's energy reflects the energy of the person with whom he or she is speaking to that person, generating instant resonance and attraction resulting in charisma.

Because of the intrinsic power of the 9, individuals with a 9 Expression want to rule more than lead, dominate not capitulate, mix and mingle with the masses, sit in a milieu of power rather than forging new frontiers alone. 9 Expression individuals are extremely comfortable with the masses because the #9 houses all numbers within itself (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 = 45: 4 + 5 = 9).

There is danger in the 9, however. As is the construct of this universe, all things have two sides — one positive, one negative. Therefore, 9 Expression individuals can be graciously benefic or heinously malefic. There are virtuous rulers and evil rulers. The former are respectful, humble, helpful and constructive, while the latter are, domineering, arrogant, abusive and destructive.

55-1 Performance Experience (PE or ROPE)

The Performance/Experience (PE) identifies the person's role in life, the performance he/she will give during this incarnation and is more thoroughly identified as the ROPE (Reality, Outcome, Performance, Experience).

The 55-1 is the only pure fire master binary. It represents the free-spirited maverick, revolutionary or renegade who does what he wants and is his own person. The 55-1 individual is a rebel at heart, basically a wild card, and is nearly impossible to control or contain.

Together, the Lifepath, Expression and PE create the Umbrella, describing the external aspect of one's Basic Matrix (Personal Profile). These three components comprise an Influence/Reality Set (IR Set) where the LP is the LIST, the Expression is the FILTER, and the PE is the ROPE. Word-wise, the Umbrella can be ciphered as LP/(Exp)/PE. Substituting Harry's Umbrella numbers for words, his Umbrella becomes 1/(9)/55-1.

This 1/(9)/55-1 IR Set is awash in self/(power)/self, raising red flags of potential egocentricity and narcissism. On its positive side, the 1/(9)/55-1 energy pattern can manifest as strong leadership. On its negative side, this dynamic triad is totally egocentric, arrogant, vainglorious and out of control.

7 - Soul

Arguably, the Soul is the most telling component of the Basic Matrix because it identifies a person's primal needs, wants, desires and motivations, all of which are hidden from the outside world. A 7 Soul individual is predisposed to seeking knowledge, being private, reclusive, retiring, introspective, reflective, perfection oriented, a loner. As a general rule, 7 Soul people don't like crowds. They like their quiet time. This can be a challenge for Harry because of his very public presence.

44-8 - Material Soul (MS)

Harry's 44-8 Material Soul (MS) clashes with his 7 Soul, generating an internal tug-o-war. The #7 is the most internal of all the basic numbers 1 through 9. The #8 is the most external of the basic numbers. Harry's 8 MS energy drives him to be social, to connect, interact, mingle, engage and seek social status and involvement. Therefore, Harry's 7-8 Soul Layer conjunction probably gives him fits now and then, making him conflicted between being individually separate and private to being socially engaged and public.

With 44 attached to his 8 Material Soul, Harry has a worldly desire to manage, orchestrate, command and lead. The 44-8 energy is often seen in the charts of great generals, leaders, captains of industry and CEOs (Chief Executive Officers). The #4 rules order and structure; the #8 governs flow, efficiency and management of opposing forces. Thus, the general or CEO connects the dots involving the integration of conditions, policies, practices, systems and organizations.

11-2 - Nature

Harry's 11-2 Nature gives him a relationship-oriented, supportive, caring, dependent personality. This creates another conflict for him because his Lifepath and PE are both 1s, the energy of independence and leadership, going first and showing the way to others, not following others. In Harry's case, his 1 Lifepath and 1 PE will dominate his 2 energy. He has no choice but to adapt. His Lifepath and PE demand that he lead, not follow.

66-3 - Material Nature (MN)

The 66-3 Material Nature gives an individual a loving, caring, nurturing, positive and communicative worldly personality. This works perfectly with Harry's 11-2 Nature. Basically, Harry is a relationship oriented human being, supportive, loving, caring, positive individual. However, his life script (1 Lifepath) and performance (1 PE) are forcing him to be the center of attention and to lead. This combination of a supportive and loving nature can be a wonderful asset for one in power because it softens his role and persona as a leader. His mother, Princess Diana, would approve of this combination and its quality of caring, tender, supportive leadership.

Void - 6

Individuals with a 6 void will have issues with love and family, in seeking love, feelings of not being loved, supported or nurtured. His wife helps him in managing these issues, which will be discussed in Part 2 of this series.


The first thing of note in Meghan Markle's Basic Matrix is the plethora of master numbers which occupy every component except her Soul, which houses the #9 with its Grand Elemental essence.

Interestingly, Princess Diana also had a 9 Soul and her husband, Prince Charles, like Harry, also has a 9 Expression! Even more astounding, Harry's brother, Prince William, also has a 9 Expression and his wife, Kate Middleton, aka Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has a 9 Material Soul!

All of these would be Kings of England — Charles, William and Harry, have a 9 Expression, and their wives — Diana, Kate and Meghan, all have a 9 in their Soul Layers! Notably, these women all have a primal need, want and desire for power, and their royalty-laden husbands possess it. Obviously, the desire for, and manifestation of, power runs in worldly and karmic circles! What are the odds of a father and his two sons all having a 9 Expression with their wives having a 9 in their Soul Layers? Pretty amazing, to be sure.

22-4 - Lifepath

The 22-4 master builder energy is clearly the most dominate number related to wealth and power. With this master number in her Lifepath, Meghan Markle will experience its manifestations in her life. A lack of security, money, stability and wealth will not be an issue.

11-2 - Expression

As discussed with Harry's 11-2 Nature, this 11-2 in Meghan's Expression identifies her as a people person and the "Power Behind the Throne." The positive side of the 11-2 is relationship, support, caring, consideration, respect, kindness, dependence, partnership and togetherness. It is the perfect energy for the position as a wife to Prince Harry. The negative side of the 11-2 is obstruction, interference, deceit, treachery, anger, hostility, confliction, disrespect, rudeness, indifference. Such negative emanations are certainly not her.

33-6 PE (Performance Experience)

This 33-6 PE is another great asset for Meghan. The 6 crown establishes a life reality of love, home, hearth, heart, community and country. Its 33 master root gives deep communication, artistic and image-related force to her positive role as a Duchess in the royal tradition of British history.

9 - Soul

As aforementioned, this 9 Soul generates a deep need and want for power, the public stage, travel, rulership, dominance, art, theater and all things universal. Markle wants a big life, just as did Princess Diana and does Kate Middleton. Marrying a prince certainly fulfills her #9 desires.

22-4 - Material Soul (MS)

This 22-4 in her Material Soul intensifies Markle's 22-4 Lifepath energy. Her worldly desires are to have wealth and power, and her Lifepath guarantees it. When a Soul Layer energy is matched by an Umbrella component — Lifepath, Expression or PE, a feeling of fulfillment and happiness is generated within the individual because the inner self (Soul Layer energy) is finding resonance and release through the outer life matrix.

11-2 - Nature

This 11-2 Nature, like the 22-4 combination, is a another plus for Meghan Markle. Her 11-2 personality (Nature) matches perfectly with her 11-2 Expression. She likes who she is.

33-6 - Material Nature (MN)

What is fascinating is that there is more stacking of Basic Matrix components as Markle's 33-6 Material Nature harmonizes with her 33-6 PE. All in all, these connections between Markle's inner and outer self are beautifully resonant, making this woman quite content, fulfilled and extremely comfortable with herself and her life. Seldom does a person have their inner self match so perfectly with their outer Umbrella. She's a fortunate individual. However, with such harmony and good fortune in her own life, will she be able to understand the misfortunes of other people and the difficulties of their lives? Princess Diana had immense compassion for others as a result of her own suffering. How will Markle's royal persona be in relation to the British people? Time will certainly tell.

Void - 6

Meghan Markle's 6 void matches Harry's 6 void, so they both are challenged with energies related to love, romance, the heart, home, community and country. The positive side for her is that the 6 is located in both her Material Nature and life PE. Therefore, the negative aspects of a normal 6 void are mitigated greatly.

Part 2 of this series will focus on the actual love relationship between Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan. Stay tuned!

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